Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 929 -- DNA Use in Criminal Cases

Sponsor:  Hosmer

This bill changes several laws regarding the use of DNA evidence
in criminal procedure.  In its main provisions, the bill:

(1)  Allows convicted persons in the custody of the Department
of Corrections to file motions to seek DNA testing in cases
where testing might reveal the person's innocence, if certain
procedural qualifications are met;

(2)  Instructs the Department of Public Safety to include in its
DNA profiling system a separate DNA database of persons whose
identity is unknown;

(3)  Specifies the exact crimes for which, when convicted, a DNA
sample must be given.  Current law states, without specifying
exact crimes, that all violent offenses in Chapter 565, RSMo,
and all sex offenses in Chapter 566 trigger testing; and

(4)  Specifies the procedures for requesting, searching, using,
disseminating, and expunging DNA profiles from the Missouri DNA
profiling system.

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