Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 416 -- Naturopathic Medicine

Sponsor:  O'Connor

This bill provides for the registration and licensure of doctors
of naturopathic medicine.  The bill creates a State Board of
Naturopathic Medicine.  The board will consist of graduates of
professional schools approved by the Board of Naturopathic
Medicine or the Liaison Committee on Naturopathic Education who
hold current licenses to practice medicine in this state.

The board must adopt rules covering the collection of fees,
licensing exams, continuing education, disciplinary procedures,
the initiation of naturopathic specialties, determining
qualifications, and competency screening of naturopathic medical
assistants.  All funds received by the board will be deposited
in the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts Fund.

The bill also contains provisions regarding the examination
which must be taken before receiving a license.  Part one will
consist of basic medical science subjects, part two will
encompass clinical medical subjects, and part three will consist
of clinical competency.  The board is also allowed to accept
exams conducted by a national board of examiners, if the exams
include these subjects.  The board will also establish
reciprocation with states that have an educational program of
equivalent quality to Missouri's.

The bill contains provisions regarding clinical training for
naturopathic medical students.  Those wishing to receive
clinical training must make application with the board.  They
must train under the direct supervision of a licensed
physician.  The board will prescribe procedures that students
may perform under the supervision of a physician.  After making
application with the board, graduates of approved schools of
naturopathic medicine may engage in internship programs.
Interns will work under the direct supervision of a licensed
physician.  The board will prescribe procedures that interns may
perform under the direct supervision of a physician.  Procedures
practiced by interns are not allowed to go beyond the scope of
practice of supervising physicians.

Licensed naturopathic physicians are allowed to dispense
substances and devices as long as they follow certain criteria
established by the bill.

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