Summary of the House Committee Version of the Bill


SPONSOR:  Mathewson (Hoppe)

COMMITTEE ACTION:  Voted "do pass" by the Committee on Local
Government and Related Matters by a vote of 17 to 1.

This substitute allows the commission of a regional jail
district in Caldwell, DeKalb, and Daviess counties to impose a
sales tax in the amount of one-eighth of 1%, one-fourth of 1%,
three-eighths of 1%, or one-half of 1% on all retail sales made
in the district, subject to voter approval.  The tax is to be
used for providing jail services, jail facilities, court
facilities, and equipment for the district.  The tax may also be
used to retire bonds, notes, or other obligations of the
district.  The substitute prohibits any public funds from being
used to pay a private company to manage, staff, or control the
operation of any jail or prison after August 28, 2001.

The provisions of the substitute will expire August 28, 2015.

FISCAL NOTE:  Not available at time of printing.

PROPONENTS:  Supporters say that jail districts need funds for
operation.  Many facilities don't meet federal standards.

Testifying for the bill were Senator Mathewson; and American
Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.

OPPONENTS:  There was no opposition voiced to the committee.

Steve Bauer, Legislative Analyst

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