SCS SB 940 -- Liquor Control

Sponsor: Mathewson

This substitute makes changes regarding liquor control. The bill:

(1) Allows wholesalers to exchange an equal quantity of intoxicating liquor with an alcohol content of less than 5% by weight or 3.2% beer that was delivered in damaged condition or damaged while in the possession of the retailer;

(2) Allows a wholesaler to replace with an equal quantity of like product or give credit, under certain conditions, to a retailer for undamaged products;

(3) Allows a distiller or wholesaler to install dispensing equipment for premixed distilled spirit beverages at a retail business establishment. Records of such equipment must be kept by the distiller or wholesaler for at least one year;

(4) Allows wholesalers to give a retail credit for intoxicating liquor sold, but not used, under the catering permit. The liquor must be removed by the wholesaler within 72 hours of the expiration of the catering permit; and

(5) Allows the Supervisor of Liquor Control to grant approval for sale of nonintoxicating beer, a malt product, or spirituous liquor products without product samples and testing if provided with a copy of the certificate of label approval issued by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms which verifies the alcohol content of the product.