Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 899 -- Auctioneers

Co-Sponsors:  Gratz, Norwald, Merideth

This bill creates the State Board of Auctioneers within the
Division of Professional Registration.  No person may engage in
the occupation of auctioneering without being duly licensed with
the board.

The bill contains provisions regarding the make-up, powers, and
duties of the board; qualifications of applicants; licensing
examinations and exemptions; examination and licensing fees;
terms of licenses; reciprocity; refusal, suspension, and
revocation of licenses; filing complaints with the
Administrative Hearing Commission; and displaying and providing
proof of licensure.

The bill also creates the State Board of Auctioneers Fund.
Money placed in the fund will be used for the expenses incurred
by the board.

Auctioneers are prohibited from selling real estate at auctions
unless they hold a real estate license.

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