97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Sponsored or Cosponsored by Representative Scott Fitzpatrick (158)
BillSponsorCoSponsor/Bill String
 Bill InformationCoSigner
HB1354Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 1354
 4595H.01I - Changes the laws regarding competitive bidding to include locality of the bidder as a consideration
HB1355Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 1355
 4591H.01I - Allows the governing body of a third or fourth classification county to opt out of state regulations regarding the licensing of child-care facilities and allows the county to adopt its own regulations
HB1356Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 1356
 5160H.01I - Prohibits a state agency, political subdivision, or a member of the Missouri National Guard from knowingly aiding an agency of the United States armed forces in specified unlawful detentions of a citizen
HB1485Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 1485
 4594H.02I - Changes the laws regarding telephone solicitation to include surveys by state agencies or parties acting on behalf of state agencies
HB1486Fitzpatrick, ScottMiller, RockyHB 1486
 5232H.01I - Specifies that beginning January 1, 2015, certain shareholders of S corporations may elect to reject workers compensation insurance coverage
HB1551Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 1551
 4221L.01I - Establishes the Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities Act
HB1615Fitzpatrick, ScottMiller, RockyHB 1615
 5399H.01P - Allows any person to apply for a liquor license to sell intoxicating liquor on a boat carrying 30 passengers or more
HB1622Fitzpatrick, ScottLant, BillHB 1622
 5611H.01I - Specifies that the General Assembly will have sole jurisdiction over specified electrical projects
HB1637Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 1637
 5370L.01I - Prohibits public institutions of higher education from offering tuition rates to undocumented students that is less than the rate charged to citizens or nationals of the United States whose residence is not in Missouri
HB1774Fitzpatrick, ScottLant, BillHB 1774
 5870H.01I - Changes the laws regarding eminent domain powers of utility providers in certain counties
HB1831Fitzpatrick, ScottJones, CalebCCS SCS HCS HB 1831
 5710H.08T - Changes the laws regarding child care facilities
HB1948Fitzpatrick, ScottJustus, JefferyHB 1948
 5864H.01I - Reduces the state sales tax by .1% if the total amount of net state revenue collected has increased in each of the three previous fiscal years
HB2049Fitzpatrick, ScottRowden, CalebHCS HB 2049
 6303H.02C - Allows certain employers to retain withholding income tax payable by the employer in an amount equal to the federal unemployment tax act credit rate deduction
HB2149Fitzpatrick, ScottRichardson, ToddHB 2149
 6408H.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to notify affected sellers of certain decisions modifying sales tax law
HB2252Fitzpatrick, ScottAnderson, SonyaHB 2252
 6254H.01I - Changes the laws regarding solid waste management districts
HB2296Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 2296
 6548H.01I - Changes the laws regarding employment benefits
HB2297Fitzpatrick, ScottHB 2297
 6547H.01I - Revises the definition of "misconduct" and "good cause" for the purposes of disqualification from unemployment benefits
HJR67Fitzpatrick, ScottHJR 67
 5522H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment regarding the Governor's authority to expend state funds
HR710Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 710
 1112C.01 - Wallace, Mike
HR1466Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 1466
 2186C.01 - Politte, Nancy
HR1712Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 1712
 2301C.01 - Coffman, Matthew Allen
HR2716Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 2716
 3615C.01 - Michele Hovland and Darrell Hovland
HR3681Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 3681
 4977C.01 - Ball, Joshua
HR3751Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 3751
 5126C.01 - White, Lucas MacRay
HR3942Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 3942
 5439C.01 - Henry, Jack
HR3943Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 3943
 5440C.01 - Hall, Jerry
HR4263Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 4263
 5915C.01 - Duncan, Eugene & Erma
HR4270Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 4270
 5939C.01 - Head, Victor
HR4322Fitzpatrick, ScottHR 4322
 6008C.01 - Foster, Barbara
HB1099Burlison, EricFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1099
 4633L.01I - Specifies that no person as a condition or continuation of employment can be required to engage in or cease engaging in specified labor organization practices
HB1136Dugger, TonyFitzpatrick, ScottSCS HB 1136
 4098S.04T - Changes the laws regarding elections
HB1173Burlison, EricFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1173
 4634L.01P - Establishes a statutory cause of action, replacing the common law action, for damages against a health care provider for personal injury arising out of the rendering of or failure to render health services
HB1179Burlison, EricFitzpatrick, ScottSCS HCS HBs 1179 & 1765
 4635S.05C - Changes the laws regarding sales and use taxes and the motor fuel tax and authorizes a sales and use tax exemption on the sale of a used manufactured home
HB1200Burlison, EricFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1200
 4636H.04C - Requires a public governmental body the provides information as required under the Open Meetings and Records Law to keep records of the release and provide them to the Office of Attorney General upon request
HB1258Rowden, CalebFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HBs 1258 & 1267
 4072H.04C - Changes the laws regarding gifts by lobbyists, reporting requirements for campaign donations, and members of the general assembly serving as lobbyists within 2 years of being in office
HB1303Haahr, ElijahFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1303
 5143H.02T - Establishes the Missouri Student Religious Liberties Act
HB1432Rowden, CalebFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1432
 4793H.01I - Requires state agencies to post proposed rules, summaries, and fiscal notes on their websites
HB1433Rowden, CalebFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1433
 4223H.01I - Requires tax districts to report to the Department of Revenue its non-confidential tax rate and revenue collection information for display on the department's website
HB1447Cox, StanleyFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1447
 5236H.05P - Specifies that a person who has presented documents to obtain a driver's or nondriver's license must not be required to present the documents again to obtain a renewal or replacement
HB1468Dohrman, DeanFitzpatrick, ScottSCS HB 1468
 5228S.04C - Specifies that unpaid volunteers of a tax-exempt veteran's organization are not subject to the Workers' Compensation Law
HB1478Swan, KathrynFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1478
 5105H.06C - Changes the laws regarding the protection of women's health care
HB1647Moon, MikeFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1647
 5691H.01P - Prohibits the state and political subdivisions from implementing policies affecting property rights and from entering into certain relationships with organizations
HB1655Burlison, EricFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1655
 5478H.02P - Exempts motorcyclists age 21 and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle
HB1688Burlison, EricFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1688
 5469H.01I - Changes the laws regarding state income tax by exempting all income below the poverty line from tax
HB1828Miller, RockyFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1828
 5896H.01I - Expands the opportunity to receive a one-time temporary boating safety identification card to Missouri residents
HB1835Haahr, ElijahFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1835
 6002H.01T - Specifies that recipients of blind pension benefits with no usable vision must be exempt from the five-year vision re-examination requirement
HB1845Anderson, SonyaFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1845
 5712H.02C - Changes the laws regarding consent for a minor to have an abortion
HB1873Guernsey, CaseyFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1873
 5517H.07C - Establishes the Missouri Student Data Protection Act
HB1925Ross, RobertFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HB 1925
 6072H.04C - Prohibits any state agency or department from engaging in biometric analysis of photographs and digital data
HB2036Moon, MikeFitzpatrick, ScottHB 2036
 5967L.01I - Establishes the Article V Convention Act
HB2053Curtman, PaulFitzpatrick, ScottHB 2053
 5961L.01I - Establishes the Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act
HB2070Hough, LincolnFitzpatrick, ScottHB 2070
 6112H.01I - Specifies that if a plaintiff was first injured in a foreign country in connection with a railroad operations, venue must be in the county where the defendant corporation's registered agent is located
HB2072Messenger, JeffreyFitzpatrick, ScottHB 2072
 6269H.01I - Prohibits any public funds or governmental economic incentives to be authorized for a project involving abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research
HB2242Kelley, MikeFitzpatrick, ScottHB 2242
 6500H.02I - Specifies that public school students must not be subject to penalties or discipline for simulating a weapon while playing if it does not cause bodily harm, disrupt learning, or constitute a serious threat
HB2267Allen, SueFitzpatrick, ScottHB 2267
 6462L.01I - Transfers and restructures the duties and powers of the Department of Health and Senior Services into the Department of Social Services, Department of Mental Health and Health, and the newly-established Department of MO HealthNet
HCR13Dohrman, DeanFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HCR 13
 5423H.03C - Urges the United States Air Force to retain the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft fleet
HCR30Franklin, DianeFitzpatrick, ScottHCR 30
 6022L.01P - Strongly urges the Environmental Protection Agency to reject any federal fossil fuel emission regulations that remove coal as a viable fuel option for new and existing electric generation
HCR41Moon, MikeFitzpatrick, ScottHCS HCR 41
 4699H.02C - Applies to Congress for the calling of a convention to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution which place limits on the federal government
HJR72Richardson, ToddFitzpatrick, ScottHJR 72
 5412H.01T - Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting the Governor from reducing any payment of public debt and requiring notification to the General Assembly when he or she makes specified payment changes of appropriations
HJR73Jones, CalebFitzpatrick, ScottHJR 73
 5145H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly to issue bonds to fund higher education improvements, State Capitol repairs, state park maintenance, and mental health facility improvements
HB1320Ellinger, RoryFitzpatrick, ScottHB 1320
 4688L.01T - Requires a breastfeeding mother to use discretion and excuses breastfeeding mothers from jury service
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