Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 892 -- Sanitation in Food Establishments

Sponsor:  Brooks

This bill requires all state, county, and municipal health
officials or inspectors to utilize the 1999 Missouri Food Code
for the inspection of food establishments.

The Department of Health is required to notify the Division of
Nutritional Services of any violation of Sections 196.190 to
196.265, RSMo (Sanitation in Food Establishments) found during
an inspection of any grocery store.

Any grocery store, convenience store, or food distribution
establishment that redeems state-issued Women, Infant, and
Children (WIC) vouchers and receives 2 unsatisfactory health
examinations or inspections from the department within a 3-year
period is prohibited from participating in the WIC Program for a
period of not less than 6 months.

The fine is increased to $100 a day for a violation of food
sanitation laws.  Under current law, the fine for the first
offense is $10 or no more than $100.

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