Missouri House of Representatives
2000 Leadership Directory

Representative Capitol
Phone No:
STEVE GAW308(573) 751-2700
Speaker Pro Tem
JIM KREIDER301(573) 751-2956
Majority Floor Leader
WAYNE CRUMP309(573) 751-2101
Assistant Majority Floor Leader
JAMES FOLEY310(573) 751-0855
Majority Whip
RITA DAYS313B(573) 751-4468
Majority Caucus Chair
MAY SCHEVE401A(573) 751-9472
Majority Caucus Secretary
DANA MURRAY313-2(573) 751-5538
Minority Floor Leader
DELBERT SCOTT204(573) 751-8793
Assistant Minority Floor Leader
MICHAEL GIBBONS107(573) 751-2853
Minority Whip
CHARLIE SHIELDS101E(573) 751-9476
Minority Caucus Chairman
CHUCK PRYOR101J(573) 751-4119
Minority Caucus Secretary
PATRICK NAEGER103-BC(573) 751-9812

The Speaker is the presiding officer in the House. His responsibilities include appointing committee chairs, establishing the number of members on each committee and appointing the majority party members of committees. He also assigns bills to committees and signs all official actions of the House.

The Speaker Pro Tem presides in the Speaker's absence. Both the Speaker and the Speaker Pro Tem are elected at the opening of the first regular session of each General Assembly by the membership.

The Majority and Minority Floor Leaders manage floor actions on behalf of their parties. The Minority Floor Leader appoints minority party members to committees.

The Party Whip directs the support of party members for the party's programs and objectives.

Missouri House of Representatives