Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 478 -- Tuberculosis

Co-Sponsors:  Hosmer, Hendrickson

This bill revises the definition of a local board and provisions
concerning a local board of health's filing for a petition to
commit persons with active tuberculosis or persons who are
potential transmitters by adding provisions concerning emergency
temporary commitment.

If a person with active tuberculosis or who is a potential
transmitter conducts himself or herself in a manner which
exposes others to the immediate danger of infection, the board
can file an ex parte petition with a circuit court for emergency
temporary commitment.

After the petition has been filed, the circuit court is required
to hear the matter within 96 hours.  The local board has the
authority to detain the person named in the petition pending the
circuit court's decision on the petition.  Currently, a non--
emergency petition filed with the circuit court will be heard in
5 days or no later than 15 days after the non-emergency petition
has been filed.

If the ex parte petition is granted, the person named in the
petition will be committed to the Missouri Rehabilitation Center
until a full hearing is held.

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