Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1006 -- Pesticides

Co-Sponsors:  Shoemyer, Wiggins, Jetton, Legan, Coleman

Currently, anyone who sells or commercially transports
pesticides pays an annual $15 registration fee for each product
to the General Revenue Fund.  This bill increases the annual fee
to $75 and changes the late renewal penalty from $5 to 25% of
overdue registration fees.  Revenue is deposited in the
Pesticide Project Fund to maintain a maximum balance of $2
million.  Excess funds revert to general revenue.

The Pesticide Project Fund is administered by the Plant
Industries Division of the Department of Agriculture.  Up to 10%
of the fund may be used for administration.  Beginning July 1,
2002, portions of the fund may be used for designated projects,
including the following department programs:  up to 15% for
integrated pest management; up to 15% for sustainable
agriculture; and up to 10% for agriculture awareness.  Up to 30%
of the fund may be used for pesticide education through the
Pesticide Applicator Training program at the University of
Missouri and up to 20% may be used for pesticide and water
quality monitoring projects.  Any remaining funds may be used on
other pesticide-related projects.

Allocation of project funds requires an executed memorandum of
understanding between the department and the applicant.  Before
each fiscal year, applicants must submit proposals to the
department by March 31.  Successful applicants must submit a
project report within 30 days after the end of the fiscal year.
Project revenue that is not spent or obligated reverts to the
fund 60 days after the project is completed.  The department may
require applicants that do not complete their projects as
intended to remit partial or full repayments.

The bill also allows the department to deny, cancel, suspend, or
revoke the registration of a pesticide if the product is found
to be harmful to humans or the environment.

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