Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 831 -- Office of Victims of Crime

Co-Sponsors:  Carnahan, Smith, Ross, Selby, Kelly (27), Kelly
(36), Hosmer

This bill creates an Office of Victims of Crime within the
Department of Public Safety.  The office will serve as the state
agency dedicated to promoting victims' rights and to
disseminating information on victims' rights and services.  The
office will also develop response plans in the event of
catastrophic crimes and will make an assessment and a report to
the Governor on the feasibility of an automated crime victim
notification system.

The bill also increases the surcharge on each state criminal
court filing from $5 to $10.  This money is deposited in the
Crime Victims' Compensation Fund and is used in part to fund all
of the activities of the Office of Victims of Crime.

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