Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 883 -- Criminal Trespass

Co-Sponsors:  Barnitz, Ransdall, Coleman, Boatright, Merideth,
Townley, Legan

This bill revises criminal trespass laws.  The existing crimes
of first and second degree trespass are combined into a single
crime of trespass.  The bill makes trespass a class A
misdemeanor.  Currently, first degree trespass is a class B
misdemeanor and second degree trespass is an infraction.  Any
person who unlawfully enters or knowingly remains unlawfully on
another's property is guilty of trespass under the bill.  The
bill also removes certain posting and notification requirements
that are currently required for first degree trespass
prosecutions.  Strict liability is also imposed by the bill on
persons who damage property while committing trespass, and
owners are given civil immunity from liability for any damages
suffered by the trespasser while trespassing.

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