Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 406 -- Probation and Parole

Co-Sponsors:  Kelly (47), Ostmann, Fraser, Long, Williams,
Riback Wilson (25)

This bill expands the duties of the Board of Probation and
Parole.  The board is required to review thoroughly the case
history of all offenders who have no possibility of parole.
Within 30 days of the review, the board will prepare a report to
the Governor with the recommendation to either grant or deny
executive clemency, thereby making the offender eligible for
parole after serving 20 years of his or her sentence.  Offenders
released will remain under the supervision of the board for at
least 5 years.

The bill establishes criteria to be used by the board when
conducting its reviews and making recommendations.  Offender
reviews and recommendations must be made every 3 years.

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