Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 280 -- Medical Transport Services and Stretcher Vans

Sponsor:  Hoppe


This bill makes changes to laws governing ambulance services.
The bill:

(1)  Allows, upon voter approval, ambulance boards to increase
to 7 members or decrease to 5 or 3 members;

(2)  Allows for the recall by petition of an ambulance board
member.  If a board member is recalled, the election authority
must order an election for a new member at the next scheduled
public election;

(3)  Removes the requirement that Cass, Bates, Henry, Johnson,
and St. Clair counties have a mobile emergency medical
technician in the ambulance when transporting a patient;

(4)  Requires most counties to have at least 2 licensed
individuals when transporting a patient;

(5)  Requires ambulance owners to notify the Department of
Health upon the sale or transfer of any ambulance service
license.  The department must inspect the new service to verify
compliance with licensure standards;

(6)  Changes requirements for the county letter of endorsement
to the department for new ambulance service within
unincorporated portions of a county.  The letter must state the
public health benefits of the service and show that the service
has the expertise and resources to operate the service;

(7)  Requires all ambulance services, including services in St.
Louis City, to maintain adequate insurance coverage or proof of
financial responsibility with adequate reserves maintained.
Provisions for the self-insurance of St. Louis City ambulance
services are removed;

(8)  Expands causes for which a complaint may be filed with the
Administrative Hearing Commission against an ambulance service;

(9)  Forbids relicensure of any individual whose license has
been revoked twice within a 10-year period;

(10)  Requires a patient care report to be completed for each
run on which are entered pertinent remarks by a registered nurse
or physician.  A patient care report is also required to be
given by a health care facility when a patient is transferred to
another facility; and

(11)  Requires ambulance services to report to the department
within 72 hours of their having knowledge of certain felony
charges filed against an employee of the licensee.  The employee
of a service is also required to notify the service of such
charges within 72 hours.


The bill also contains provisions related to the regulation of
stretcher van services.  A stretcher van service is a person or
agency that provides transportation to passengers who are
confined to stretchers vans and whose conditions are not likely
to need medical attention during transportation.  The bill:

(1)  Requires any person, owner, or agent to be licensed by the
Department of Health if the person or entity advertises,
operates, maintains, engages, or proposes to engage in the
transport of persons confined to stretchers.  The department can
issue such licenses for a period of 5 years;

(2)  Allows political subdivisions who are authorized to provide
ambulance service to adopt ordinances and regulations governing
the use of stretcher vans as long as those regulations are as
strict as the minimum state standards.  Ordinances and
regulations in effect prior to August 28, 2001, may continue to
be enforced by any political subdivision;

(3)  Allows the governing body in St. Louis County to set
standards for all stretcher van services.  Any service in the
county must be licensed by the state.  The county may not
prohibit a licensed service from operating in the county as long
as the service meets county standards;

(4)  Requires stretcher vans to operate with a 2-person crew;

(5)  Requires stretcher van operators to immediately contact the
appropriate ground ambulance service if a passenger's medical
condition deteriorates;

(6)  Prohibits services from transporting persons currently
admitted to a hospital or persons being transported to a
hospital for admission or emergency treatment;

(7)  Requires the department to establish regulations requiring
adequate insurance, vehicle maintenance and specifications,
passenger safety, and service records and reports;

(8)  Requires the department to establish the application forms
for stretcher van service licenses in order to ensure compliance
with rules;

(9)  Requires services to notify the department upon the sale or
transfer of any service license.  The department must inspect
the new service to verify compliance with licensure standards;

(10)  Allows the department to refuse to issue or deny renewal
of a stretcher van license for failure to comply with the law or
any regulation promulgated by the department.  Guidelines for
disciplinary action and relicensure are established.  The
department may cause a complaint to be filed with the
Administrative Hearing Commission against a licensee for
noncompliance with regulations.  Procedures are established for
the notification of the applicant that a license has been
refused and for the applicant to file a complaint with the
Administrative Hearing Commission.  An individual whose license
has been revoked must wait one year to apply for relicensure.
The department may notify any other state in which a person is
licensed of a suspended or revoked license in this state;

(11)  Protects any person or organization from civil damage when
in good faith the person provides information to the department
regarding stretcher van regulations;

(12)  Allows the department to suspend a license if the
department finds that there is an imminent threat to public
health.  The department must file a complaint with the
Administrative Hearing Commission upon the suspension.
Procedures are established for the suspension and appeal of such
suspension; and

(13)  Gives the Attorney General concurrent jurisdiction with
all prosecuting attorneys to prosecute persons in violation of
these laws and regulations.  Injunctive proceedings may be
instituted against persons in violation.  Persons violating
these laws are guilty of a class B misdemeanor.  Each day that
any violation continues constitutes a separate offense, but the
court may stay the cumulative penalties.

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