House Concurrent Resolution 9



Whereas, an initiative petition is being circulated with respect to the regulation of outdoor advertising signs; and

Whereas, such petition would prohibit new outdoor advertising signs, require the removal of all nonconforming outdoor advertising signs, and prohibit the removal of vegetation on the right-of-way except for aesthetic or safety purposes; and

Whereas, the outdoor advertising industry provides tremendous benefits to Missouri citizens and economy by allowing the travel and tourism related businesses to effectively reach the traveling public; and

Whereas, the prohibition of outdoor advertising signs would cost Missouri's economy millions of dollars in condemnation costs, lost income to landowners, lost tax revenues, both at the state and local levels, and thousands of jobs in the outdoor advertising and tourism industries; and

Whereas, the Missouri General Assembly, after extensive hearings and study of the outdoor advertising industry, addressed local governments and citizens concerns by passing a series of laws which granted local control or outdoor signs to municipalities, reduced the legal size of signs and increased the spacing requisite between signs; and

Whereas, the Missouri General Assembly, as a matter of principle and law, does not "prohibit" legitimate forms of business activity; and

Whereas, the use of outdoor advertising signs is a legitimate use of private property in commercial and industrial areas adjacent to major public highways:

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the members of the Missouri House of Representatives of the Ninetieth General Assembly, Second Regular Session, the Senate concurring therein, hereby find no justification at this time for further statutory changes related to the outdoor advertising industry in Missouri.

Offered by Representative Brian May

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