Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill


This bill makes several changes to the County Employees'
Retirement Fund (CERF).  It modifies the definition of the term
"employee" to include any county elective or appointive officer
or employee hired and fired by the circuit court of Boone County
whose work and responsibilities are directed and controlled by
that court.  If the retirement system determines that a person
in a job classification is ineligible for coverage as of
September 1, 2001, that person will not be considered an
employee for the purposes of coverage, unless adequate
additional funds are provided to cover the costs.

The following provisions have an effective date of January 1,
2002.  The bill allows counties to make matching contributions
to the CERF for members employed by the county.  Currently, only
the board may make matching contributions.  Proceeds from a
forfeiture acquired from a county's matching contribution will
be used toward that county's matching contributions.  A
forfeiture is the portion of a member's contribution account
that is forfeited when a member of the CERF has fewer than 5
years of creditable service and leaves employment.

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