Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 486 -- Vision Examination for Students

Co-Sponsors:  Davis, Abel, Kennedy, Harlan, Richardson,
Griesheimer, Froelker

Beginning with school year 2002-2003, students entering Head
Start, kindergarten, or first grade in a public school must have
a vision examination by January 1 following their enrollment.
This bill adds an additional use for the Blindness Education
Screening and Program Treatment Fund to pay for the pre-school
vision examinations of children for whom insurance does not
cover the cost of an examination.  The Department of Elementary
and Secondary Education, in conjunction with the Department of
Health, must maintain a list of programs through which free or
reduced cost eye care may be available and will provide the list
to schools and parent organizations.  The Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education may promulgate rules to
implement the bill.

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