Missouri House of Representatives
House Interim Committee on 
Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs for Senior Citizens

The members of the committee include: 
Rep. Mark Abel, Co-Chair Rep. Randall Relford Rep. Beth Long
Rep. Joan Barry, Co-Chair Rep. May Scheve Rep. Estel Robirds
Rep. Sharon Brooks Rep. Dan Quincy Troupe Rep. Ed Hartzler
Rep. D.J. Davis Rep. Rex Barnett Rep. Patrick Naeger
Rep. Glenda Kelly Rep John Griesheimer Rep. Ken Legan

The committee is charged with: (1) evaluating the obstacles Missourians have in accessing affordable prescription drugs, particularly seniors, as well as other individuals who incur significant costs for prescription drugs; (2) searching for avenues to lower or eliminate those obstacles; and (3) making any recommendations for legislative action it deems appropriate.

Interim Committee Report       Summary of the Report