Summary of the Introduced Bill

HJR 11 -- City of St. Louis Charter

Co-Sponsors:  Gambaro, Hanaway, Fraser, Meredith, O'Toole,
Carnahan, Bray

This proposed constitutional amendment allows the City of St.
Louis, in its capacity as a county, to amend or revise its
present charter in order to provide for the number, manner of
selection, terms of office, and salaries of its county
officers.  The exercise of all powers and duties of counties and
county officers are prescribed by the Constitution and laws of
the State.

The proposed constitutional amendment repeals the requirement
that such amendments are to take effect immediately, except as
otherwise provided.  Section 32 (b) of the Missouri Constitution
is also repealed and a new section is proposed.  The proposed
section pertains to the revision or amending of the charter of
the City of St. Louis which affects the reorganization of county
offices or transfers any or all duties, powers, or functions of
current county officers.  Current county officers will complete
their present term and the revision or amendment of the charter
of the City of St. Louis will take effect upon the expiration of
the current county officeholder's term.  Current staff of county
officers are given the opportunity to remain employees of the
City of St. Louis with individual seniority and compensation
unaffected.  The proposed constitutional amendment does not
affect a person's right or privilege to retire or retirement
benefits to which a person was entitled immediately prior to the
effective date of the proposed amendment.

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