Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1002 -- Tobacco Settlement Attorney Fees

Co-Sponsors:  Dempsey, Dolan, Levin, Bearden, Griesheimer,
Naeger, Hanaway

This bill establishes the Missouri Commission on Tobacco
Attorney Fee Compensation to determine the compensation for
attorneys contracted to work on the tobacco settlement.  The
commission will be made up of 2 members of the Missouri House of
Representatives and 2 members of the Missouri Senate.  It will
conduct public hearings regarding each attorney's compensation.
Attorneys must submit requests for payment to the commission by
December 31, 2001.  The commission will determine the
compensation for each attorney and a payment schedule by July 1,
2002.  The bill limits attorney compensation to $500 per hour.
Attorneys must document hours worked and expenses incurred in
the settlement agreement.  Any member of the public may testify
at the hearings and submit payment proposals for attorney fees.

The Attorney General will represent all contracted attorneys in
collecting money from the tobacco defendants earmarked for
attorney fees.  Attorneys may not seek payment for their
services directly from tobacco defendants.

The bill also establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement
Attorney Fee Trust Fund.  The State Treasurer will place all
moneys received by the state for attorney fees in the tobacco
settlement into the fund.  The Office of Administration will
make all receipts and expenditures of the fund available to the
public via the Internet.

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