Summary of the Introduced Bill

SCS SB 52 & 91 -- Motor Vehicles

Sponsor:  Childers

This substitute makes several changes to Missouri's traffic

(1)  The definition of "automobile transporter" is revised to
include recreational vehicles.

(2)  The current bridge formula structure is revised.
Currently, one weight formula applies to primary and interstate
highways and another weight formula applies to supplementary
highways.  The substitute establishes one statewide weight
formula.  The Highways and Transportation Commission is allowed
to establish maximum weight and speed limits for vehicles using
bridges that are in such condition that weights specified by the
standard weight formula will endanger the bridge.  Special
posting is required in these cases.

(3)  The allowable width for special permits for vehicles
hauling lumber products and earth moving equipment is
increased.  The maximum width is currently 14 feet; the
substitute removes this reference.

(4)  An additional fine of $250 is imposed for speeding in a
construction zone if a construction worker is present.  The
Department of Transportation will be required to erect signs to
warn drivers that a $250 fine will be imposed for speeding in
the work zone.  The substitute also authorizes counties to
assess a $75 fine for speeding in a construction zone if a
construction worker is present and appropriate signs have been

(5)  Exhaust tailpipes on school buses are allowed to extend 2
inches beyond the perimeter of the body or bumper.  Current law
does not allow the exhaust tailpipes to protrude from the bus.

(6)  Drivers are required to take certain actions, including
yielding the right-of-way when possible, when an emergency
vehicle is approaching.

(7)  Drivers are required to obey signals and directions given
by sheriffs and deputy sheriffs.

(8)  Any person wishing to register a plate which is over 25
years of age and is consistent with the year of manufacture of
the motor vehicle may register the plate as a historic vehicle
plate.  The plate must not contain a configuration of letters or
numbers already issued to another vehicle owner.  The owner of
the historic vehicle must keep the certificate of registration
in the vehicle at all times.

(9)  The definition of "abandoned property" is modified to
include "any motor vehicle involved in an accident whereby a law
enforcement official requests such vehicle to be removed from
the scene."

(10)  Any driver involved in a collision that resulted in a
fatality or serious physical injury gives consent to a blood
alcohol test.

(11)  Qualified instructors are allowed to accompany a driver
with a temporary permit.

(12)  Current registrations for commercial trailers issued
pursuant to reciprocity agreements will remain valid even if the
agreements no longer require apportionment.  The substitute
authorizes the Highway Reciprocity Commission to issue permanent
and temporary registrations on commercial trailers regardless of
whether the registration is issued pursuant to a reciprocity
agreement.  If a person returns the license plates on a
commercial motor vehicle and requests a refund, the Director of
the Department of Revenue will only refund the money if that
state returns the money previously transferred under a
reciprocity agreement.

(13)  Drivers will be prohibited from driving through a railroad
crossing where there is insufficient space to completely drive
through it and where the undercarriage of a vehicle might
contact the railroad tracks.

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