Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 375 -- Taxation:  Credit for Donations to Domestic Violence

Sponsor:  Fraser

This bill authorizes a tax credit for 50% of contributions to
qualified sexual violence crisis service centers.

Sexual violence crisis service centers are defined as nonprofit
organizations having as a function the serving of sexual
violence victims, their significant others, secondary victims,
and the community relating to rape, sexual assault, and sexual

The tax credits authorized may be taken against income tax,
corporate franchise tax, insurance premium tax, financial
institutions tax, and express company tax liability.  The tax
credit is not refundable, but can be carried forward and claimed
for up to 4 taxable years.

The maximum credit an individual taxpayer can claim cannot
exceed $50,000 per year.  The minimum contribution must exceed
$100.  Contributions may be made in cash, stocks, bonds or other
marketable securities, or real property.

The statewide maximum of tax credits that can be taken in any
one year cannot exceed $2 million.  The bill provides for the
Department of Public Safety to certify the centers and the tax
credits and to apportion the credits when the applications for
the credits exceed the statewide cap.

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