Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 709 -- Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety

Sponsor:  O'Connor

This bill revises statutory sections under the Division of Motor
Carrier and Railroad Safety relating to the power and authority
to regulate common or contract carriers of household goods or
passengers.  The bill:

(1)  Permits the division to waive federal driver qualifications
to operate in intrastate commerce.  The procedures for waivers
will follow the federal guidelines;

(2)  Removes the minimum 120 hours of basic law enforcement
training requirement for division personnel;

(3)  Removes the requirement that the division set rates for
carriers of commodities in dump trucks;

(4)  Changes the motor carrier annual license renewal date from
the end of February to December 31.  Anyone failing to comply
with the renewal provision will be guilty of a class C
misdemeanor (currently a misdemeanor);

(5)  Requires charter buses to conform to the registration
provisions which apply to property carriers; and

(6)  Contains language dealing with the access and release of
closed records of information relating to the safety of a
carrier, cooperative agreements, and flagman warning or
track-out-of-service signs at rail crossings.

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