Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill


This bill creates the Second State Capitol Commission,
consisting of 11 members, including 2 members of the State
Senate, 2 members of the House of Representatives, the
Commissioner of the Office of Administration, one employee of
the House, one employee of the Senate, and 4 members appointed
by the Governor.  The Lieutenant Governor is an ex officio
member of the commission.  The members appointed by the Governor
will have knowledge and background relating to the history of
the state and the history and significance of the seat of state
government and the Capitol, but will not be required to be
professionals in the field.  The bill specifies the length of
terms, compensation, and minimum number of meetings.

The commission is charged with assuring the future preservation
and integrity of the Capitol and with preserving its historical
significance.  The commission will cooperate with the Office of
Administration, the Archives Division of the Secretary of State,
the Historic Preservation Program in the Department of Natural
Resources, the Division of Tourism, and the Historical Society
of Missouri.  The duties of the commission include evaluating
and recommending courses of action for the restoration and
preservation of the Capitol and for ensuring accessibility to
the Capitol for physically disabled persons.

The commission is authorized to cooperate or collaborate with
other state agencies and not-for-profit organizations to publish
books and manuals concerning the history of the Capitol and its
improvement or restoration.  The commission will provide an
annual report to the Governor and General Assembly.  Each year,
prior to September 1, the commission will recommend budget
allocations for improvements or restoration of the Capitol
premises.  The bill creates the Second Capitol Commission Fund,
which may receive gifts, donations, bequests, and grants.  Money
in the fund will be expended upon appropriation.

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