Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill


This bill requires housemovers to be licensed, with a $100
licensing fee to be paid annually to the Division of Motor
Carrier and Railroad Safety.  A housemover who violates the
licensing requirements is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

The bill also limits the application of the standards for
manufactured homes found in Chapter 700, RSMo, to the sale of
new manufactured homes, new modular units, or a unit used for
educational purposes.

The bill increases the dealer's initial registration fee for the
sale of manufactured homes from $50 to $200 and the dealer's
renewal fee from $50 to $200.  The manufacturer's initial
registration fee is increased from $250 to $750, and the
manufacturer's renewal fee is increased from $250 to $750.  The
bill also authorizes the Public Service Commission to suspend or
revoke a manufacturer's or dealer's license for failure to pay
necessary fees and assessments.  Dealers can be put on probation
or have their registration revoked or suspended if, when selling
a used manufactured home, they fail to include a written
statement signed by the buyer which states, "The Missouri Public
Service Commission does not regulate setup of used manufactured
homes and modular units sold by the dealer."

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