SCS SB 894 -- Kansas City Delinquent Property Taxes

Sponsor: Quick

This substitute creates the Land Trust of Kansas City to administer the management, sale, and disposition of tax-delinquent lands in the city that are also within Jackson County. The city trust has rights superior to those of the county land trust.

Membership, responsibilities, compensation, auditing, and staffing of the city trust are similar to existing requirements for county land trusts. The mayor, the city council, and the city school district board each appoint one of the 3 city trust members. Vacancies are filled by the original appointing authority; if that authority fails to do so within 30 days, the vacancy is filled by the mayor with the consent of the city council. Members must have been city residents for at least 5 years, serve 4-year staggered terms, and are paid with city funds. Required surety bonds are advanced from city funds and deposited with the county clerk. The city trust's records are open to the taxing authorities of the city and the county and the city trust may use the services of any real estate broker licensed in the county.

The substitute also allows Clay and Buchanan counties to establish a land trust for the disposition of property with delinquent taxes.