Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 376 -- Common Interest Communities

Co-Sponsors:  Fraser, Liese

This bill requires the governing body of every political
subdivision to reimburse or provide to a qualified common
interest community snow removal, trash service, and road
maintenance to the same extent as the political subdivision
provides these services on public roads and streets.  The
political subdivision must also reimburse the common interest
community the electrical cost for lighting roads and streets.
If the political subdivision elects to reimburse the common
interest community for services, the payment must be made at the
end of the calendar year.  The reimbursement is to be increased
on a graded basis over a five-year period, beginning January 1,
2002.  The first year's reimbursement is 20% of the actual cost,
increasing to 100% of the actual cost in the fifth year.  The
bill requires a contract between the governing body of the
political subdivision and the common interest community to
implement the responsibilities of the political subdivision.

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