Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 870 -- Grandparents as Foster Parents Program

Co-Sponsors:  Merideth, Holand, Green (73), Moore, Black, Myers

This bill revises provisions pertaining to the Grandparents as
Foster Parents Program in the Division of Family Services.

Eligible grandparents are required to have an annual household
income of less than 200% of the federal poverty level.  The
division is required to conduct an annual review of the
eligibility of grandparents who participate in the program.

Subject to appropriations, the program is required to:

(1)  Provide reimbursement up to 75% of the current foster care
payment schedule to eligible grandparents;

(2)  Establish program requirements;

(3)  Provide continuing counseling for the child and grandparent;

(4)  Provide Medicaid services to the child; and

(5)  Establish criteria for a reduction in cash benefits
received by any grandparent providing care for 3 or more

Subject to appropriations, the program may provide ancillary
services and support services, which include child care.
Eligibility for child care services will be based on the same
eligibility criteria used for other child care benefits provided
by the division.

The bill does not create an entitlement for participants in the

The bill contains an emergency clause.

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