Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 260 -- St. Louis Police Compensation

Co-Sponsors:  Kennedy, Haywood, Dougherty, Barry

This bill revises provisions pertaining to the compensation for
the City of St. Louis Police Department.  The Board of Police
Commissioners is required to provide health, medical, and life
insurance coverage for dependents of deceased or retired
officers and employees of the department who receive pension
benefits in accordance with state law.  Current state law
prohibits the board from providing such benefits to dependents.

The board is required to pay additional compensation or, in lieu
of compensation, grant compensatory leave time to police
officers of the rank of lieutenant or below who are required to
work on special private details.  The additional compensation or
compensatory leave time will accrue at a rate of one-half hour
earned per one hour worked.  The compensatory leave may be taken
in accordance with the policies of the City of St. Louis Police
Department.  Current state law prohibits the board from paying
additional compensation for overtime, court time, and standby
court time to any officer of the rank of sergeant or above.

The board is also required to pay police officers up to and
including the Chief of Police with compensation in the amount of
one hour worked for each hour of accumulated unused sick leave
as of the date of such officer's retirement.  The dispersal of
such compensation must be made within 60 days of retirement.
Retiring officers who qualify may elect to take paid
compensatory leave in lieu of compensation which cannot exceed
60 work days.  The compensatory leave must be taken immediately
preceding the officer's retirement.  Currently, the board is
allowed to pay additional compensation to officers, sergeants,
and lieutenants for accumulated unused vacation time.

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