Summary of the House Committee Version of the Bill


SPONSOR:  Cauthorn (Shoemyer)

COMMITTEE ACTION:  Voted "do pass by consent" by the Committee
on Correctional and State Institutions by a vote of 13 to 0.

This substitute authorizes the Governor to convey water rights
and water storage rights of Mark Twain Lake acquired by the
state by contract with the United States of America to the
Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission.

Provisions for the transfer of the water rights to the
commission are specified by the substitute.

The substitute contains an emergency clause.

FISCAL NOTE:  Savings to General Revenue of $80,000 to $90,000
in FY 2002, FY 2003, and FY 2004.

PROPONENTS:  Supporters say that Mark Twain Lake provides
drinking water in a 12-county area in Northwest Missouri.  The
bill would ensure there is a stable water supply available.

Testifying for the bill was Senator Cauthorn.

OPPONENTS:  There was no opposition voiced to the committee.

Bob Dominique, Legislative Analyst

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