Summary of the House Committee Version of the Bill


SPONSOR:  Russell (Luetkemeyer)

COMMITTEE ACTION:  Voted "do pass by consent" by the Committee
on Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Veteran Affairs by a vote
of 19 to 0.

This bill authorizes the creation of law enforcement districts
in Camden County to fund, promote, and operate projects relating
to law enforcement.  Ten percent of the registered voters in a
district can file a petition in circuit court requesting the
creation of a district.  The bill sets forth the requirements
and court procedure regarding the petition.  A board of
directors consisting of 5 elected members will govern each law
enforcement district.  A district can impose a property tax if
approved by voters.  The bill outlines the legal powers of a law
enforcement district, including the powers to contract, borrow
money, and coordinate efforts with state and local agencies.

The bill contains an emergency clause.

FISCAL NOTE:  No impact on state funds.

PROPONENTS:  Supporters say that the area primarily affected by
the bill is an area of the county that is growing quickly and is
approximately one hour away from the county seat.  The residents
of this part of the county want more law enforcement officers in
their area.  A village in the area applied for and received a
grant to pay for additional law enforcement officers, but that
grant has now run out.  The crime rate in the area has gone down
at least 30% since the additional officers have been in the area
under the grant.  The establishment of a law enforcement
district would spread the costs throughout the area that would
benefit from the additional law enforcement personnel.

Testifying for the bill were Senator Russell; and Donald Ruppin,
Sheriff of Camden County.

OPPONENTS:  There was no opposition voiced to the committee.

Amy Woods, Legislative Analyst

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