Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 291 -- Organ Donation

Sponsor:  Graham

This bill makes several changes to the Anatomical Gift Act.  In
its main provisions, the bill:

(1)  Adds definitions for "anatomical donations," "federally
certified organ procurement organizations," and "organ donor
program fund";

(2)  Allows persons who are 16 years of age to effect anatomical
gifts with parental or guardian consent;

(3)  Allows an attending physician or hospital designee to
contact an organ procurement organization in Missouri to
determine the suitability or non-suitability of an organ,
tissue, or eye donation of any patient who is near death or who
dies while an inpatient at a hospital and specifies the
procedures for the determination;

(4)  Allows a hospital to develop and implement a protocol for
referring potential anatomical donors;

(5)  Establishes procedures for conducting death medical record
reviews for the purpose of determining the anatomical donor
potential at a hospital;

(6)  Allows the Division of Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licensing
to modify the driver's license and identification card
application process and renewal system for the purposes of
obtaining information on anatomical donations from persons over
18 years of age and allowing persons under 18 years of age to
register as donors with parental consent and further permits
organ procurement organizations in Missouri to have 24-hour
access to the donor information;

(7)  Allows applicants for a driver's license to make voluntary
contributions of $2 to the Organ Donor Program Fund;

(8)  Specifies procedures which allow the Department of Revenue
to provide space on the face of the individual income tax return
form for persons voluntarily contributing to the Organ Donor
Program Fund, effective for tax year 2000 and thereafter;

(9)  Specifies persons who can conduct reasonable,
administrative, and physical searches in order to verify the
approval or non-approval of an organ donation;

(10)  Specifies the use of the Organ Donor Program Fund;

(11)  Adds the following members to the Organ Donation Advisory
Committee:  one representative from the Department of Revenue;
one representative from the Missouri Hospital Association; and
one representative from an eye bank.  The bill also specifies
that 4 advisory committee representatives are required to be
current members of the organ procurement organizations in
Missouri; and

(12)  Allows the Director of Revenue to specify the rules and
procedures for allowing an applicant to designate an anatomical
gift on the back of a non-driver's license.

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