Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 729 -- License Plates

Co-Sponsors:  Green (15), Green (73), Koller

This bill requires license plates to be coated so as to allow
the background, letters, and numerals to reflect the light of
other vehicles.  Figures on plates for most vehicles must not be
less than 3 inches in height and the strokes not less than
five-sixteenths of an inch in width.  For motorcycles, the
figures must not be less than one inch in height and the strokes
not less than one-eight of an inch in width.

Instead of tabs, new plates will be issued annually for certain
apportioned vehicles, trailers, buses, dealers, and commercial
vehicles in excess of 12,000 pounds.

The bill also provides that any paid registration or license
plate for a commercial trailer through a reciprocity agreement
will remain even if the agreement no longer requires
apportionment of the trailers.  The Highway Reciprocity
Commission will have the authority to issue permanent or
temporary registrations on commercial trailers whether or not
the registration is issued pursuant to a reciprocity agreement.
Non-apportioned plates issued by the commission may contain the
legend "HRC TLR" in lieu of the words "Show-Me-State."

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