Read 1st time March 8, 2001, and 1000 copies ordered printed.

TED WEDEL, Chief Clerk



To repeal sections 242.010, 242.200 and 242.210, RSMo 2000, and to enact in lieu thereof three new sections relating to drainage districts.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, as follows:

Section A. Sections 242.010, 242.200 and 242.210, RSMo 2000, are repealed and three new sections enacted in lieu thereof, to be known as sections 242.010, 242.200 and 242.210, to read as follows:

242.010. 1. The word "owner" as used in sections 242.010 to 242.690 shall mean the owner of the freehold estate, as appears by the deed record, and it shall not include reversioners, remaindermen, trustees or mortgagees, who shall not be counted and need not be notified by publication, or served by process, but shall be represented by the present owners of the freehold estate in any proceeding under said sections.

2. Owners of property, located in whole or in part within the drainage district and owned by a corporation, partnership, joint venture or any other form of ownership other than individual ownership, may delegate through procedures allowed as provided by the laws of this state an individual to exercise representation and voting on behalf of the corporation, partnership, joint venture or other entity in matters requiring public vote involving the drainage district. For purposes of drainage districts organized pursuant to the laws of this state, any individual so recognized by the corporation, partnership, joint venture or other entity as having the responsibilities of representing the property owner before the board of supervisors of the drainage district shall in all respects be treated by laws of this state as the owner of the property, and shall be entitled to all benefits and privileges allowed by law, including serving on the board of supervisors if so elected.

242.200. 1. The board of supervisors immediately after their election shall choose one of their number president of the board, and elect some suitable person secretary, who shall serve until his or her successor is elected and qualified, and who shall be a resident of the county or counties in which the district is situate or of an adjoining county and may or may not be a member of the board.

2. Such board shall adopt a seal with a suitable device, and shall keep a record of all its proceedings, which shall be open to the inspection of all owners of real estate and other property of the district, as well as to all other interested parties.

3. The board shall report to the landowners at the annual meeting held [under] pursuant to the provisions of section 242.160 what work has been done, either by the engineers or otherwise.

4. At the annual meeting held [under] pursuant to the provisions of section 242.160, the compensation to be received by the members of the board for their services while actually engaged in work for the district shall be determined.

242.210. 1. The secretary of the board of supervisors in any drainage district shall hold the office of treasurer of such district, except as otherwise provided herein, and he or she shall receive and receipt for all the drainage taxes collected by the county collector or collectors of revenue, and he or she shall also receive and receipt for the proceeds of all tax sales made [under] pursuant to the provisions of sections 242.010 to 242.690.

2. The treasurer shall receive a salary, payable monthly, such as the board of supervisors may fix, and all necessary expenses; the board of supervisors shall furnish the secretary and treasurer the necessary office room, furniture, stationery, maps, plats, typewriter and postage, which office shall be in the county, or one of the counties, in which such district is situate, or in an adjoining county, and the district records shall be kept in such office.

3. The treasurer may appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the board of supervisors, one or more deputies as may be necessary, whose salary or salaries and necessary expenses shall be paid by the district.

4. The treasurer shall give bond in such amount as shall be fixed by the board of supervisors, conditioned that he or she will well and truly account for and pay out, as provided by law, all moneys received by him or her as taxes from the county collector or collectors, and the proceeds from the tax sales of delinquent taxes, and from any other source whatever on any account or claim of said district, which bond shall be signed by at least two sureties, approved and accepted by the board of supervisors, and the bond shall be in addition to the bond for the proceeds of sales of bonds, which is required by section 242.480. The bond of the treasurer may, if the board shall so direct, be furnished by a surety or bonding company, which shall be approved by the board of supervisors; bond shall be placed and remain in the custody of the president of the board of supervisors, and shall be kept separate from all papers in custody of the secretary and treasurer.

5. The treasurer shall deposit all funds received by him or her in some bank, banks or trust company to be designated by the board of supervisors. All interest accruing on such funds shall, when paid, be credited to the district.

6. It shall be the duty of the board of supervisors to audit or have audited the books of the treasurer of the district each year and make report thereof to the landowners at the annual meeting and publish a statement within thirty days thereafter, showing the amount of money received, the amount paid out during such year, and the amount in the treasury at the beginning and end of the year, and file a copy of such statement in the office of the county clerk of each county containing land embraced in the district.

7. The treasurer of the district shall pay out funds of the district only on warrants issued by the district, said warrants to be signed by the president of the board of supervisors and attested by the signature of the secretary and treasurer. All warrants shall be in the following form:

$ ........ Fund ......... No. of warrant .......... Treasurer of .......... district, state of ....................... .

Pay to .......... .......... dollars out of the money in ........... fund of ........ district for ........ .

By order of board of supervisors of ........................ district.

(Seal) ..........................................,

President of district.

Attest ...........................................,

Secretary of district.

Missouri House of Representatives