HB1675 Requires the implementation of the Uniform Crime Reporting System and the use of death review panels for all suspicious deaths. the use of death review panels for all suspicious deaths.
Sponsor: Wilson, Vicky Riback (25) Effective Date:00/00/0000
CoSponsor: Luetkenhaus, Bill (12) LR Number: 2857L.01I
Last Action: This Bill is a Substitute - Check Primary Bill HB1677
SCS HS HCS HB 1677, 1675 & 1676
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HB 1675 -- Uniform Crime Reporting System

Co-Sponsors:  Riback Wilson (25), Luetkenhaus, Ross, McClelland,
Davis (63), Fraser, Kasten, Dougherty, Ostmann, Lakin, Gaw

This bill requires the Department of Public Safety to adopt the
uniform crime reporting system established by the Federal Bureau
of Investigation (FBI), to be participated in by all state,
county, and municipal law enforcement agencies.  Each agency
will be responsible for producing reports that contain
information concerning the number and nature of offenses
committed in its jurisdiction.  From this information, the
department is required to prepare a compilation of statistics
available to state governmental bodies and the FBI upon request.

The bill also mandates that the prosecuting or circuit attorney
of each county impanel a death review panel to investigate all
suspicious deaths.  The bill establishes the makeup of the panel
to include various legal, law enforcement, and health care
professionals.  A final, confidential report for each
investigation must be issued to the departments of Public Safety
and Health, and the Department of Health is required to
periodically prepare epidemiological reports based on the panel

The departments of Public Safety and Health are responsible for
providing protocols and guidelines for the death review panel.
The bill specifically requires the Department of Public Safety
to establish a special assistance team, which is to develop and
provide training and assistance in the review and prosecution of
suspicious deaths.  The Department of Public Safety is also
required to appoint a State Death Review Panel, to meet
biannually, that is to provide oversight for the special
assistance team.  The Department of Public Safety must submit an
annual report to the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the
President Pro Tempore of the Senate that identifies systemic
problems relating to the local death review panels.


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