SB 537 -- Law Enforcement Districts

Sponsor: Russell

This bill creates law enforcement districts to fund, promote, plan, and operate projects relating to law enforcement. Law enforcement districts may be established in first classification counties without a charter form of government that have a population of 50,000 or less. Currently, the bill would apply to Camden County.

A petition with certain information and signatures of 10% of the voters in the county is required to initiate the creation of a district. Property owners within the proposed district may also file petitions in support or opposition. The court will hear the case for the proposed district and will incorporate it if the petition is not defective and the plan of operation for the district is constitutional. The court's order may be appealed.

A board of directors for the district is to be elected by owners of real property and registered voters in the district. The bill outlines the powers and duties of the board of directors, including its ability to receive and use federal, state, and other funds for law enforcement projects. The board may also sponsor a ballot initiative to impose a special property tax for projects.