Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 735 -- Classroom Trust Fund

Co-Sponsors:  Shields, Hanaway, Luetkemeyer, Bearden, Reinhart,
Naeger, Secrest

Currently, excursion gambling boat proceeds beyond the amount
transferred to the School District Bond Fund are directed to the
State School Moneys Fund to be distributed through the
foundation formula.  Under this bill, certain amounts of these
moneys will be transferred from the Gaming Proceeds for
Education Fund to the newly created Classroom Trust Fund to fund
school construction, teacher recruitment and professional
development, technology enhancements, and school safety.  The
transfers beginning with Fiscal Year 2003 will occur for 5 years
in increasing increments of 20%.  The moneys in the Classroom
Trust Fund will be distributed to each district on a
per-eligible-pupil basis and are exempt from certificated salary
compliance.  General revenue must replace the gaming funds that
had been directed toward the State School Moneys Fund.  The
Classroom Trust Fund will also receive all unclaimed lottery
prize money.

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