Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 695 -- Dental Board

Co-Sponsors:  Shoemyer, Phillips

This bill contains provisions regarding the powers and duties of
the State Dental Board.

(1)  Investigators employed by the board are given authority to
inspect and copy all records when conducting investigations for
alleged violations.

(2)  All patient records will be admissible into evidence during
hearings to determine a licensee's fitness to practice.

(3)  No person may practice dentistry or dental hygiene without
being duly licensed.

(4)  Applications for licensure will be valid for one year;
applications are void if not completed within that period.

(5)  After December 1, 2002, all licenses are valid for 2 years.

(6)  The board is given the authority to set continuing
education requirements and provides exemptions under certain

(7)  An inactive status is established for dental hygienists.
Persons placing themselves on the list may not practice dental
hygiene.  Those inactive licensees wishing to become active must
apply for licensure and pay fees for the years between becoming
inactive and the issuance of the current license.  Those persons
inactive for 4 years or longer must apply in the same manner as
an original applicant.

(8)  The board, at its discretion, may revoke licenses for a
period from 2 to 7 years.

(9)  When the board feels that a licensee is a danger to the
public and files a complaint with the Administrative Hearing
Commission, the commission has 15 days to determine whether the
activities of the licensee constitute a danger to the public and
take the appropriate action.

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