HB1078 Increases allowable weight for military specialty license plates, eliminates personalization fee on specialized plates, creates new eliminates personalization fee on specialized plates, creates new
Sponsor: Relford, Randall H. (6) Effective Date:00/00/0000
CoSponsor: Ransdall, Bill L. (148) LR Number: 2419L.01I
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HCS HB 1767, 1078, 1093, 1147, 1170, 1180, 1193, 1194, 1210, 1219, 1251, 1315, 1399, 1432, 1513, 1515, 1715, 1783 & 1944
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HB 1078 -- License Plates

Co-Sponsors:  Relford, Ransdall

This bill allows all military and certain specialty plates to be
obtained for commercial motor vehicles other than apportioned
commercial motor vehicles licensed for a gross weight not in
excess of 18,000 pounds (certain pickup trucks) as well as
noncommercial vehicles.  Military plates will not be subject to
the fee charged for personalized plates.  All military plates,
except the Congressional Medal of Honor, Retired Military, and
the Prisoner of War plates, will cost $15 in addition to the
regular registration fee.  There will no longer be a limit on
the number of military plates a person may obtain as long as
each set is issued for vehicles owned solely or jointly by the

Individuals may get a special license plate to help the Wilson's
Creek National Battlefield Foundation.  A $25 emblem use
contribution will be made annually to the foundation by any
individual wanting the special plates.  All other normal fees
will apply, including the fee for personalized plates.

The following new plates are made available:  "Bronze Star,"
"Combat Medic," "Gulf War Veteran," "Distinguished Flying
Cross," and "Square and Round Dance Clubs."

An advisory committee for the Department of Revenue is
established for the purpose of developing guidelines for the
issuance of motor vehicle specialized license plates.  This
committee must direct the Director of Revenue to implement its
guidelines for all specialized license plates not later than
July 1, 2001.

The Department of Revenue is allowed to issue 30-day temporary
permits to applicants for personalized plates.  Currently,
regular plates are issued until the stamped personalized plate
is available.

Penalties are provided for any person who makes a false
statement or declaration to the Director of Revenue.

The bill also contains language that will simplify Department of
Revenue procedures, including allowing statements where
affidavits are now required and clarifying the procedure for use
of license plate issued in the year the vehicle was manufactured.


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