Missouri House of Representatives
2002 Bills and Joint Resolutions

See Bill text of each bill for a complete list of sponsors/co-sponsors.
The deadline for the filing of House bills other than appropriation bills is March 15, 2002.

GRP 1 The Governor
Motor Carrier Services Unit in the Department of Transportation. (LR# 4637L.01I)
HB 1028 Bartle, Matt
Prohibits the cloning of human beings. (LR# 3109L.01I)
HB 1029 Phillips, Susan C.
Creates the crime of tampering with pharmaceuticals. (LR# 2476L.01I)
HB 1030 Farnen, Ted
Requires election authority to accept faxed applications for absentee ballots. (LR# 2913L.01I)
HB 1031 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Revises the method of distribution of certain gambling and lottery funds to schools. (LR# 3189L.01I)
HB 1032 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Requires one of the seven members of the State Board of Health to be a chiropractic physician. (LR# 3188L.01T)
HB 1033 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Enacts the Missouri Calcium Initiative which gives purchasing preference to foods and beverages containing high levels of calcium. (LR# 2391L.01I)
HB 1034 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Raises the minimum amount of school construction projects requiring competitive bids. (LR# 2523L.01I)
HB 1035 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Requires Department of Revenue to distribute information to first time licensees relating to the dangers of drinking and driving. (LR# 2685L.01I)
HB 1036 Willoughby, Philip
Allows school boards to establish daily observance of one minute of silence. (LR# 2737L.01I)
HB 1037 Monaco, Ralph A.
Eliminates statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy. (LR# 2842L.01I)
HB 1038 Ross, Carson
Revises restrictions relating to tinting materials applied to windows of motor vehicles. (LR# 2458L.01I)
HB 1039 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Allows an income tax credit for admission fees to tourist attractions in Kansas City and St. Louis, and in Camden, Jackson, Miller, Morgan, St. Louis, and Taney counties. (LR# 2571L.01I)
HB 1040 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Requires school districts to spend a class period observing the meaning of Veteran's Day. (LR# 2687L.01I)
HB 1041 Myers, Peter
Expands purposes for which certain local tourism taxes can be used. (LR# 2355L.01P)
HB 1042 Bearden, Carl
Regulates unsolicited electronic mail messages. (LR# 2584L.01I)
HB 1043 Bearden, Carl
Requires school boards to establish the daily observance of one minute of silence in each classroom. (LR# 2701L.01I)
HB 1044 Bearden, Carl
Allows a tax credit for property taxes paid on property located in Missouri. (LR# 2615L.01I)
HB 1045 Selby, Harold R.
Prohibits liquor sales in movie theaters. (LR# 2691L.01I)
HB 1046 Gaskill, Sam
Allows person to physically intervene to protect the U.S. flag with reasonable force and not be civilly liable for actions to prevent defilement or destruction of the flag. (LR# 2472L.01I)
HB 1047 Smith, Philip
Revises juvenile court jurisdiction, changes 15 1/2 to 15 and gives juvenile court jurisdiction over tobacco violations. (LR# 3149L.01I)
HB 1048 Ward, Dan
Freezes property valuation for those 65 and older if they meet income levels. (LR# 2577L.01I)
HB 1049 Ward, Dan
Authorizes certain retired or off-duty officers to carry concealed weapons. (LR# 2540L.01I)
HB 1050 Ward, Dan
Eliminates fee to be paid for special purple heart license plates. (LR# 2539L.01I)
HB 1051 Ward, Dan
Provides additional space for offices and firing range at Troop C Service Center in Park Hills, Missouri. (LR# 2626L.01I)
HB 1052 Ward, Dan
Allows the Division of Family Services to provide financial assistance to not-for-profit food pantries operating throughout the state. (LR# 2568L.01I)
HB 1053 Ward, Dan
Excludes up to five thousand dollars of total cash value for life insurance policies from the definition of "resources" for purposes of Medicaid and Medicare eligibility. (LR# 2570L.02I)
HB 1054 Selby, Harold R.
Prohibits termination of employees who are absent from work because they are volunteer firefighters. (LR# 2628L.01I)
HB 1055 Byrd, Richard
Waives the state's sovereign immunity for purposes of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. (LR# 3171L.01I)
HB 1056 Byrd, Richard
Requires juvenile sex offenders to provide notice of their status as such to their school superintendent. (LR# 3169L.01I)
HB 1057 Byrd, Richard
Requires certain procedures for physical assessments of real property. (LR# 3183L.01I)
HB 1058 Haywood, Esther
Adds arson to the hate crimes statute and makes it a class A felony regardless of whether it is 1st or 2nd degree or whether anyone was injured. (LR# 2362L.01P)
HB 1059 Haywood, Esther
Creates crime of failure to control a vicious animal, and allows impoundment pending verdict and humane killing upon plea or finding of guilt. (LR# 2459L.01I)
HB 1060 Griesheimer, John E.
Allows an exemption from property taxes for homestead property owned by senior citizens. (LR# 2609L.01I)
HB 1061 Bray, Joan
Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program. (LR# 2910L.01I)
HB 1062 Bray, Joan
Requires school board members to reside in the school district for one year prior to election or appointment. (LR# 3076L.01I)
HB 1063 Bray, Joan
Requires school board members in certain districts to be residents and registered voters in such district for one year preceding their election. (LR# 2850L.01I)
HB 1064 Bray, Joan
Revises some procedures regarding certain civil actions for discrimination. (LR# 2908L.01I)
HB 1065 Bray, Joan
Allows Sunday liquor sales by the drink at establishments within an international airport. (LR# 2709L.01I)
HB 1066 Bray, Joan
Establishes guidelines for student publications, liability for school districts, and requires faculty advisors to supervise publication. (LR# 2911L.01I)
HB 1067 Bray, Joan
Creates a cause of action for wrongful discharge. (LR# 2909L.01I)
HB 1068 Bray, Joan
Prohibits gender discrimination in public schools. (LR# 3091L.01I)
HB 1069 Bray, Joan
Enacts the Equal Pay Act. (LR# 2969L.01I)
HB 1070 Hosmer, Craig
Provides for taxation for fire protection districts in all cities with a municipal fire department. (LR# 2717L.01I)
HB 1071 Hosmer, Craig
Subjects student loan defaulters to penalties relating to professional licensing. (LR# 2720L.01I)
HB 1072 Hosmer, Craig
Allows for the termination of spousal maintenance based on cohabitation. (LR# 2718L.01I)
HB 1073 Hosmer, Craig
Allows Greene County to impose a tax on cigarettes and tobacco products. (LR# 2714L.01I)
HB 1074 Fraser, Barbara
Eliminates the statute of limitations on forcible rape and sodomy. (LR# 2978L.01I)
HB 1075 Nordwald, Charles
Allows owners of real property where vehicles have been abandoned to apply for certificate of title. (LR# 2596L.01T)
HB 1076 Jolly, Cathy
Increases the time persons arrested for felonies may be held without a charge to thirty-two hours. (LR# 2557L.01I)
HB 1077 Jolly, Cathy
Expands the requirement for registration of sex offenders. (LR# 2920L.01I)
HB 1078 Whorton, James
Authorizes sales tax for regional jail districts and associated court facilities. (LR# 2552L.01P)
HB 1079 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Expands eligibility for the Missouri Senior Rx Program to include seniors with catastrophic drug costs. (LR# 2699L.01I)
HB 1080 Bearden, Carl
Allows school board members in any school district to be removed by the voters in a recall election. (LR# 2614L.01I)
HB 1081 Bearden, Carl
Creates a deduction from Missouri adjusted gross income for qualified education expenses. (LR# 2363L.01I)
HB 1082 Fraser, Barbara
Regulates the use of epinephrine auto-injector devices by emergency medical technicians. (LR# 2979L.01I)
HB 1083 Fraser, Barbara
Prohibits use of corporal punishment in all school districts. (LR# 2832L.01I)
HB 1084 Fraser, Barbara
Revises requirements for opening date of school year. (LR# 2980L.01I)
HB 1085 Mays, Carol Jean
Allows property owners to designate representatives of their property in drainage districts. (LR# 2754L.01P)
HB 1086 Harlan, Tim
Requires personal information related to accounts established within Missouri higher education savings account program shall be confidential. (LR# 3230L.01P)
HB 1087 Linton, William C.
Revises property tax assessment laws. (LR# 3173L.01P)
HB 1088 Hanaway, Catherine L
Creates crime of bestiality. (LR# 3094L.01I)
HB 1089 Reynolds, David L.
Reduces the number of state fair commissioners who may be from one congressional district. (LR# 3056L.01I)
HB 1090 Reynolds, David L.
Requires tanning facilities to be licensed. (LR# 3058L.01I)
HB 1091 Reynolds, David L.
Revises law on overtime for amusement and recreation employees. (LR# 3057L.01I)
HB 1092 Reynolds, David L.
Permits additional classes of public employees to form and join labor organizations. (LR# 3054L.01I)
HB 1093 Relford, Randall H.
Creates special license plates for MO-AG Businesses. (LR# 3231L.01P)
HB 1094 Relford, Randall H.
Creates special license plate for the Missouri Coroners' and Medical Examiners' Association. (LR# 3232L.01P)
HB 1095 Relford, Randall H.
Requires motor vehicles traveling on four lane highways to move to passing lane to overtake a stationary vehicle on shoulder of highway. (LR# 2642L.01I)
HB 1096 Relford, Randall H.
Revises election process for members of the Kansas City School Board. (LR# 2576L.01I)
HB 1097 Relford, Randall H.
Exempts all food sales by religious, charitable, and nonprofit organizations from the food inspection laws of this state. (LR# 2702L.01I)
HB 1098 Relford, Randall H.
Allows government bodies to hold closed meetings when discussing protection of water supply systems. (LR# 2735L.01I)
HB 1099 Relford, Randall H.
Revises motor vehicle registration fees and creates the Missouri Highway Safety Fund. (LR# 2478L.01I)
HB 1100 Relford, Randall H.
Makes it a crime to release swine to live in a wild state and permits killing free-roaming hogs. (LR# 3051L.01I)
HB 1101 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money to the Board of Fund Commissioners for the cost of issuing and processing State Water Pollution Control Bonds, Stormwater Control Bonds, Third State and Fourth State Building Bond (LR# 3001L.01I)
HB 1102 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the State Board of Education and of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the several divisions. (LR# 3002L.01I)
HB 1103 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds and distributions of the Department of Higher Education and the several divisions, programs, and institutions. (LR# 3003L.01I)
HB 1104 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation, and the several divisions. (LR# 3004L.01I)
HB 1105 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Office of Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Chief Executive's Office, and several divisions (LR# 3005L.01I)
HB 1106 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Conservation, and several divisions. (LR# 3006L.01I)
HB 1107 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Economic Development, Department of Insurance, and Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. (LR# 3007L.01I)
HB 1108 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Public Safety, and the several divisions. (LR# 3008L.01I)
HB 1109 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Corrections and the several divisions and programs. (LR# 3009L.01I)
HB 1110 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, the Board of Public Buildings, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and divisions (LR# 3010L.01I)
HB 1111 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, and distribution of the Department of Social Services and the several divisions and programs. (LR# 3011L.01I)
HB 1112 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions, including salaries and expenses of elective and appointive officers and necessary capital improvements expenditures. (LR# 3012L.01I)
HB 1114 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, and distributions of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Transportation, Department of Mental Health, etc. (LR# 3014L.01I)
HB 1115 Green, Timothy P.
Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for state government, and for the payment of various claims for refunds, and for other purposes, and to transfer money among certain funds. (LR# 3015L.01I)
HB 1120 Green, Timothy P.
To appropriate money for planning, expenses, and for capital improvements including but not limited to major additions and renovations. (LR# 3020L.01I)
HB 1121 Green, Timothy P.
Appropriates money for expenses, grants, refunds, distributions and other purposes for the several departments of state government and the divisions and programs thereof. (LR# 3021L.01P)
HB 1126 Wilson, Yvonne S.
Allows the school district of Kansas City to start school prior to September 1. (LR# 3110L.02I)
HB 1127 Smith, Philip
Requires lobbyists to wear identification badges. (LR# 2981L.01I)
HB 1128 Henderson, Steve
Adds the Camden County child assessment center to the list of centers funded by the Department of Social Services. (LR# 3164L.01I)
HB 1129 Bonner, Dennis
Authorizes additional appropriations for conventions and sports complex funds. (LR# 3048L.01I)
HB 1130 Hosmer, Craig
Requires State Board of Education to promote the adoption of service-learning programs and projects among school districts. (LR# 2725L.01I)
HB 1131 Hosmer, Craig
Requires Coordinating Board for Higher Education to promote and catalogue service learning opportunities available in state institutions of higher education. (LR# 2724L.01I)
HB 1132 Walton, Juanita Head
Provides for impeachment of municipal elected officials. (LR# 2941L.01I)
HB 1133 Walton, Juanita Head
Requires health care professionals to inform their patients about EDTA chelation therapy. (LR# 2824L.01I)
HB 1134 Relford, Randall H.
Revises definitions for forestry and application process to designate land as forest croplands, and creates a forest landowner cost-share incentive program. (LR# 2694L.01I)
HB 1135 Bonner, Dennis
Revises election process for members of the Kansas City School Board. (LR# 2519L.01I)
HB 1136 Villa, Thomas
Adds certain highways in the City of St. Louis to the state highway system. (LR# 2816L.01I)
HB 1137 Byrd, Richard
Revises requirements for insurance on property. (LR# 2829L.01I)
HB 1138 Byrd, Richard
Requires owners of certain interests in public utilities and suppliers of public utilities to notify the Public Service Commission. (LR# 3170L.01I)
HB 1139 Byrd, Richard
Subjects the state to law suits concerning discrimination under the workers compensation law. (LR# 3172L.01I)
HB 1140 Crawford, Larry
Makes it a crime to sell a child. (LR# 3122L.01I)
HB 1141 Naeger, Patrick A.
Establishes the "Trooper James Froemsdorf Memorial Highway" between mile markers 129 and 135 on I-55 in Perry County. (LR# 3137L.01P)
HB 1142 Hosmer, Craig
Protects certain information furnished by a municipal utility to the Public Service Commission. (LR# 2563L.01I)
HB 1143 Rizzo, Henry C.
Revises law on distressed communities. (LR# 2927L.01I)
HB 1144 Willoughby, Philip
Allows not-for-profit industrial development authorities to finance child and day care centers. (LR# 3106L.01I)
HB 1145 Green, Tom
Names the Missouri River bridge on route 364 that connects St. Louis and St. Charles counties the "American Military Veterans Bridge". (LR# 3221L.01I)
HB 1146 Coleman, Maida J.
Authorizes an income tax credit for parents providing child care for their or a spouse's child if they receive no public assistance. (LR# 2970L.01I)
HB 1147 Hartzler, Ed
Allows Cass County to impose a one-half percent sales tax for fire protection district operation costs. (LR# 2952L.01I)
HB 1148 Ross, Carson
Permits the establishment of scatter gardens for human cremains. (LR# 2986L.01T)
HB 1149 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Establishes the Environmental Hearing Commission within the office of administration. (LR# 3240L.01I)
HB 1150 Bray, Joan
Establishes procedures relating to assessment and collection for the Department of Revenue. (LR# 2610L.01I)
HB 1151 Smith, Philip
Corrects an erroneous internal cross-reference in the law on administration of trusts. (LR# 3300L.01T)
HB 1152 Hoppe, Thomas
Regulates the appeal bonds for signatories to the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. (LR# 3092L.01I)
HB 1153 Ostmann, Cindy
Increase the statute of limitations for forcible, attempted forcible and statutory rape and sodomy 1st and 2nd degrees from 3 years to 20 years. (LR# 2486L.01I)
HB 1154 Smith, Philip
Revises the purpose of chapter 211 on juvenile courts. (LR# 3278L.01I)
HB 1155 Shields, Charles W.
Requires drivers of motor vehicles to use passing lane to overtake stationary emergency vehicle parked on shoulder. (LR# 2531L.01I)
HB 1156 Berkowitz, Sam
Allows for a Medicaid reimbursement rate adjustment for participating long-term care facilities that experience a change in ownership. (LR# 2967L.01I)
HB 1157 Relford, Randall H.
Bases funding for the nutritional services programs of the Division of Aging on the actual number of meals served in each area the previous fiscal year. (LR# 3249L.01I)
HB 1158 Relford, Randall H.
Establishes Policemen & Sheriff's Deputies Trust Fund and sets minimum salary of $20,000. (LR# 3233L.01I)
HB 1159 Boykins, Amber (Holly)
Creates special license plates for Delta Sigma Theta or Omega Psi Phi. (LR# 2801L.01P)
HB 1160 Reinhart, Annie
Raises compulsory age for school attendance from sixteen to eighteen. (LR# 2972L.01I)
HB 1161 Reinhart, Annie
Creates crime of enticement of a child. (LR# 2851L.01I)
HB 1162 Hosmer, Craig
Creates an alcohol reduction program for children and youth funded by persons who sell certain alcoholic beverages. (LR# 2766L.01I)
HB 1163 Hosmer, Craig
Revises procedure for reinstating drivers' licenses upon proof of disposition of charges for moving traffic violations. (LR# 3195L.01I)
HB 1164 Hosmer, Craig
Requires refund of overcharged cigarette taxes to consumers. (LR# 2715L.02I)
HB 1165 Crowell, Jason
Revises venue for fraud crimes. (LR# 3081L.01I)
HB 1166 Crowell, Jason
Provides exemption from motorcycle helmet requirement for public parades. (LR# 3074L.01I)
HB 1167 Crowell, Jason
Requires presiding judges to post rule 17 compliance reports in courthouses and notify press. (LR# 2365L.01I)
HB 1168 Crowell, Jason
Requires a substantial and continuing change in circumstances to modify child custody. (LR# 2608L.01I)
HB 1169 Crowell, Jason
Creates a gubernatorial inaugural committee. (LR# 2849L.01I)
HB 1170 Crowell, Jason
Creates the Missourians Helping Missourians Trust Fund. (LR# 2625L.01I)
HB 1171 Hickey, John
Establishes minimum qualifications for bids for state construction contracts. (LR# 3060L.01I)
HB 1172 Hickey, John
Excludes mandatory gratuities from the definition of gross receipts for tax purposes. (LR# 3061L.01I)
HB 1173 Hickey, John
Enacts the Equal Pay Act. (LR# 3062L.01I)
HB 1174 Hickey, John
Changes the tax on the sale, lease, or rental of motor vehicles to two percent. (LR# 3063L.01I)
HB 1175 Hickey, John
Provides for disposition of certain property acquired by the public for airport purposes. (LR# 3065L.01I)
HB 1176 Hickey, John
Authorizes study of airport noise in St. Louis area. (LR# 3066L.01I)
HB 1177 Gaskill, Sam
Repeals section 149.192 relating to preemption of tobacco taxation. (LR# 2480L.01I)
HB 1178 Gaskill, Sam
Creates a tax credit for personal property tax paid on agricultural crops and machinery. (LR# 3138L.01I)
HB 1179 Gaskill, Sam
Prohibits courts from modifying the common law to create new causes of action. (LR# 3140L.01I)
HB 1180 Gaskill, Sam
Creates a tax credit for amounts teachers spend on teaching supplies. (LR# 3139L.01I)
HB 1181 Gaskill, Sam
Regulates advertising for the state lottery. (LR# 3141L.01I)
HB 1182 Gaskill, Sam
Regulates private, unpaid gubernatorial airplane flights and allows for private use of government planes by the governor under certain conditions. (LR# 3142L.01I)
HB 1183 Gaskill, Sam
Enacts the Anti-Terrorism Act. (LR# 2516L.01I)
HB 1184 Smith, Philip
Deems the court's ruling on a termination of parental rights as a final judgment for purposes of appeal. (LR# 3299L.01I)
HB 1185 Ostmann, Cindy
Repeals section 250.140 relating to sewage service. (LR# 2485L.01I)
HB 1186 Hosmer, Craig
Creates faculty representative positions on all university boards of governors and makes other changes to higher education. (LR# 2722L.01I)
HB 1187 Hosmer, Craig
Requires sex offenders released from incarceration to register in the county of their incarceration if they are going to live there after release. (LR# 2723L.01I)
HB 1188 Hosmer, Craig
Repeals the statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy. (LR# 2567L.01I)
HB 1189 Myers, Peter
Requires various specifications for blended fuels. (LR# 3144L.01I)
HB 1190 Myers, Peter
Authorizes medals for Korean War veterans. (LR# 2602L.01I)
HB 1191 Davis, D. J.
Requires school board members to complete orientation and training and provide proof to election authority prior to filing for reelection. (LR# 2810L.01I)
HB 1192 Harding, Meg
Allows not-for-profit organizations to finance child and adult day care facilities. (LR# 3087L.01P)
HB 1193 Byrd, Richard
Establishes procedures for appointing the circuit clerk of St. Louis City. (LR# 3201L.01I)
HB 1194 Gambaro, Derio L.
Relating to liens on real property by political subdivisions for abatement of dangerous buildings. (LR# 3121L.01P)
HB 1195 Selby, Harold R.
Allows adopted adults to have access to their original birth certificates without a court order. (LR# 3243L.01I)
HB 1196 Barnett, Rex
Revises the amount of appropriations from the State Highways and Transportation Department Fund for certain entities, excluding the State Highway Patrol. (LR# 2522L.02P)
HB 1197 Wagner, Wes
Provides for reimbursement of fire protection district indebtedness by a city that annexes a portion of the district. (LR# 2690L.01I)
HB 1198 Graham, Chuck
Enacts the Dedication to Donation Act. (LR# 3267L.01I)
HB 1199 Bowman, John L.
Requires foreign language instruction in every public elementary school. (LR# 3224L.01I)
HB 1200 Bowman, John L.
Requires personal finance instruction prior to graduation for every public high school student. (LR# 3225L.01I)
HB 1201 Smith, Philip
Revises the licensing of nursing home administrators. (LR# 3229L.01I)
HB 1202 Smith, Philip
Permits refund of overcollected sales taxes only if they are returned to the original purchasers. (LR# 3281L.01I)
HB 1203 Seigfreid, James
Authorizes toll roads provided accompanying constitutional change is passed. (LR# 3309L.01I)
HB 1204 Seigfreid, James
Creates special license plate for Friends of Arrow Rock. (LR# 3303L.01P)
HB 1205 Seigfreid, James
Creates special license plate for members of the Civil Air Patrol. (LR# 3308L.01P)
HB 1206 Boucher, Bill
Allows taxpayers 65 and older to receive the maximum exemption on pensions regardless of income. (LR# 2707L.01I)
HB 1207 Merideth III, Denny J.
Establishes the Missouri Airport Protection Act. (LR# 2939L.01I)
HB 1208 Barry, Joan
Establishes the criteria for use of the title "registered nurse first assistant" and requires insurance coverage for the services provided by such assistants. (LR# 3306L.01I)
HB 1209 Villa, Thomas
Changes vacation, holiday, and off-duty time for certain police officers. (LR# 3104L.01I)
HB 1210 Boucher, Bill
Exempts all pension amounts for taxpayers 70 1/2 years of age or older. (LR# 2708L.01I)
HB 1211 Smith, Philip
Revises the crime of invasion of privacy. (LR# 2488L.01I)
HB 1212 Bartle, Matt
Requires public schools to perform the Pledge of Allegiance or the national anthem daily. (LR# 2968L.01I)
HB 1213 McKenna, Ryan Glennon
Allows Jefferson County to enact ordinances relating to abatement and removal of a nuisance. (LR# 3115L.01I)
HB 1214 Davis, D. J.
Establishes special motorcycle license plates for veterans. (LR# 3162L.01P)
HB 1215 Treadway, Joseph L.
Requires health insurance coverage for bone marrow testing. (LR# 2533L.02I)
HB 1216 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Requires the implementation of a state suicide prevention plan by the Department of Health and Senior Services. (LR# 2812L.01I)
HB 1217 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Requires the Bureau of Cancer Control in the Department of Health and Senior Services to provide educational material and information on prostate cancer screenings and testing. (LR# 2813L.01I)
HB 1218 Shields, Charles W.
Establishes opportunity scholarships for students in unaccredited or academically deficient schools. (LR# 3292L.01I)
HB 1219 Shields, Charles W.
Creates a state income tax credit for certain small employers who provide health insurance for eligible employees. (LR# 3286L.01I)
HB 1220 Shields, Charles W.
Allows an exemption from sales tax on items purchased and given to the state. (LR# 3294L.01I)
HB 1221 Shields, Charles W.
Allows school districts to impose an income tax of one percent if approved by the voters. (LR# 3285L.01I)
HB 1222 Shields, Charles W.
Allows a tax credit for teaching- related out-of-pocket expenditures for teachers. (LR# 3284L.01I)
HB 1223 Shields, Charles W.
Changes age of eligibility for retirement in the Missouri State Employees Retirement System. (LR# 3287L.01I)
HB 1224 Shields, Charles W.
Allows waiver school districts to be created in any accredited school district. (LR# 3291L.01I)
HB 1225 Jolly, Cathy
Makes certain crimes dangerous felonies. (LR# 3114L.01I)
HB 1226 Monaco, Ralph A.
Requires the Department of Health to provide requesting hospitals with rape kits to aid in the identification of rape suspects. (LR# 2399L.01I)
HB 1227 Willoughby, Philip
Creates the crime of enticement of a child. (LR# 2921L.03I)
HB 1228 Johnson, Rick
Revises the Telemarketing No-Call Law. (LR# 2930L.01I)
HB 1229 Johnson, Rick
Creates various sexual misconduct crimes. (LR# 2933L.01I)
HB 1230 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Creates a homestead exemption from property tax. (LR# 3190L.01I)
HB 1231 Harding, Meg
Establishes the rights of persons who use service animals. (LR# 3086L.01I)
HB 1232 Harding, Meg
Requires registration of kegs of intoxicating liquor. (LR# 3283L.01I)
HB 1233 Harding, Meg
Designates the eighth day of May of each year as "Missouri Day". (LR# 3242L.01I)
HB 1234 Harding, Meg
Amends exotic animal registration by requiring it be done within 2 weeks of coming into possession of the animal and expands definition of exotic. (LR# 3187L.01I)
HB 1235 Hosmer, Craig
Changes hearing requirements in real property classification and assessment hearings. (LR# 2461L.01I)
HB 1236 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Requires Department of Corrections to reimburse counties for the additional compensation to prosecuting attorneys. (LR# 3478L.01I)
HB 1237 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Allows the Department of Revenue to enter into compromise agreements on tax amounts in dispute. (LR# 2705L.01I)
HB 1238 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Allows a city or county to submit a ballot question on whether maintenance levies should be assessed before full repayment of bonds. (LR# 2558L.01I)
HB 1239 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Requires long-term care facilities and adult day care programs to employ a food services director. (LR# 2460L.02I)
HB 1240 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Reduces retailers license fee to zero and dealers fee for 1-25 cases of eggs to zero. (LR# 3132L.01I)
HB 1241 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Exempts food sales made by religious, charitable and nonprofit organizations from the state food code laws and rules. (LR# 2401L.01I)
HB 1242 Griesheimer, John E.
Establishes special license plates paying tribute to disaster relief efforts which may be obtained after annual contribution to American Red Cross disaster relief fund. (LR# 2793L.01P)
HB 1243 Ostmann, Cindy
Modifies various provisions regarding grandparent visitation. (LR# 2484L.01I)
HB 1244 Robirds, Estel
Limits parental liability for the damages caused by the acts of seventeen year old children. (LR# 3246L.01I)
HB 1245 Reinhart, Annie
Requires offender to serve minimum of 5 years prison for first or second degree robbery or stealing where a vehicle was taken and a child was in the vehicle. (LR# 3421L.01I)
HB 1246 Thompson, Betty L.
Allows school districts to have truant officers and creates a penalty for allowing truants to loiter on business premises. (LR# 3332L.01I)
HB 1247 Thompson, Betty L.
Requires health insurance coverage for scalp prostheses for persons with alopecia. (LR# 3343L.01I)
HB 1248 Thompson, Betty L.
Permits application to partially seal traffic records. (LR# 3345L.01I)
HB 1249 Thompson, Betty L.
Opens police personnel records to hiring law enforcement agencies; requires disclosure of any peace officer's unfitness to the Police Officer Standards and Training Commission. (LR# 3342L.01I)
HB 1250 Thompson, Betty L.
Allows suit for damages for wrongful imprisonment. (LR# 3346L.01I)
HB 1251 Thompson, Betty L.
Eliminates local sales and use tax on food. (LR# 3347L.01I)
HB 1252 Thompson, Betty L.
Exempts retired veterans from all taxes in the state. (LR# 3348L.01I)
HB 1253 Thompson, Betty L.
Allows a tax credit for donations to people with an income below the federal poverty level. (LR# 3333L.01I)
HB 1254 Thompson, Betty L.
Regulates high interest home loans. (LR# 3344L.01I)
HB 1255 Smith, Philip
Revises law on the licensing of nursing home administrators. (LR# 3548L.01I)
HB 1256 Smith, Philip
Creates the crime of child luring. (LR# 3475L.01I)
HB 1257 Smith, Philip
Revises law on technological crimes. (LR# 3403L.01I)
HB 1258 Hosmer, Craig
Prohibits release of names of law enforcement officers in incident reports. (LR# 3467L.01I)
HB 1259 Champion, Norma
Makes it a crime to fail to obey lawful order of police while at an accident scene. (LR# 3239L.01I)
HB 1260 Champion, Norma
Exempts certain foster parents from support thresholds on dependency exemptions. (LR# 3237L.01I)
HB 1261 Hohulin, Martin (Bubs)
Requires all landowners to control brush growing next to county highways. (LR# 3366L.01I)
HB 1262 Champion, Norma
Requires regular performance-based review procedures for all state departments. (LR# 3238L.01I)
HB 1263 Gratz, William (Bill)
Allows a parent to leave a child less than thirty days old in the custody of certain professionals without subjecting themselves to criminal or civil liability. (LR# 2839L.01I)
HB 1264 Gratz, William (Bill)
Establishes minute of silence in all public schools. (LR# 2840L.01I)
HB 1265 Gratz, William (Bill)
Establishes automatic registration with selective service for male applicants for driver's licenses between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six. (LR# 2469L.01I)
HB 1266 Davis, D. J.
Revises determination of eligibility to receive state aid for school districts. (LR# 2811L.01I)
HB 1267 Murphy, Jim
Requires State Board of Education to appoint to board of arbitration current or retired circuit or associate circuit judges from circuit other than where dispute has arisen. (LR# 3052L.01I)
HB 1268 Boucher, Bill
Exempts all public and private retirement allowances from taxation. (LR# 3570L.01I)
HB 1269 Gratz, William (Bill)
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to provide hospitals with rape kits. (LR# 3562L.01I)
HB 1270 Gratz, William (Bill)
Disallows issuance of special permits for movement of certain vehicles on state and federal highways. (LR# 2489L.01P)
HB 1271 Gratz, William (Bill)
Eliminates the statute of limitations for forcible rape and sodomy and for statutory rape and sodomy in the first or second degree. (LR# 3155L.01I)
HB 1272 Smith, Philip
Creates special license plate for Missouri Elks Association. (LR# 3354L.01P)
HB 1273 Secrest, Patricia K.
Requires denial of workers' compensation payments if an employee has an accident due to alcohol or illicit drugs. (LR# 3360L.01I)
HB 1274 Secrest, Patricia K.
Revises the application of the common law rule of liberal construction for workers' compensation laws. (LR# 3359L.01I)
HB 1275 Secrest, Patricia K.
Allows the addition of former employers as parties to a workers' compensation case. (LR# 3362L.01I)
HB 1276 Secrest, Patricia K.
Revises workers' compensation law. (LR# 3361L.01I)
HB 1277 Secrest, Patricia K.
Revises workers' compensation law. (LR# 3364L.01I)
HB 1278 Gambaro, Derio L.
Creates a tax credit for contributions to scholarship charity. (LR# 2971L.01I)
HB 1279 Ostmann, Cindy
Requires court to order counseling or psychological treatment for children who are cruel to animals and requires parents to pay for it. (LR# 2483L.01I)
HB 1280 Secrest, Patricia K.
Eliminates workers' compensation benefits to employee using drugs at the time of an accident. (LR# 3363L.01I)
HB 1281 Willoughby, Philip
Changes notice and resolution of teacher certification disciplinary actions; requires certain personnel to report certain acts by certificate holders. (LR# 3523L.01I)
HB 1282 Gaskill, Sam
Enacts the Common Sense Scientific and Technical Evidence Act. (LR# 3176L.01I)
HB 1283 Gaskill, Sam
Makes scientific documentation used for the promulgation of regulations or statutes public under the open records law. (LR# 3175L.01I)
HB 1284 Gaskill, Sam
Designates the bridge over the Missouri River between St. Louis and St. Charles counties on state highway D as the "Veterans Memorial Bridge". (LR# 3402L.01I)
HB 1285 Burton, Gary L.
Adds necessary and reasonable medical expenses in addition to the per diem cost of incarceration for which the state must pay if the state is liable for costs in a criminal case. (LR# 3457L.01I)
HB 1286 Hoppe, Thomas
Adds requirements for incorporating public water supply districts. (LR# 3378L.01I)
HB 1287 Davis, D. J.
Expands the laws and funds for alternative education programs. (LR# 3525L.01I)
HB 1288 Liese, Chris
Requires sales tax in a multipurpose facility in St. Louis to be used for maintenance and refurbishment of such facility. (LR# 3255L.01I)
HB 1289 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires insurers to issue a uniform prescription drug information card to enrollees. (LR# 3438L.01I)
HB 1290 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires autopsy record to be given to any member of General Assembly and posted on web site. (LR# 3432L.01I)
HB 1291 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Increases the per day amount the state pays for the institutionalization of children. (LR# 3434L.01I)
HB 1292 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires the Board of Probation and Parole to supervise persons found guilty of misdemeanor criminal nonsupport. (LR# 3435L.01I)
HB 1293 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires health insurers to offer contraceptive coverage to enrollees. (LR# 3442L.01I)
HB 1294 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Changes the allowable supply of medication to be received by certain enrollees through a pharmaceutical plan and requires collection agencies to be informed when payments are made on patient accounts. (LR# 3446L.01I)
HB 1295 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires pharmacies to notify the Board of Pharmacy of any known mistakes in prescriptions. (LR# 3439L.01I)
HB 1296 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Establishes a Medicaid Pharmacy Management Program in the Department of Social Services and a Joint Committee on Pharmacy Management. (LR# 3447L.01I)
HB 1297 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Prohibits privately operated prisons. (LR# 3422L.01I)
HB 1298 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires prison or jail time for assault if the victim was a mass transit worker or passenger on or waiting to board a bus or light rail system. (LR# 3430L.01I)
HB 1299 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires that probationers who are detained be released immediately upon the end of their detention. (LR# 3424L.01I)
HB 1300 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates the crime of offender sexual abuse. (LR# 3431L.01I)
HB 1301 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Prohibits nonviolent offenders from being housed in the same cell as violent offenders. (LR# 3433L.01I)
HB 1302 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates crime of failure to confine a dog and exceptions to that crime. (LR# 3437L.01I)
HB 1303 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Revises the foster care reimbursement rate. (LR# 3425L.01I)
HB 1304 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Increases the health insurance coverage for diabetes equipment and medications. (LR# 3427L.01I)
HB 1305 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates board of corrections ombudsman and office of corrections ombudsman. (LR# 3441L.01I)
HB 1306 Williams, Deleta
Creates the Missouri Multicultural Center and Program within the Office of Lieutenant Governor. (LR# 2775L.01P)
HB 1307 Williams, Deleta
Revises watercraft regulation and operation. (LR# 2774L.01I)
HB 1308 Williams, Deleta
Establishes requirements for overtaking stationary emergency vehicles on two lane and four lane highways. (LR# 2684L.01I)
HB 1309 Boucher, Bill
Requires the release of information regarding Class I standard violations by nursing homes to newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. (LR# 2827L.02I)
HB 1310 O'Connor, Patrick
Creates continuing education requirement for used motor vehicle dealers. (LR# 3351L.01I)
HB 1311 Relford, Randall H.
Reallocates admission fees for gambling boats paid to municipal and county governments. (LR# 3313L.01I)
HB 1312 Jolly, Cathy
Allows enhanced punishment for sexual misconduct when offender has prior conviction in another state. (LR# 2922L.02I)
HB 1313 Burton, Gary L.
Revises law on licensing of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. (LR# 3459L.01P)
HB 1314 Mays, Carol Jean
Revises provisions of retired military special license plate statute. (LR# 3316L.02P)
HB 1315 Graham, Chuck
Allows the state of Missouri to be sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act. (LR# 3353L.01I)
HB 1316 Hanaway, Catherine L
Revises the statute of limitations on certain tort actions. (LR# 3095L.01I)
HB 1317 Hanaway, Catherine L
Modifies procedure for seeking damages against certain professionals. (LR# 3096L.01I)
HB 1318 George, Thomas E.
Regulates the employment of noncertificated school employees. (LR# 3256L.01I)
HB 1319 Burton, Gary L.
Establishes tax credit for installing pollution control devices on existing or new coal-fired electric generating plants. (LR# 3418L.01I)
HB 1320 Reid, Michael J
Creates special license plate for active military personnel engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom. (LR# 3275L.02P)
HB 1321 Selby, Harold R.
Revises the Public Service Officer's or Employee's Child Survivor Grant Program. (LR# 2612L.01I)
HB 1322 Bartelsmeyer, Linda
Creates state aid payment for educating pupils with limited English proficiency. (LR# 3414L.01I)
HB 1323 Griesheimer, John E.
Changes annual emissions testing programs in certain nonattainment areas to biennial. (LR# 3471L.02I)
HB 1324 Boucher, Bill
Allows records concerning sex offenders to be released in certain circumstances. (LR# 2409L.03I)
HB 1325 Reynolds, David L.
Provides a homestead property exemption. (LR# 3257L.01I)
HB 1326 Seigfreid, James
Establishes reporting requirements for lobbyists and candidates for office. (LR# 3355L.01I)
HB 1327 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Allows the Department of Revenue to enter into compromise agreements on tax amounts in dispute. (LR# 3454L.01I)
HB 1328 Robirds, Estel
Requires Ethics Commission to send notices of late filing fee assessments within five business days of due date. (LR# 3265L.01I)
HB 1329 Jolly, Cathy
Revises law on child victims of sex offenses. (LR# 2923L.01I)
HB 1330 Selby, Harold R.
Establishes regulations and certification guidelines for those handling explosive blasters. (LR# 3196L.01I)
HB 1331 Harding, Meg
Creates crime of leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle in the third degree. (LR# 3448L.01I)
HB 1332 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Makes absentee ballot lists available to the public. (LR# 3426L.01I)
HB 1333 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates a temporary exemption from sales tax for retail sales of clothing before the start of the school year. (LR# 3444L.01I)
HB 1334 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Regulates the practice of naturopathic medicine. (LR# 3423L.01I)
HB 1335 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires a biennial audit of the St. Louis City School District. (LR# 3440L.01I)
HB 1336 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires school districts to adopt indexed salary schedules. (LR# 3428L.01I)
HB 1337 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Regulates check cashing businesses. (LR# 3429L.01I)
HB 1338 Relford, Randall H.
Provides bases for State Board of Education to refuse to issue or renew certificates to teach. (LR# 3349L.01P)
HB 1339 Ballard, Charles
Requires forty-eight hour notice prior to application of insecticides or herbicides in or around governmental buildings. (LR# 3412L.01I)
HB 1340 Ballard, Charles
Prohibits schools from offering prizes or incentives to students to sign up for subsidized lunches or to attend on certain days. (LR# 3411L.01I)
HB 1341 Marble, Gary
Establishes an environmental audit privilege. (LR# 3305L.01I)
HB 1342 Farnen, Ted
Provides for county political party committee membership when only one candidate files. (LR# 2912L.02T)
HB 1343 Villa, Thomas
Creates a special license plate for Jefferson National Parks Association. (LR# 3296L.01I)
HB 1344 Crump, Wayne F.
Authorizes carrying concealed firearms in passenger compartment of a motor vehicle. (LR# 2838L.04I)
HB 1345 Naeger, Patrick A.
Requires school districts to provide transportation for certain nonpublic school students. (LR# 3375L.01I)
HB 1346 Naeger, Patrick A.
Modifies the income eligibility categories for the Children's Health Insurance Program. (LR# 3377L.01I)
HB 1347 Naeger, Patrick A.
Amends various portions of the on-site sewage treatment systems law. (LR# 3376L.01I)
HB 1348 Myers, Peter
Changes referendums on boll weevil suppression from every 5 to every 7 years. (LR# 2818L.01P)
HB 1349 Seigfreid, James
Requires all state employees who have accrued more than forty hours of compensatory time to be paid for any additional compensatory hours. (LR# 3596L.01I)
HB 1350 Liese, Chris
Establishes procedures for appointing boards of directors in community improvement districts. (LR# 3373L.01P)
HB 1351 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Increases the number of minority teaching scholarships to be made available, and increases the amount of the scholarship for certain teachers. (LR# 3445L.01I)
HB 1352 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Revises the qualifications, election, and districting of the members of the City of St. Louis School Board. (LR# 3443L.01I)
HB 1353 Rector, Rex
Extends commercial zone on south side of Kansas City to Harrisonville along highways 71 and 291. (LR# 2481L.02I)
HB 1354 Reynolds, David L.
Changes the name of the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (LR# 3401L.01I)
HB 1355 Seigfreid, James
Imposes an additional one percent general sales tax for highways and bridges. (LR# 3304L.01I)
HB 1356 Merideth III, Denny J.
Establishes the Missouri Family Training Program for Special Education. (LR# 3485L.01I)
HB 1357 Relford, Randall H.
Permits municipalities to establish a Historic Preservation Revolving Fund. (LR# 2454L.01I)
HB 1358 Scheve, May
Creates a homestead exemption from property tax. (LR# 2994L.01I)
HB 1359 Scheve, May
Excludes Social Security benefits from state income taxation. (LR# 2992L.01I)
HB 1360 Scheve, May
Changes the eligibility requirements for public assistance. (LR# 2991L.01I)
HB 1361 Scheve, May
Requires certain public buildings to provide family restrooms. (LR# 2997L.01I)
HB 1362 Scheve, May
Makes various changes regarding Medicaid eligibility and nursing home requirements. (LR# 2990L.01I)
HB 1363 Scheve, May
Prohibits certain deceptive practices in connection with home loans. (LR# 2995L.01I)
HB 1364 Scheve, May
Removes gambling boat proceeds from foundation formula and distributes them on a per-pupil basis. (LR# 2998L.01I)
HB 1365 Scheve, May
Calculates the increase to, or maintenance of, existing per-pupil funding, depending on formula funding levels and on guaranteed tax base growth. (LR# 2999L.01I)
HB 1366 Scheve, May
Excludes voluntary transfer students from the eligible pupil number used in foundation formula calculations. (LR# 3026L.01I)
HB 1367 Scheve, May
Excludes voluntary transfer students from the eligible pupil number used in foundation formula calculations. (LR# 3000L.01I)
HB 1368 Scheve, May
Regulates hay rides. (LR# 2989L.01I)
HB 1369 Scheve, May
Adds meningitis vaccine to the list of required immunizations for school children. (LR# 2988L.01I)
HB 1370 Merideth III, Denny J.
Increases population ranges for establishing enterprise zones outside of metropolitan statistical areas. (LR# 3484L.01I)
HB 1371 Shoemyer, Wes
Requires counties to allocate a percentage of ad valorem property tax collections for a geographic information system. (LR# 3367L.01I)
HB 1372 Selby, Harold R.
Exempts diabetic medical supplies and devices from sales taxation. (LR# 3174L.01I)
HB 1373 Kelly, Glenda
Allows the Missouri Emergency Response Commission to designate a local emergency planning district in St. Joseph. (LR# 3228L.01I)
HB 1374 Kelly, Glenda
Amends various provisions regarding the standards for nursing homes. (LR# 3566L.01I)
HB 1375 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Increases permissible mortgage insurance amounts. (LR# 3254L.01T)
HB 1376 Rizzo, Henry C.
Changes procedures for restoring possession of rehabilitated property. (LR# 2976L.01I)
HB 1377 Rizzo, Henry C.
Provides additional guidelines for recipients of economic incentives. (LR# 3273L.01I)
HB 1378 Treadway, Joseph L.
Revises the definition of the practice of chiropractic. (LR# 2917L.02I)
HB 1379 Boucher, Bill
Provides income tax exemption for pensions for veterans 65 and older. (LR# 2928L.04I)
HB 1380 Richardson, Mark L.
Revises Uniform Arbitration Act. (LR# 3586L.01I)
HB 1381 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Allows insurance policies to be in languages other than English. (LR# 3559L.01P)
HB 1382 Hanaway, Catherine L
Allows full deductibility of individual and corporate federal income tax. (LR# 3628L.01I)
HB 1383 Hanaway, Catherine L
Requires parental consent to prescribe birth control to minors. (LR# 3103L.01I)
HB 1384 Harlan, Tim
Establishes the Parental Child Support Responsibility Program in the Department of Social Services. (LR# 3585L.01I)
HB 1385 Bray, Joan
Provides a tax credit for assistance and care for the disabled. (LR# 3214L.01I)
HB 1386 O'Connor, Patrick
Revises tinted window restrictions. (LR# 3338L.01I)
HB 1387 Boucher, Bill
Allows records concerning sex offenders to be released in certain circumstances. (LR# 3713L.01I)
HB 1388 Mays, Carol Jean
Allows municipalities that own gas plants to be fined by the Public Service Commission. (LR# 3563L.02I)
HB 1389 Bray, Joan
Provides additional funding for transportation purposes. (LR# 3553L.01I)
HB 1390 Gaskill, Sam
Makes desecration of the United States national flag abandonment and permits any person to take possession of an abandoned flag. (LR# 3643L.01I)
HB 1391 Smith, Philip
Creates special license plate for members of Missouri 4-H. (LR# 3584L.01P)
HB 1392 Holand, Roy W.
Allows school districts to enact income and sales taxes. (LR# 3524L.01I)
HB 1393 Whorton, James
Requires county assessors to be minimally certified as state licensed appraisers. (LR# 2553L.01I)
HB 1394 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Commutes death sentences to life without parole. (LR# 3714L.01I)
HB 1395 Ransdall, Bill L.
Adopts a preference for state purchasing of recycled toner cartridges. (LR# 3632L.01I)
HB 1396 Graham, Chuck
Provides insurance coverage for children's hearing aids. (LR# 3352L.01I)
HB 1397 Ransdall, Bill L.
Creates special license plate for members of the Missouri Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. (LR# 3462L.01P)
HB 1398 Ward, Dan
Allows relatives of deceased veterans of World War II to apply for World War II medals and extends the application date to 2003. (LR# 3700L.01I)
HB 1399 Ransdall, Bill L.
Extends application deadline for World War II medals to January 1, 2003. (LR# 3635L.01I)
HB 1400 Merideth III, Denny J.
Designates portion of I-55 and Highway J at mile marker 16 in Pemiscot County as the "Sergeant Rob Guilliams, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Memorial Bridge". (LR# 3521L.02P)
HB 1401 Merideth III, Denny J.
Provides funds for education of hearing-impaired children who are not attending Missouri School for the Deaf. (LR# 3322L.01I)
HB 1402 Burton, Gary L.
Permits municipal utilities to offer wholesale telecommunications services. (LR# 3417L.01P)
HB 1403 Green, Timothy P.
Regulates retainage clauses in construction contracts. (LR# 3503L.01I)
HB 1404 Kelly, Glenda
Creates the position of state vehicle fleet manager and establishes the state vehicle fleet tracking system with accompanying policies and responsibilities. (LR# 2956L.02I)
HB 1405 Burton, Gary L.
Provides for the disincorporation of certain road districts by a vote of the residents of the district. (LR# 3591L.01I)
HB 1406 Barnett, Rex
Creates new requirements for board of regents of Northwest Missouri State University. (LR# 3380L.01P)
HB 1407 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Creates a phased-in earned income tax credit. (LR# 3111L.02I)
HB 1408 Purgason, Chuck
Allows persons to apply for and receive permits to carry concealed firearms under certain circumstances; creates the county sheriff's revolving fund. (LR# 3544L.01I)
HB 1409 Campbell, Marsha
Requires design-build contractors to hold a certificate of authority to practice from the State Board of Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. (LR# 3560L.01P)
HB 1410 Campbell, Marsha
Provides for a salary increase for certain state family workers who complete a family development credentialing program. (LR# 2697L.01I)
HB 1411 Skaggs, Bill
Creates special license plate for Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund, Inc. (LR# 2942L.01P)
HB 1412 Skaggs, Bill
Creates special license plates for Animal Friendly License Plate Association. (LR# 2943L.01I)
HB 1413 Burcham, Tom
Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the St. Francois County Habitat for Humanity. (LR# 2548L.01I)
HB 1414 Treadway, Joseph L.
Alters the exemptions for licensed professionals. (LR# 3519L.02I)
HB 1415 Koller, Don
Provides sales tax exemption for admission fees and sales tax related to pheasant hunting. (LR# 3075L.01I)
HB 1416 Koller, Don
Requires person with immigration visa to notify Department of Revenue of that fact upon application for driver's license. (LR# 2617L.01I)
HB 1417 Legan, Kenneth
Regulates repossession of property. (LR# 3297L.01I)
HB 1418 Relford, Randall H.
Establishes the Arrow Rock State Historic Site Endowment Fund and adds various provisions relating to the administration of state parks. (LR# 3755L.01P)
HB 1419 Shields, Charles W.
Allows a tax credit for qualified contributions to schools. (LR# 3293L.01I)
HB 1420 Shields, Charles W.
Regulates dental services provided by not-for-profit corporations. (LR# 3527L.01I)
HB 1421 McKenna, Ryan Glennon
Excludes capital appropriations from annual appropriations for community college district maintenance funds. (LR# 3557L.01P)
HB 1422 Gratz, William (Bill)
Prohibits price gouging during emergencies. (LR# 3705L.01I)
HB 1423 Gratz, William (Bill)
Enacts the Missouri Sunset Act establishing the Sunset Advisory Commission to review the effectiveness and necessity of state agencies. (LR# 3706L.01I)
HB 1424 Smith, Philip
Prohibits public institutions of higher education from increasing tuition, fees, and surcharges after the opening date of any school year. (LR# 3621L.01I)
HB 1425 Smith, Philip
Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information. (LR# 3810L.01I)
HB 1426 Davis, D. J.
Removes the current 50-year age requirement for certain public retirement systems. (LR# 3639L.01I)
HB 1427 Hosmer, Craig
Regulates the use of privatization contracts by public bodies. (LR# 3318L.01I)
HB 1428 Hosmer, Craig
Changes venue provisions in small claims court. (LR# 2716L.01I)
HB 1429 Shoemyer, Wes
Requires farmers who plant patented seed and retain seed from the harvest for planting the following planting season to pay fee which will be deposited in the Genetically Engineerered Seed Fund. (LR# 3107L.01I)
HB 1430 Burton, Gary L.
Amends resisting arrest statute to make it presumed that a person is eluding if the person continues to operate a vehicle after lights or siren and increases penalty to D felony. (LR# 3724L.01I)
HB 1431 Scheve, May
Changes the assessment of real property to every four years. (LR# 3690L.01I)
HB 1432 Foley, James Michael
Permits charter counties to establish an emergency communications system commission. (LR# 3532L.01P)
HB 1433 Monaco, Ralph A.
Amends resisting arrest statute to make it presumed that a person is fleeing if the person continues to operate a vehicle after lights or siren and increases penalty to D felony. (LR# 2841L.01I)
HB 1434 Monaco, Ralph A.
Allows emergency personnel to seek recovery and damages from people who by their acts, ommissions, or willful or culpable negligence cause such personnel to suffer injury, disease or death. (LR# 3572L.01I)
HB 1435 Crawford, Larry
Permits sheriffs to issue permits to carry concealed weapons and establishes the application process. (LR# 3672L.01I)
HB 1436 Crawford, Larry
Adds a class A misdemeanor (568.040) which board has to provide probation services for. (LR# 3126L.01I)
HB 1437 Crawford, Larry
Preempts the regulation of firearms. (LR# 3123L.01I)
HB 1438 O'Connor, Patrick
Provides for the franchising of personal watercraft. (LR# 3599L.01I)
HB 1439 Myers, Peter
Authorizes a tax credit for investments in certain eligible new generation cooperatives. (LR# 3184L.01I)
HB 1440 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Requires health insurers to treat mental health in the same manner as other medical services. (LR# 3113L.03I)
HB 1441 Harlan, Tim
Allows members of Missouri Higher Education Savings Program Board to designate a proxy, and requires confidentiality of personally identifiable information of participants in the program. (LR# 3665L.01I)
HB 1442 Relford, Randall H.
Designates portion of highway 116 in Clinton County as the "David Rice Atchison Memorial Highway". (LR# 3707L.02I)
HB 1443 Barry, Joan
Enacts the "Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002". (LR# 3865L.01I)
HB 1444 Smith, Philip
Modifies the exemptions from licensure required for foster homes, residential care facilities, and child placing agencies. (LR# 3881L.01I)
HB 1445 Smith, Philip
Exempts security plans for public buildings from the state's sunshine laws. (LR# 3733L.01I)
HB 1446 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Excludes certain coverages from the definitions of "health benefit plan" and "health carrier". (LR# 3698L.01P)
HB 1447 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Allows recognizance bonds only when the defendant is a local and has no prior convictions for failure to appear plus specifies when bonds can be forfeited and remitted to the surety. (LR# 3836L.01I)
HB 1448 Kelly, Glenda
Allows persons with restricted driving privileges due to driving while intoxicated convictions to drive to and from their formal program of secondary, post-secondary, or higher education. (LR# 2858L.01I)
HB 1449 Reid, Michael J
Prohibits human cloning. (LR# 2550L.01I)
HB 1450 Marble, Gary
Requires written notification of retainage clauses in public building contracts. (LR# 3718L.01I)
HB 1451 Kreider, Jim
Relating to the addition of members of the general assembly to the Missouri board of public buildings. (LR# 2736L.02I)
HB 1452 Curls, Melba J.
Relating to regulations for the check-cashing business. (LR# 2785L.01I)
HB 1453 Hosmer, Craig
Adds to the Missouri State Employees Retirement System board one judge appointed by the Chief Justice. (LR# 3848L.01I)
HB 1454 Johnson, Rick
Amends the notice provisions regarding liens on bank accounts for child support arrearages. (LR# 2949L.01I)
HB 1455 O'Toole, James P.
Clarifies the retroactive starting date for purposes of the BACKDROP retirement provisions. (LR# 3641L.01I)
HB 1456 Smith, Philip
Allows public hospitals to close portions of their records. (LR# 3734L.01I)
HB 1457 Wagner, Wes
Excludes tax for indebtedness from revenue calculations to determine city reimbursements to fire protection districts. (LR# 3918L.01I)
HB 1458 Reid, Michael J
Prohibits gender selection of embryos for implantation by in vitro fertilization. (LR# 2532L.01I)
HB 1459 Reid, Michael J
Repeals and enacts section 578.008 without any changes which created the crime of spreading disease to livestock or animals. (LR# 3658L.01I)
HB 1460 Hilgemann, Robert
Allows certain metropolitan school districts to change the compulsory attendance age. (LR# 3876L.01P)
HB 1461 Seigfreid, James
Changes election laws and requirements. (LR# 3589L.01I)
HB 1462 Rizzo, Henry C.
Allows aliens to obtain drivers' licenses after providing certain information to the Department of Revenue. (LR# 2973L.01I)
HB 1463 Selby, Harold R.
Exempts motor vehicles and boats manufactured in Missouri from sales tax. (LR# 3507L.01I)
HB 1464 Reid, Michael J
Allows surviving spouses of persons who owned or would have been eligible to own special military license plates to obtain or retain such plates under certain conditions. (LR# 2616L.01I)
HB 1465 Smith, Philip
Creates a cause of action for the fraudulent sale of health-related discount cards. (LR# 3732L.01I)
HB 1466 Berkowitz, Sam
Excludes Missouri Highway Patrol from restrictions on appropriations from State Highways and Transportation Department Fund. (LR# 3464L.01I)
HB 1467 Hendrickson, Carl
Allows a homestead exemption from property tax assessments for seniors. (LR# 2752L.02I)
HB 1468 Ward, Dan
Clarifies that commercial casualty insurance filings shall not be excessive, inadequate, or unfairly discriminatory. (LR# 3655L.01P)
HB 1469 Hosmer, Craig
Creates parity between institutional and noninstitutional eligibility for Medicaid. (LR# 3636L.01I)
HB 1470 Skaggs, Bill
Provides for early voting procedures. (LR# 3835L.01I)
HB 1471 Skaggs, Bill
Updates the law for self-service storage facilities. (LR# 3592L.01I)
HB 1472 Whorton, James
Requires Missouri Department of Transportation to implement a program that provides for use of alternative fuels in its vehicle fleet and heavy equipment that use diesel fuel. (LR# 3498L.01I)
HB 1473 Green, Tom
Allows enrollees to waive their right to receive documents and materials from their health insurer. (LR# 3762L.01P)
HB 1474 Green, Tom
Allows state employees on military leave to continue to receive full salary while on leave. (LR# 3251L.01I)
HB 1475 Kelly, Glenda
Requires the establishment of tuition reimbursement policies for the House of Representatives and all state employees. (LR# 3301L.01I)
HB 1476 Graham, Chuck
Establishes a penalty for passing bad checks to county and township collectors. (LR# 3807L.01I)
HB 1477 Farnen, Ted
Revises Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Act to include public community junior colleges. (LR# 2767L.01P)
HB 1478 Lograsso, Don
Creates special license plates for Eagle Scouts and parents of Eagle Scouts, members of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, and members of the Order of the Arrow. (LR# 3543L.01I)
HB 1479 Baker, Lana Ladd
Enacts the Emergency Preparedness Resource Act. (LR# 3830L.01I)
HB 1480 Dempsey, Tom
Requires school board approval of tax increment financing plans for areas with residential or multifamily properties. (LR# 3474L.01I)
HB 1481 Bray, Joan
Delineates the rights and responsibilities of foster parents. (LR# 3878L.02I)
HB 1482 Mays, Carol Jean
Authorizes Public Service Commission to direct allocation of certain sums to gas ratepayers. (LR# 3952L.01I)
HB 1483 Jolly, Cathy
Adds firefighters to assault of a law enforcement officer in all degrees and revises elements of the offense and some punishment. (LR# 3370L.01I)
HB 1484 Johnson, Rick
Creates a Board of Private Investigators and requires persons who conduct private investigations to be licensed. (LR# 2931L.03I)
HB 1485 Johnson, Rick
Modifies various provisions regarding the investigation of child abuse. (LR# 2948L.01I)
HB 1486 Crawford, Larry
Changes residency requirements for fire protection district directors. (LR# 3673L.01I)
HB 1487 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Modifies the purchasing preference for Missouri products. (LR# 3505L.01I)
HB 1488 Skaggs, Bill
Removes the sunset provision on sales tax for mass public transportation. (LR# 3603L.01P)
HB 1489 Britt, Phillip M.
Authorizes creation of county crime reduction funds and allows courts to order misdemeanor defendants to pay up to $1,000 to the fund as a condition of probation with right of defendant to refuse. (LR# 3699L.01P)
HB 1490 Hosmer, Craig
Revises sentencing provisions. (LR# 2726L.01I)
HB 1491 Shelton, O.L.
Expands minority teaching scholarships from one hundred to two hundred dollars; increases the amount from two thousand to three thousand dollars for special education teachers. (LR# 3258L.01I)
HB 1492 Seigfreid, James
Changes disclosure reporting deadlines. (LR# 3793L.01P)
HB 1493 Seigfreid, James
Requires the Ethics Commission to provide a copy of the commission's reporting files to the general assembly. (LR# 3792L.01I)
HB 1494 Seigfreid, James
Permits the ethics commission to impose a fee in ethics proceeding investigations. (LR# 3795L.01I)
HB 1495 Seigfreid, James
Changes filing requirement exemptions for certain candidates. (LR# 3794L.01P)
HB 1496 Green, Timothy P.
Revises regulation of tax increment financing. (LR# 3817L.01I)
HB 1497 Boucher, Bill
Creates a tax credit for builders of universally designed lifetime homes in any political subdivision that has established a disabilities commission. (LR# 2706L.01I)
HB 1498 Johnson, Rick
Makes it a crime to have sexual contact with a resident of a long-term care facility or an inmate. (LR# 3976L.02P)
HB 1499 Lograsso, Don
Provides Department of Mental Health employees with the same annual salary adjustment appropriated for all other state employees. (LR# 3851L.01I)
HB 1500 Mays, Carol Jean
Allows telecommunication providers open competition for the business of tenants. (LR# 3867L.02I)
HB 1501 Boucher, Bill
Sets restrictions for payday loans. (LR# 3776L.01I)
HB 1502 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Sets requirements for insurance companies that use credit reports for underwriting decisions. (LR# 3806L.01I)
HB 1503 Liese, Chris
Requires cemetery service funds to be deposited in segregated accounts. (LR# 3770L.02I)
HB 1504 Liese, Chris
Eliminates requirement of one hundred requests for certain special license plates prior to manufacture. (LR# 3277L.01P)
HB 1505 Treadway, Joseph L.
Alters the definitions that apply to limited and dual real estate agents. (LR# 3752L.01I)
HB 1506 Merideth III, Denny J.
Changes provisions relating to aviation fuel taxes and matching funds in the Aviation Trust Fund. (LR# 3568L.01I)
HB 1507 Koller, Don
Revises motorcycle helmet law and penalty for violation. (LR# 2926L.01I)
HB 1508 Koller, Don
Revises various provisions relating to outdoor advertising along state highways and interstates. (LR# 3295L.01P)
HB 1509 Rizzo, Henry C.
Alters the laws controlling Kansas City police retirement systems. (LR# 3954L.01I)
HB 1510 Rizzo, Henry C.
Changes the laws controlling Kansas City Police Employees' Retirement System. (LR# 3955L.01I)
HB 1511 Fares, Kathlyn J.
Requires a certificate of value to be filed with certain transfers of real property. (LR# 3687L.01I)
HB 1512 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Establishes teacher salary supplements for National Board teacher certification. (LR# 3262L.01I)
HB 1513 Burton, Gary L.
Provides for disincorporation of road districts in certain counties. (LR# 3730L.01I)
HB 1514 Burton, Gary L.
Requires counties to permit taxpayers to pay personal property taxes in installments of the taxpayer's choosing. (LR# 3796L.01I)
HB 1515 Burton, Gary L.
Revises section awarding honorary high school diplomas to certain veterans. (LR# 3456L.01T)
HB 1516 Hosmer, Craig
Prohibits non-competition agreements in employment contracts. (LR# 2403L.01I)
HB 1517 Treadway, Joseph L.
Clarifies the laws controlling accountants. (LR# 3598L.02I)
HB 1518 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Alters the language for the statute controlling certain insurance company investments. (LR# 3805L.01T)
HB 1519 Boucher, Bill
Designates April 19th of each year as "Patriots Day". (LR# 3715L.01T)
HB 1520 Reid, Michael J
Establishes a legislative Joint Committee on Terrorism, Bioterrorism, and Homeland Security. (LR# 3662L.04I)
HB 1521 Shields, Charles W.
Creates the Year 2002 Classroom Fund and transfers certain gaming proceeds to the fund. (LR# 4092L.01I)
HB 1522 Bearden, Carl
Allocates new funds for higher education. (LR# 3753L.01I)
HB 1523 Kelly, Glenda
Increases the limits for crime victim compensation. (LR# 2855L.01I)
HB 1524 O'Toole, James P.
Removes cap on annual percentage increases under the St. Louis firefighter's retirement plan. (LR# 4005L.01I)
HB 1525 O'Toole, James P.
Increases the allowable gaming boat loss limits from $500 to $750. (LR# 4053L.01I)
HB 1526 Bartle, Matt
Gives crime victims the right to be notified by the custodial authority of the expected address upon release of the defendant and requires prosecutors to inform victims of this right. (LR# 3381L.01I)
HB 1527 Graham, Chuck
Revises the composition of the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri. (LR# 3869L.01I)
HB 1528 Treadway, Joseph L.
Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants. (LR# 3855L.01I)
HB 1529 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Changes the cost-of-living adjustment calculation for state employee retirement plans. (LR# 3974L.01I)
HB 1530 Hoppe, Thomas
Allows Supervisor of Liquor Control to assess civil penalties for certain violations. (LR# 3907L.01I)
HB 1531 Hoppe, Thomas
Changes requirements and regulations for emergency services and personnel. (LR# 3602L.01I)
HB 1532 Hoppe, Thomas
Revises the provisions of dram shop liability by providing that the sale of liquor to persons under 21 or to intoxicated persons must be knowing and proven beyond a reasonable doubt. (LR# 3984L.01I)
HB 1533 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Increases access to and health insurance coverage for chiropractic care. (LR# 2580L.02I)
HB 1534 Clayton, Robert
Amends the right-of-way-statute by imposing additional fines and license suspensions when the violation resulted in physical injury, serious physical injury or death to any person. (LR# 3697L.01I)
HB 1535 Clayton, Robert
Designates a portion of State Highway 15 as "The Flower Road". (LR# 3875L.02I)
HB 1536 Clayton, Robert
Makes it a crime to lure a child over the internet for purpose of engaging in sexual activity. (LR# 2464L.01I)
HB 1537 Clayton, Robert
Allows debt to offset the value of an estate for purposes of application of small estate administration procedures. (LR# 2451L.01P)
HB 1538 Clayton, Robert
Allows certain prosecuting and circuit attorneys to receive prior service credit for retirement. (LR# 4064L.01I)
HB 1539 Clayton, Robert
Allows one hardship driving privilege per two year period. (LR# 3468L.02I)
HB 1540 Bartle, Matt
Removes current exclusion from telemarketing no-call provision for businesses without present connection and candidates for public office. (LR# 3500L.01I)
HB 1541 Bray, Joan
Creates a tax exemption for property leased or transferred by certain interstate compact agencies. (LR# 3857L.01I)
HB 1542 Liese, Chris
Creates a death penalty commission. (LR# 3827L.01I)
HB 1543 Shelton, O.L.
Revises additional fees to be collected by agent of Department of Revenue from sale of motor vehicle licenses and collection of sales and use taxes. (LR# 3545L.01I)
HB 1544 Hoppe, Thomas
Changes requirements and regulations for emergency services. (LR# 4142L.01I)
HB 1545 Rizzo, Henry C.
Excludes owners of public streets from the persons who can petition for creation of a transportation development district when no registered voters live in the district. (LR# 3979L.01I)
HB 1546 Crowell, Jason
Denies workers' compensation benefits for workers whose injuries are caused by voluntary intoxication of drugs or alcohol. (LR# 3554L.01I)
HB 1547 Barry, Joan
Allows armored car crew members who have valid permit or license from any political subdivision in this state to carry concealed firearms anywhere in the state so long as within scope of employment. (LR# 3877L.01I)
HB 1548 Barry, Joan
Provides for the completion of the newborn hearing screening if the newborn is transferred to another facility before the screenings are completed. (LR# 4006L.01P)
HB 1549 Lawson, Maurice
Changes public water supply district laws. (LR# 3788L.01I)
HB 1550 Surface, Chuck
Creates a special license plate for members of the Elks Lodge. (LR# 4114L.01I)
HB 1551 Linton, William C.
Allows the posting of American historical documents regardless of religious content. (LR# 3330L.01I)
HB 1552 Linton, William C.
Requires informed consent prior to the administration of mental health treatment and services. (LR# 3331L.01I)
HB 1553 Linton, William C.
Limits the psychiatric and psychological evaluation of students. (LR# 3329L.01I)
HB 1554 Linton, William C.
Allows a tax credit related to a dependent child's reading level. (LR# 3327L.02I)
HB 1555 Linton, William C.
Revises law on privacy of elementary and secondary student records. (LR# 3328L.01I)
HB 1556 Rizzo, Henry C.
Includes separately managed accounts within scope of corporate income allocation provisions. (LR# 4067L.01I)
HB 1557 Merideth III, Denny J.
Allows eligible school districts to make transfers from the incidental fund to the capital projects fund. (LR# 2521L.01I)
HB 1558 Holand, Roy W.
Raises fees charged by excursion gambling boat licensees from two dollars to five dollars, with the increase to be used for state aid to school districts. (LR# 2606L.02I)
HB 1559 Holand, Roy W.
Requires restitution to the state for illegally taking deer and authorizes Conservation Commission to suspend, revoke, or deny a permit to hunt. (LR# 4016L.01I)
HB 1560 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Requires the Highways and Transportation Commission to make certain contributions for health insurance to members of the Highway and Transportation Employees and Highway Patrol Retirement System. (LR# 3973L.01I)
HB 1561 Hilgemann, Robert
Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. (LR# 3804L.01I)
HB 1562 Liese, Chris
Requires approval of any project for industrical development by governing body of municipality in which project is located. (LR# 3908L.01I)
HB 1563 Green, Timothy P.
Changes board of aldermen to city council in cities of the fourth classification. (LR# 3816L.01I)
HB 1564 Bartle, Matt
Freezes property assessment for property owners 65 and older. (LR# 3501L.01I)
HB 1565 Williams, Deleta
Provides guidelines for operation of private prisons. (LR# 3745L.01I)
HB 1566 Copenhaver, Nancy
Establishes the Professional Educators' Standards and Practices Act and board. (LR# 3953L.01I)
HB 1567 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Sets limits on the types of investments an insurance company can participate in. (LR# 4069L.01I)
HB 1568 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Sets limits on the types of investments an insurance company can participate in. (LR# 4070L.01P)
HB 1569 Davis, D. J.
Eliminates certain references to used tires in the waste tire statute. (LR# 3856L.02P)
HB 1570 Koller, Don
Authorizes additional funding for transportation purposes. (LR# 3271L.02I)
HB 1571 Skaggs, Bill
Allows members of the Missouri State Employees Retirement System who retired prior to July 1, 1990, to receive monthly increase of five dollars times number of years of creditable service. (LR# 4170L.01I)
HB 1572 Skaggs, Bill
Alters sick leave calculations for members of the Missouri State Employees Retirement System. (LR# 3640L.02I)
HB 1573 Mays, Carol Jean
Allows electric utilities to transfer assets to affiliates with the approval of the Public Service Commission. (LR# 3866L.01I)
HB 1574 Cunningham, Jane
Requires public schools and public institutions of higher education to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each school day. (LR# 3319L.01I)
HB 1575 Treadway, Joseph L.
Raises the maximum upper limit for circuit breaker relief for the elderly. (LR# 3551L.01I)
HB 1576 Treadway, Joseph L.
Changes requirements for property assessments. (LR# 3552L.01I)
HB 1577 Campbell, Marsha
Creates the crime of tampering with pharmaceuticals. (LR# 4020L.01I)
HB 1578 Hosmer, Craig
Lowers minimum age for jury duty from 21 to 18. (LR# 3849L.01I)
HB 1579 Kelly, Glenda
Requires sex offenders to register within 10 days of conviction, release from incarceration, or placement on probation and if not currently registered to register in their county of residence. (LR# 2856L.01I)
HB 1580 Barnett, Rex
Permits county boards of equalization to appoint two additional citizen members to the board. (LR# 4119L.01T)
HB 1581 Clayton, Robert
Allows Highway Patrol officers to be elected to school boards and permits the superintendent to authorize officers to accept federal commissions. (LR# 2479L.01P)
HB 1582 Crump, Wayne F.
Requires sellers to accept in good faith any sales tax exemption letter or certificate. (LR# 3754L.01I)
HB 1583 Monaco, Ralph A.
Creates special license plates for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism and members of the Missouri Civil War Reenactment Association. (LR# 3919L.01I)
HB 1584 Kreider, Jim
Provides funding for education and transportation purposes. (LR# 4159L.02I)
HB 1585 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires the assessor of the City of St. Louis to be elected. (LR# 3085L.01I)
HB 1586 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Repeals the Offices of Minority Health and Women's Health in the Department of Health and Senior Services and replaces them with the Division of Minority Health and the Division of Women's Health. (LR# 3477L.01I)
HB 1587 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Creates the felony of mass transportation terrorism. (LR# 3663L.01I)
HB 1588 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Authorizes window decal renewal tabs for motor vehicle registration renewal. (LR# 3436L.01I)
HB 1589 Crump, Wayne F.
Authorizes concealed firearms permits. (LR# 3785L.02I)
HB 1590 Dolan, Jonathan
Designates the Missouri River bridge on route 364 connecting St. Louis and St. Charles counties the "American Military Veterans Bridge". (LR# 4200L.01I)
HB 1591 Townley, Merrill M.
Allows philosophical beliefs to be a basis for objection to required school immunizations. (LR# 4168L.01I)
HB 1592 Hickey, John
Creates the Workers Memorial Fund for contributions from income tax refunds. (LR# 4094L.01P)
HB 1593 Gratz, William (Bill)
Sets minimum education and experience requirements for persons running for sheriff and requires jailers to get training under police officer standards and training law. (LR# 3710L.01I)
HB 1594 Gratz, William (Bill)
Increases pay for corrections officers and requires annual increases of 2%; requires the Department of Corrections to pay for unused overtime. (LR# 3711L.01I)
HB 1595 Bray, Joan
Creates crime of criminally negligent storage of a firearm. (LR# 3905L.01I)
HB 1596 Harding, Meg
Amends exotic animal registration by requiring it be done within two weeks of coming into possession of the animal. (LR# 3850L.01I)
HB 1597 Harding, Meg
Allows persons to execute an advanced directive for mental health treatment. (LR# 3236L.01I)
HB 1598 O'Connor, Patrick
Adds a new category of motor vehicle dealer and revises the application for licensure process for motor vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and auctions. (LR# 3601L.01I)
HB 1599 Lowe, Jenee' M.
Encourages the use of renewable resources. (LR# 4012L.01I)
HB 1600 Treadway, Joseph L.
Requires keepers of licensed pool tables to post information for players in no less than ten-point type. (LR# 4207L.01P)
HB 1601 Froelker, James V.
Exempts the first two hundred fifty dollars of interest income from state income tax. (LR# 4024L.01I)
HB 1602 Froelker, James V.
Prohibits the introduction of new types of gambling. (LR# 4028L.01I)
HB 1603 Froelker, James V.
Requires all pleadings and forms commonly in use to be in English. (LR# 4025L.01I)
HB 1604 Froelker, James V.
Excludes certain amounts of Social Security and military retirement benefits from taxation. (LR# 4023L.01I)
HB 1605 Dolan, Jonathan
Creates the "Show-Me Old Glory" program. (LR# 2689L.01I)
HB 1606 Dolan, Jonathan
Enacts the Disposition of Human Fetuses Act. (LR# 2688L.01I)
HB 1607 Burcham, Tom
Creates crime of contamination of food or drink. (LR# 2700L.01I)
HB 1608 Robirds, Estel
Bars any legal claim on a lien a contractor holds if a subcontractor has already been paid. (LR# 3593L.01I)
HB 1609 Robirds, Estel
Grants immunity from liability for injuries or death resulting from risks of paddlesports. (LR# 3858L.01I)
HB 1610 Seigfreid, James
Permits a federal cause of action for price discrimination in state courts. (LR# 3772L.01I)
HB 1611 Bartle, Matt
Requires Highway Patrol to maintain a web site on internet searchable by name, zip code, and by mile radius from entered address for sexual offenders. (LR# 3502L.01I)
HB 1612 Bartle, Matt
Increases punishment for incest from a class D to a class B felony. (LR# 3384L.01I)
HB 1613 Ross, Carson
Modifies the WWII medallion program and funding to the Veterans' Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund. (LR# 3899L.01I)
HB 1614 Ross, Carson
Provides additional guidelines regarding income taxes of certain shareholders. (LR# 4022L.01I)
HB 1615 Barnett, Rex
Prohibits state departments or agencies from using dedicated or earmarked funds for other than intended purposes. (LR# 4120L.01I)
HB 1616 Johnson, Rick
Renames the board for architects, engineers, land surveyors and landscape architects the "Missouri Professional Board for Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects". (LR# 4198L.01I)
HB 1617 Griesheimer, John E.
Increases the benefits of conservation agents and retired conservation agents. (LR# 3642L.01I)
HB 1618 Bearden, Carl
Limits increases in real property assessments to the percentage of change in Missouri personal income. (LR# 2494L.01I)
HB 1619 Wright, Mark
Requires drivers to obey a law enforcement officer's signal to stop. (LR# 3892L.01I)
HB 1620 Ward, Dan
Provides adjustments for salaried employees of the Department of Transportation. (LR# 4116L.01I)
HB 1621 Clayton, Robert
Establishes the Basic Civil Legal Services Fund and authorizes additional filing fees in civil and criminal cases to be credited to the fund. (LR# 4018L.01I)
HB 1622 Selby, Harold R.
Requires mental hospitals and facilities to quarterly report the use of electroconvulsive therapies to the Department of Mental Health. (LR# 3520L.01I)
HB 1623 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Requires the school boards of each school district to establish the daily observance of one minute of silence in each classroom. (LR# 4227L.01I)
HB 1624 Skaggs, Bill
Creates special license plates for Eagle Scouts and parents of Eagle Scouts, members of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, and members of the Order of the Arrow. (LR# 3992L.01P)
HB 1625 Carnahan, Russ
Creates a character education grant program and fund. (LR# 3261L.01I)
HB 1626 Kreider, Jim
Establishes the "School Building Property Tax Relief Fund", to be funded by a sales tax increase, with an accompanying referendum clause. (LR# 3920L.01I)
HB 1627 Kreider, Jim
Changes building code requirements for counties of the third classification. (LR# 3966L.01P)
HB 1628 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Mandates weekly recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance for school children. (LR# 4229L.01I)
HB 1629 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Creates crime of intimidation of an athletic coach, manager, or sports official. (LR# 4257L.01I)
HB 1630 Johnson, Rick
Increases the amount of reimbursement an emergency services district can receive for providing emergency services. (LR# 4007L.01I)
HB 1631 Byrd, Richard
Requires specific written authorization for collective bargaining fees to be deducted from a state employee's pay. (LR# 3604L.02I)
HB 1632 O'Connor, Patrick
Creates special license plate for members of the Fraternal Order of Police of the State of Missouri. (LR# 4249L.01P)
HB 1633 Hoppe, Thomas
Changes procedures for tax foreclosure sales. (LR# 3868L.01I)
HB 1634 Hoppe, Thomas
Changes expense funding requirements for certain land trusts. (LR# 4105L.01P)
HB 1635 Hoppe, Thomas
Requires deposits for water services for certain customers in certain cities to accrue interest after the deposit is held by a water corporation for two years. (LR# 3912L.01P)
HB 1636 Hoppe, Thomas
Permits certain cities to designate a county election authority verification board as its own verification board. (LR# 3983L.01P)
HB 1637 Wright, Mark
Restores full federal income tax liability deductions for corporations. (LR# 3889L.02I)
HB 1638 Wright, Mark
Creates a tax credit for educational readiness test scores and purchase of educational readiness materials. (LR# 3887L.01I)
HB 1639 Wright, Mark
Changes the income tax rates. (LR# 3891L.01I)
HB 1640 Wright, Mark
Creates a tax credit for a taxpayer whose child receives child care from the taxpayer's spouse. (LR# 3888L.01I)
HB 1641 Monaco, Ralph A.
Prohibits anyone from holding themselves out to the public as performing spinal manipulation without chiropractic training. (LR# 3989L.01I)
HB 1642 Monaco, Ralph A.
Enacts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. (LR# 3156L.01I)
HB 1643 Holand, Roy W.
Requires physicians to maintain adequate, complete, and legible written patient records for each patient. (LR# 4245L.01P)
HB 1644 Holand, Roy W.
Expands the list of medical facilities and agencies that must report disciplinary actions. (LR# 4248L.01I)
HB 1645 Griesheimer, John E.
Designates a portion of interstate 44 as the "Henry Shaw Ozark Corridor". (LR# 4175L.01P)
HB 1646 Henderson, Steve
Creates a privilege for information gathered in an insurance compliance audit. (LR# 3461L.01I)
HB 1647 Baker, Lana Ladd
Requires all new state housing construction to comply with the requirements of a universal designed home. (LR# 4050L.01I)
HB 1648 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Establishes the "Challenge Scholarship Program". (LR# 4230L.01I)
HB 1649 Bowman, John L.
Creates the Urban Conservation Commission. (LR# 3517L.01I)
HB 1650 Bowman, John L.
Revises the authorization for water pollution bonds. (LR# 4063L.01I)
HB 1651 Copenhaver, Nancy
Revises funding of grants awarded pursuant to the A+ program. (LR# 3747L.01I)
HB 1652 Dolan, Jonathan
Allows a parent to leave a child in the custody of a hospital without threat of criminal prosecution for child abandonment. (LR# 4240L.01I)
HB 1653 Hosmer, Craig
Prohibits use of tobacco products in all buildings and grounds of correctional centers by July 1, 2003. (LR# 4111L.01I)
HB 1654 Hosmer, Craig
Enacts and modifies various provisions regarding protection of the elderly. (LR# 3508L.02I)
HB 1655 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Prohibits certain types of high-interest home loans. (LR# 2738L.01I)
HB 1656 Wright, Mark
Makes forcible rape and sodomy and attempted forcible rape and sodomy class A felonies. (LR# 4259L.02I)
HB 1657 Cunningham, Jane
Provides additional guidelines for property tax appeals. (LR# 4036L.01I)
HB 1658 Hunter, Steve
Revises sexual offender registration. (LR# 4156L.01I)
HB 1659 Kelly, Glenda
Provides that court clerks can only collect certain surcharges authorized by ordinance, order, or resolution effective on or after January 1, 1997, if authorized by statute. (LR# 3988L.01T)
HB 1660 Cunningham, Jane
Limits changes in property assessment to 5 percent or the increase in the Consumer Price Index. (LR# 4035L.02I)
HB 1661 Cunningham, Jane
Allows full deductibility of individual and corporate federal income tax. (LR# 3968L.01I)
HB 1662 Rizzo, Henry C.
Clarifies allocation of qualifying sales for investment funds service corporations. (LR# 4340L.01I)
HB 1663 Seigfreid, James
Creates a gubernatorial inaugural committee. (LR# 4187L.01I)
HB 1664 Bray, Joan
Allows not-for-profit or charitable organizations that transport physically disabled persons to obtain disabled person license plates under certain conditions. (LR# 4274L.01I)
HB 1665 Holt, Bruce W.
Raises municipal court costs from $12 to $25. (LR# 3386L.01I)
HB 1666 Holt, Bruce W.
Requires Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in all public schools during at least one class no less than once per week. (LR# 3220L.01I)
HB 1667 Holt, Bruce W.
Provides health insurance coverage for hearing exams and hearing aids. (LR# 3940L.01I)
HB 1668 Holt, Bruce W.
Creates Emergency Personnel Appreciation Day. (LR# 3387L.01T)
HB 1669 Holt, Bruce W.
Bases assessment value of certain real property on the date the property was sold or conveyed. (LR# 3391L.01I)
HB 1670 Holt, Bruce W.
Removes each voter's date of birth from voter registration lists available for public use or inspection. (LR# 3389L.01I)
HB 1671 Johnson, Rick
Creates a licensing board to regulate private investigators. (LR# 4350L.01I)
HB 1672 Gambaro, Derio L.
Provides additional guidelines on income taxation of nonresident entertainers and athletes. (LR# 4110L.01P)
HB 1673 Koller, Don
Designates a portion of highway 63 as the "Trooper Kelly L. Poynter Memorial Highway". (LR# 4213L.01I)
HB 1674 O'Toole, James P.
Requires proposed rules of public employee retirement plans to be submitted to the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement. (LR# 4272L.01T)
HB 1675 Scheve, May
Prevents broadcasting industry employers from requiring noncompetition clauses. (LR# 3693L.01I)
HB 1676 Wagner, Wes
Makes various changes to the laws controlling financial institutions. (LR# 4052L.01I)
HB 1677 Selby, Harold R.
Regulates use of psychotropic medications for school children. (LR# 2907L.02I)
HB 1678 Mays, Carol Jean
Repeals eight sections of the statutes relating to economy-rate telephone services. (LR# 3970L.01I)
HB 1679 Crump, Wayne F.
Makes various changes to the laws controlling horse racing. (LR# 2983L.02P)
HB 1680 Hampton, Mark
Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for damages, abatement, or injunctive relief resulting from the design, manufacture, marketing or sale of firearms or ammunition. (LR# 4203L.01I)
HB 1681 Reid, Michael J
Makes developmentally appropriate phonics instruction available for all public primary school age students. (LR# 3987L.01I)
HB 1682 Treadway, Joseph L.
Sets procedures for the review of licenses and certificates that allow persons to practice dentistry. (LR# 4188L.01I)
HB 1683 Williams, Deleta
Allows law enforcement officers to stop a vehicle for failure to comply with the seat belt law under certain circumstances. (LR# 3735L.01I)
HB 1684 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Increases admission fees for gambling boats to help fund transportation projects. (LR# 3960L.01I)
HB 1685 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Raises various user fees and diverts funds from various agencies to be used for transportation. (LR# 3961L.01I)
HB 1686 Lowe, Jenee' M.
Requires persons guilty of boating while intoxicated to complete the substance abuse traffic offender program. (LR# 4037L.01I)
HB 1687 Relford, Randall H.
Changes requirements for local government bodies who contract for joint utility commissions. (LR# 4098L.02I)
HB 1688 O'Connor, Patrick
Creates the Missouri Motor Vehicle Board. (LR# 3276L.01I)
HB 1689 Treadway, Joseph L.
Creates a uniform reciprocity system for the professional registration statutes. (LR# 3595L.01I)
HB 1690 Smith, Philip
Makes various revisions relating to hazardous waste management. (LR# 3972L.01I)
HB 1691 Curls, Melba J.
Requires that contracts for collect call service for correctional institutions be awarded to the lowest and best bidder and that allows renegotiation of any existing contracts to reduce costs. (LR# 4186L.01I)
HB 1692 Overschmidt, Francis S.
Extends liquor sales by the drink at a convention trade area to include Miller, Morgan, and Camden counties. (LR# 3606L.02I)
HB 1693 Shields, Charles W.
Exempts certificates of release or discharge from active military duty from open records law. (LR# 4046L.01I)
HB 1694 Selby, Harold R.
Adds testing for various metabolic and genetic diseases to the list of newborn screenings and requires insurance coverage for such diseases. (LR# 3420L.01I)
HB 1695 Selby, Harold R.
Provides insurance coverage for the treatment of maple syrup urine disease (MSUD). (LR# 3419L.01I)
HB 1696 Bowman, John L.
Increases independent agency fees for motor vehicle registration and driver's licenses. (LR# 4291L.01I)
HB 1697 Hosmer, Craig
Requires that rent and possession suits be non jury trials. (LR# 4081L.01I)
HB 1698 Hosmer, Craig
Repeals the requirement that judgment be entered within thirty days after the case is submitted for final decision when a case is tried without a jury. (LR# 4082L.01I)
HB 1699 Hosmer, Craig
Raises the age requirements on various school and motor vehicle laws from sixteen to eighteen. (LR# 3279L.01I)
HB 1700 Hosmer, Craig
Revises the use of DNA evidence in criminal procedure. (LR# 2728L.01I)
HB 1701 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Modifies various provisions regarding long-term care insurance. (LR# 4296L.01P)
HB 1702 Ward, Dan
Authorizes applications for permits for retired peace officers to carry concealed weapons. Specifies permit requirements. (LR# 4075L.03I)
HB 1703 Bowman, John L.
Creates a tax credit for amounts teachers spend on teaching supplies. (LR# 3264L.01I)
HB 1704 Bowman, John L.
Creates tax credits for donations by business firms to schools. (LR# 3259L.01I)
HB 1705 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Authorizes special building permits in certain counties. (LR# 4242L.01I)
HB 1706 Treadway, Joseph L.
Applies the definitions of section 335.016 to all of chapter 335 (Nurses). (LR# 4221L.01I)
HB 1707 Miller, Ronnie
Creates the Speed Patrol Pilot Project. (LR# 3280L.01I)
HB 1708 Daus, Michael
Permits the Recorder of Deeds for the City of St. Louis to be appointed as a local registrar. (LR# 4089L.01I)
HB 1709 Boykins, Amber (Holly)
Expands state tax credit for contributions to authorized dropout abatement pilot programs. (LR# 4039L.01I)
HB 1710 Boykins, Amber (Holly)
Establishes the "Urban Flight Scholarship Program". (LR# 3649L.01I)
HB 1711 Graham, Chuck
Revises definitions section of state aid to include a definition of "district equalized assessed valuation". (LR# 3884L.02I)
HB 1712 Monaco, Ralph A.
Makes changes to Article 9 (Secured Transactions) of the Uniform Commercial Code. (LR# 3731L.01P)
HB 1713 Monaco, Ralph A.
Provides that certain health impairments shall be presumed to have been suffered in the line of duty unless the contrary can be shown by competent evidence. (LR# 4002L.01I)
HB 1714 Hilgemann, Robert
Creates a St. Louis College of Pharmacy special license plate. (LR# 4172L.01P)
HB 1715 Moore, Danielle
Expands the use of state-funded interpreters for the deaf in judicial proceedings. (LR# 3594L.01T)
HB 1716 Bowman, John L.
Establishes condemnation proceedings for towns or villages. (LR# 4273L.01I)
HB 1717 Foley, James Michael
Makes various changes regarding certificate of need law. (LR# 3932L.02I)
HB 1718 Barry, Joan
Enacts and amends various provisions regarding long-term care staffing, career ladder provisions, and quality of care issues. (LR# 4219L.01I)
HB 1719 Harlan, Tim
Establishes the Missouri Quality of Care Trust Fund to fund various long-term care initiatives and programs. (LR# 4282L.01I)
HB 1720 Burton, Gary L.
Provides for dissolution of certain road districts by a vote of the people. (LR# 4171L.01I)
HB 1721 Shelton, O.L.
Creates a public school beautification adoption program. (LR# 3260L.01I)
HB 1722 Hosmer, Craig
Excludes any information or evidence obtained from custodial interrogation of a mentally retarded person unless an attorney was present to represent the person. (LR# 4294L.01P)
HB 1723 Boucher, Bill
Creates a board responsible for licensing home inspectors. (LR# 3716L.01I)
HB 1724 Froelker, James V.
Increases the benefit formula for public school retirement systems. (LR# 4027L.02I)
HB 1725 Walton, Juanita Head
Creates the "Missouri Urban Tutoring Core Pilot Program". (LR# 3645L.01I)
HB 1726 Walton, Juanita Head
Requires local school boards of each school district to establish a written policy prohibiting bullying. (LR# 3647L.01P)
HB 1727 O'Toole, James P.
Establishes a sales tax holiday for clothing and school supplies. (LR# 4262L.01I)
HB 1728 Holt, Bruce W.
Clarifies the collection procedures for delinquent taxes. (LR# 4292L.01I)
HB 1729 Barnitz, Frank A.
Authorizes sheriffs to issue permits to carry concealed weapons. (LR# 3786L.02I)
HB 1730 Barnitz, Frank A.
Revises crime of supplying intoxicating liquor to a minor. Makes it a class A misdemeanor for licensees or their employees and for any person except if results in injury or death then D felony. (LR# 4113L.01I)
HB 1731 Holand, Roy W.
Provides health insurance coverage for hearing examinations and hearing aids for children and persons who were diagnosed with hearing loss before they turned eighteen. (LR# 4246L.03I)
HB 1732 Ostmann, Cindy
Repeals section 250.140 relating to sewage service. (LR# 4305L.01I)
HB 1733 Selby, Harold R.
Relating to the creation of a state board of licensed private fire investigator examiners. (LR# 3244L.01I)
HB 1734 Crump, Wayne F.
Requires all counties or St. Louis that participate in the sheriff retirement system to also fund the system. (LR# 4395L.01I)
HB 1735 Harlan, Tim
Creates the Local Government Investment Pool and revolving fund to consist of the aggregate of all funds from local officials handling public funds. (LR# 4317L.01I)
HB 1736 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Creates the "Missouri Special Education Teachers' Loan Repayment Assistance Program". (LR# 3651L.01I)
HB 1737 Monaco, Ralph A.
Makes it a crime to cancel a credit charge used for paying property taxes. (LR# 4206L.01I)
HB 1738 Cunningham, Jane
Amends the requirements for informed consent prior to the performance of an abortion. (LR# 4030L.02I)
HB 1739 Cunningham, Jane
Creates a tax credit for contributions to scholarship or educational charities. (LR# 3964L.01I)
HB 1740 Cunningham, Jane
Revises terms of service for members of the governing council of the special school district in St. Louis County. (LR# 3963L.02I)
HB 1741 Cunningham, Jane
Allows state employees who opt out of the state health insurance plan to receive half of the cost of the benefit to pay for coverage elsewhere or as additional salary upon proof of coverage. (LR# 3926L.01I)
HB 1742 Cunningham, Jane
Modifies various provisions regarding workers' compensation insurers. (LR# 4019L.02I)
HB 1743 Shoemyer, Wes
Adds the use of laser to the definition of dentistry. (LR# 4166L.01I)
HB 1744 Abel, Mark C.
Declares a moratorium on new outdoor advertising until January 1, 2008. (LR# 3930L.01I)
HB 1745 Koller, Don
Designates a portion of U.S. highway 63 in Texas County as the "Trooper Kelly L. Poynter Memorial Highway". (LR# 4386L.01P)
HB 1746 Koller, Don
Defines "electric personal assistive mobility device" and specifies where it may be operated. (LR# 4199L.01I)
HB 1747 Kelly, Glenda
Allows the juvenile court to order the provision of mental health treatment and care to juveniles without removing the juvenile from the home. (LR# 4360L.01I)
HB 1748 Ransdall, Bill L.
Extends the drinking water primacy fee to September 1, 2007. (LR# 4224L.01P)
HB 1749 Monaco, Ralph A.
Creates the crimes of attempted forcible rape and sodomy and classifies the attempts and forcible rape and sodomy as class A felonies. (LR# 4396L.01I)
HB 1750 Lawson, Maurice
Prohibits sale or storage of any gasoline within this state which contains more than one-half of one percent by volume of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). (LR# 4146L.01I)
HB 1751 Lawson, Maurice
Changes calculations for the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund. (LR# 4033L.01I)
HB 1752 Graham, Chuck
Requires stretcher van services to be licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services. (LR# 4351L.01I)
HB 1753 Gratz, William (Bill)
Creates a small business regulatory fairness board. (LR# 4048L.01I)
HB 1754 Gratz, William (Bill)
Creates the Environmental Regulation Consistency Act. (LR# 4040L.01I)
HB 1755 Merideth III, Denny J.
Creates a Missouri Travel Council special license plate. (LR# 3410L.01P)
HB 1756 Reid, Michael J
Creates crimes for sexual offenders who know they have HIV, amends HIV notification statutes, HIV disclosure statutes, prosecutors motion for HIV testing and the punishment for prostitution. (LR# 2366L.01I)
HB 1757 George, Thomas E.
Allows Sunday liquor sales by the drink at certain establishments within an international airport. (LR# 4405L.02P)
HB 1758 Jolly, Cathy
Requires that any canine acquired by a law enforcement agency after July 1, 2002, must be trained and certified along with its handler before it can be used. (LR# 4201L.02I)
HB 1759 Jolly, Cathy
Clarifies the crime of passing a bad check. (LR# 4108L.02I)
HB 1760 Mayer, Robert
Revises certain provisions relating to stealing. (LR# 3859L.01I)
HB 1761 Gaskill, Sam
Changes the assessed valuation limits for county classifications. (LR# 4124L.01I)
HB 1762 Harding, Meg
Makes it an unlawful practice to disclose more than five credit card or debit card numbers on any sales receipt. (LR# 4322L.03I)
HB 1763 Campbell, Marsha
Prohibits use of a mobile telephone while operating a motor vehicle, with exceptions. (LR# 3558L.01I)
HB 1764 Dempsey, Tom
Enacts the Anti-terrorism Act. (LR# 3504L.01I)
HB 1765 Bray, Joan
Enacts the Simplified Sales and Use Tax Act. (LR# 4457L.01I)
HB 1766 Monaco, Ralph A.
Requires that juries be instructed before case submission that if they are unable to agree on punishment the court will assess life imprisonment without parole for first degree murder. (LR# 4073L.02I)
HB 1767 Crawford, Larry
Prohibits deduction of service fees from any state employee's salary unless the employee authorizes the deduction. (LR# 3694L.01I)
HB 1768 Hosmer, Craig
Increases the life of liens of judgments or decrees on real estate rendered after August 28, 1998, from three to ten years. (LR# 4080L.01T)
HB 1769 Hoppe, Thomas
Permits cities, villages, and certain counties to enact ordinances regarding removal or abatement of nuisances. (LR# 3982L.01I)
HB 1770 Townley, Merrill M.
Permits the disclosure of a patient's mental health records fifty years after the patient's death. (LR# 4393L.01I)
HB 1771 Barry, Joan
Modifies various provisions regarding declared states of emergency. (LR# 4129L.01I)
HB 1772 Clayton, Robert
Increases independent agency fees for motor vehicle registration and driver's licenses. (LR# 4264L.01I)
HB 1773 Shelton, O.L.
Revises the salary matrix for police officers in certain cities. (LR# 4086L.01P)
HB 1774 Crawford, Larry
Requires all state employees who have accrued more than forty hours of compensatory time to be paid for any additional compensatory hours or use the additional time as time off. (LR# 4158L.02I)
HB 1775 Shoemaker, Christopher
Repeals expiration date on motor fuel tax and allows the Department of Transportation to engage in design-build contracts. (LR# 4178L.01I)
HB 1776 Harlan, Tim
Transfers custodianship of the county recorder's fund to the Director of Revenue. (LR# 4211L.02P)
HB 1777 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Creates crime of criminal profiteering and civil penalty for unfair leverage when selling during a consumer market disruption. Revises crime of making a terrorist threat. (LR# 4300L.01I)
HB 1778 Monaco, Ralph A.
Creates special license plates for members of the Kingdom of Calontir and the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association. (LR# 4485L.01P)
HB 1779 Green, Timothy P.
Creates a special license plate for members of the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Teamsters. (LR# 4049L.01P)
HB 1780 Green, Timothy P.
Requires the Division of Child Support Enforcement to use the National Medical Support notice to enforce health benefit plan coverage required in child support orders. (LR# 4421L.01I)
HB 1781 Green, Timothy P.
Extends the expiration date on the nursing facility reimbursement allowance to September 30, 2005. (LR# 4420L.01T)
HB 1782 Shoemyer, Wes
Revises limitation on rural water grants. (LR# 4436L.01I)
HB 1783 Lowe, Jenee' M.
Changes the name of the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (LR# 4339L.01P)
HB 1784 Lowe, Jenee' M.
Amends the definition of American Sign Language to declare it to be the native language of many deaf Missourians. (LR# 4338L.01I)
HB 1785 Liese, Chris
Exempts from state tax assets and earnings of any higher education savings program qualified by the Internal Revenue Code. (LR# 4524L.01I)
HB 1786 Liese, Chris
Expands the definition of "street rod" and revises the requirement of the display of two license plates on street rods and historic vehicles to display of one plate. (LR# 3597L.01I)
HB 1787 Treadway, Joseph L.
Allows any agent licensed by the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors to inspect the premises of a funeral service licensed by the board. (LR# 4302L.01I)
HB 1788 Ross, Carson
Creates a special license plate for Veterans of Foreign Wars. (LR# 4465L.01P)
HB 1789 Ross, Carson
Creates a special license plate for former members of the Missouri General Assembly. (LR# 4472L.01P)
HB 1790 Reid, Michael J
Creates the crime of unlawful genetic engineering of humans. (LR# 3481L.02I)
HB 1791 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Exempts any health carrier that is certified as a Medicare+Choice organization from filing a health care access plan. (LR# 4532L.01I)
HB 1792 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Prohibits documents filed by health service corporations and health maintenance organizations from being changed 30 days after filing. (LR# 4531L.01I)
HB 1793 Shields, Charles W.
Revises minimum teacher salaries. (LR# 4182L.01I)
HB 1794 Legan, Kenneth
Revises certain provisions of the Animal Research and Production Facilities Protection Act. (LR# 4275L.01I)
HB 1795 Berkowitz, Sam
Authorizes conveyances of state property. (LR# 4155L.01P)
HB 1796 Crump, Wayne F.
Enacts the Nurse Licensure Compact. (LR# 3847L.01I)
HB 1797 Hilgemann, Robert
Requires the State Treasurer to calculate interest rate based on previous year's annualized rate of return. (LR# 4498L.01I)
HB 1798 Hilgemann, Robert
Creates a senior citizen property tax deferral. (LR# 4517L.01I)
HB 1799 Burton, Gary L.
Changes the names of several state colleges. (LR# 4090L.02I)
HB 1800 Secrest, Patricia K.
Alters workers' compensation law to require injuries to be the dominant substantial factor for compensation to be awarded. (LR# 4431L.01I)
HB 1801 Gambaro, Derio L.
Imposes the compelling state interest test on any governmental restriction on the free exercise of religion. (LR# 3612L.01I)
HB 1802 Smith, Philip
Expands the powers of the Administrative Hearing Commission to include any contested case either by a state agency or an affected party and adds 3 members to the commission. (LR# 4327L.01I)
HB 1803 Green, Timothy P.
Requires certain members of the Credit Union Commission to be credit union representatives. (LR# 4527L.01P)
HB 1804 Harding, Meg
Requires payday lenders to disclose in all advertising the maximum amount of fees and interest they are currently charging. (LR# 3893L.04I)
HB 1805 Ransdall, Bill L.
Requires persons who sell funeral merchandise to register with the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors as a seller or producer. (LR# 4301L.01I)
HB 1806 Shelton, O.L.
Prohibits the transportation of hazardous materials through any highway tunnel in this state. (LR# 4220L.01I)
HB 1807 Hoppe, Thomas
Changes requirements for formation of common sewer districts. (LR# 3896L.01I)
HB 1808 Holand, Roy W.
Allows physicians to be disciplined for actions that arise out of collaborative practice agreements. (LR# 4247L.01I)
HB 1809 Brooks, Sharon Sanders
Allows recall elections in the Kansas City school district. (LR# 4250L.02I)
HB 1810 Holt, Bruce W.
Requires Department of Natural Resources to give preference to applications by municipalities for grants for the purpose of aiding recycling efforts. (LR# 3388L.03I)
HB 1811 Gambaro, Derio L.
Authorizes the Governor to convey property known as the Hubert Wheeler State School in St. Louis. (LR# 4549L.01P)
HB 1812 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Modifies the uses of the moneys in the Health Document Services Fund. (LR# 4501L.01T)
HB 1813 Monaco, Ralph A.
Clarifies duties of State Auditor in validating certain bonds. (LR# 4540L.01I)
HB 1814 Monaco, Ralph A.
Modifies various provisions regarding the filing of orders of protection, including prohibiting the assessment of filing fees, court costs, or bond for orders of protection. (LR# 4487L.01T)
HB 1815 Scheve, May
Creates a Boy Scouts of America special license plate. (LR# 4552L.01I)
HB 1816 Selby, Harold R.
Authorizes an additional two percent sales tax on fireworks. (LR# 4210L.01I)
HB 1817 Franklin, Richard
Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to identify for recognition by the Governor schools demonstrating high student achievement. (LR# 4190L.03I)
HB 1818 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Increases the annual cost-of-living allowance for public retirement systems from eighty percent to one hundred percent of the increase in the Consumer Price Index. (LR# 4426L.01I)
HB 1819 Scott, Delbert
Revises the amount of excess revenues generated by fines for moving traffic violations that municipalities must send to the Department of Revenue. (LR# 4281L.01I)
HB 1820 Phillips, Susan C.
Authorizes a one-half percent transient guest tax for tourism in certain counties. (LR# 4547L.01I)
HB 1821 Smith, Philip
Creates procedures for information that can be considered when determining underwriting decisions. (LR# 4260L.01I)
HB 1822 Walton, Juanita Head
Provides state employees protection against discharge if called to military duty or training and sets maximum hours of military leave and designates when and how such leave may be charged. (LR# 4263L.01T)
HB 1823 Franklin, Richard
Clarifies treatment of retirement payments for state retirees who are reemployed by the state. (LR# 4288L.01I)
HB 1824 Boucher, Bill
Allows records concerning sex offenders to be released in certain circumstances. (LR# 4559L.01I)
HB 1825 Merideth III, Denny J.
Allows display of various documents in public schools upon certain conditions. (LR# 4442L.01I)
HB 1826 Hosmer, Craig
Specifies when an agency is to notify the Attorney General of a possible sexually violent predator and the content of that notice including that a psychiatrist or psychologist make the determination. (LR# 4323L.01I)
HB 1827 Cunningham, Jane
Provides that no branch of government shall employ an inmate or other person with a criminal record in a position where such person would have access to records containing personal identifiers. (LR# 4017L.01I)
HB 1828 Cunningham, Jane
Raises the minimum amount of various school projects requiring minimum bids. (LR# 3962L.01I)
HB 1829 Cunningham, Jane
Creates the Joint Committee on Government Review to review statutes, programs, initiatives, appropriations, and government entities and functions for their validity and necessity. (LR# 4029L.01I)
HB 1830 Cunningham, Jane
Requires state laws to be construed in accordance with certain federal constitutional guarantees. (LR# 4345L.01I)
HB 1831 Cunningham, Jane
Expands the no-call list to include faxes and emails. (LR# 4106L.01I)
HB 1832 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Removes current requirement for property owners in proposed law enforcement district to be personally served. (LR# 4573L.01I)
HB 1833 Hendrickson, Carl
Changes requirements for property assessments. (LR# 4191L.01I)
HB 1834 Lowe, Jenee' M.
Allows persons treated by emergency medical care providers, health care providers, and Good Samaritans to be tested for contagious and infectious diseases. (LR# 4494L.02I)
HB 1835 Treadway, Joseph L.
Alters licensing requirements for the Board of Geologist Registration. (LR# 4388L.01I)
HB 1836 Hosmer, Craig
Makes the punishment for murder in the first degree death or life without parole except if the person is under 18; then the punishment is life without parole. (LR# 4551L.01I)
HB 1837 Berkowitz, Sam
Creates a Missouri qualified fuel ethanol producer incentive fund which provides economic subsidies to producers who are eligible for 60 months unless not paid in full then an additional 24. (LR# 4333L.01P)
HB 1838 Hosmer, Craig
Revises licensing procedures for motor vehicle and watercraft dealers. (LR# 4514L.01T)
HB 1839 Seigfreid, James
Changes voting requirements for dissolution of certain special road districts. (LR# 4419L.01T)
HB 1840 Seigfreid, James
Revises law on electronic reporting system for lobbyist reports. (LR# 4389L.01T)
HB 1841 Boatright, Matt
Requires all state contracts for the purchase of goods and services to be subject to competitive bidding and awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. (LR# 4418L.01I)
HB 1842 Froelker, James V.
Prohibits any state appropriations to be used in any manner for assisted suicide. (LR# 4455L.01I)
HB 1843 Johnson, Rick
Adds psychotherapy service to definition of practice of professional counseling. (LR# 4541L.01I)
HB 1844 Johnson, Rick
Requires funeral directors and embalmers to complete professional development courses. (LR# 4515L.01I)
HB 1845 Copenhaver, Nancy
Establishes procedure for termination of teachers' contracts. (LR# 4432L.01I)
HB 1846 Scott, Delbert
Changes reporting due dates of town and village financial reports. (LR# 4554L.01P)
HB 1847 Phillips, Susan C.
Modifies the informed consent requirements prior to the performance of an abortion. (LR# 4253L.01I)
HB 1848 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Requires certain tax credits administered by the Department of Economic Development to be capped per fiscal year. (LR# 4422L.01I)
HB 1849 Barnitz, Frank A.
Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the Crawford County Commission. (LR# 4326L.01P)
HB 1850 O'Toole, James P.
Changes funding amounts for sheriff's offices. (LR# 4065L.01P)
HB 1851 Curls, Melba J.
Changes requirements for the Kansas City Housing Authority Commission. (LR# 4051L.01P)
HB 1852 Villa, Thomas
Creates a special license plate for members of Jefferson National Parks Association. (LR# 4580L.01P)
HB 1853 Wagner, Wes
Changes reporting requirements for filing financial interest statements for certain political subdivisions. (LR# 4391L.01I)
HB 1854 Crawford, Larry
Allows state employees compensation for overtime work. (LR# 4614L.01I)
HB 1855 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Creates the State Property Preservation Fund. (LR# 4330L.01I)
HB 1856 Myers, Peter
Requires contract provision which allows farmers to plant genetically enhanced seed on their own land. (LR# 4475L.01I)
HB 1857 Bray, Joan
Requires school board members in certain districts to reside in the district for one year preceding their election or appointment. (LR# 4544L.01I)
HB 1858 Bray, Joan
Requires school board members of certain districts to be residents of and registered voters in the district for one year preceding their election or appointment. (LR# 4545L.01I)
HB 1859 Hendrickson, Carl
Excludes military service income from Missouri adjusted gross income. (LR# 4384L.01I)
HB 1860 Hendrickson, Carl
Changes procedures for electing presidential electors. (LR# 4383L.01I)
HB 1861 Burcham, Tom
Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the Habitat for Humanity of St. Francois County. (LR# 4433L.01T)
HB 1862 May, Bob
Creates a special license plate for members of Rotary International. (LR# 2547L.01P)
HB 1863 Whorton, James
Creates the "Missouri Biodiesel Incentive Fund". (LR# 3499L.01I)
HB 1864 Cunningham, Jane
Requires operators of motor vehicles to use lighted lamps in certain weather conditions. (LR# 3911L.01I)
HB 1865 Willoughby, Philip
Revises the law on joint municipal utility projects. (LR# 4440L.01I)
HB 1866 Fares, Kathlyn J.
Increases circuit breaker limits. (LR# 4387L.01I)
HB 1867 Griesheimer, John E.
Creates a special license plate for members of Missouri Task Force One. (LR# 4495L.01P)
HB 1868 Barry, Joan
Creates a Regional Taxicab Commission for the City and County of St. Louis. (LR# 4522L.01I)
HB 1869 Barry, Joan
Prohibits residency requirements for peace officers statewide. (LR# 3629L.01P)
HB 1870 Barry, Joan
Modifies provisions regarding the confidentiality of the Department of Health and Senior Services' central registry information on genetic disorders and birth defects. (LR# 4523L.01I)
HB 1871 Barry, Joan
Allows registered nurses to order therapies under collaborative agreements if the registered nurse is an advanced practice nurse. (LR# 4467L.02I)
HB 1872 Hosmer, Craig
Changes requirements for the use of personal flotation devices on watercraft. (LR# 4563L.01P)
HB 1873 Shoemyer, Wes
Gives the State Board of Pharmacy the power to serve a subpoena duces tecum. (LR# 4434L.01I)
HB 1874 Crawford, Larry
Allows certain cities to remove weeds or trash on property. (LR# 4336L.01I)
HB 1875 Mays, Carol Jean
Allows the Public Service Commission to consider a customers' ability to pay when setting utility rates. (LR# 4430L.02I)
HB 1876 Kelly, Glenda
Authorizes the Office of Administration to provided armed security guards at state owned or leased facilities. (LR# 4620L.01I)
HB 1877 Foley, James Michael
Creates the Schools of the Future Fund and establishes various funding sources. (LR# 4425L.01I)
HB 1878 Roark, Brad
Establishes covenant marriages in this state. (LR# 4184L.03I)
HB 1879 O'Toole, James P.
Authorizes service retirement allowances for St. Louis firefighters at age 62. (LR# 4591L.01I)
HB 1880 O'Toole, James P.
Specifies dollar limit for special advisors and consultants under St. Louis firefighter retirement system. (LR# 4596L.01I)
HB 1881 Rizzo, Henry C.
Allows the Department of Revenue to require aliens to submit a birth certificate as part of an application for a driver's license. (LR# 4066L.01P)
HB 1882 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Specifies that personnel of organized fire protection districts are in charge of accident scenes to which the district responds. (LR# 4376L.01I)
HB 1883 Froelker, James V.
Changes requirements for refunds of erroneously paid taxes. (LR# 4456L.01I)
HB 1884 Froelker, James V.
Specifies date of receipt of real estate tax payments. (LR# 4459L.01I)
HB 1885 Froelker, James V.
Allows a birth certificate to be issued for a stillborn child. (LR# 4451L.01I)
HB 1886 Rizzo, Henry C.
Enacts the Missouri Downtown Economic Stimulus Act. (LR# 4367L.02I)
HB 1887 Baker, Lana Ladd
Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the provisions of in-home services to the elderly. (LR# 3870L.01I)
HB 1888 Barnitz, Frank A.
Requires Internet access of pawnshop information to law enforcement officials. (LR# 4223L.01I)
HB 1889 Foley, James Michael
Creates the Sports Center Redevelopment Authority. (LR# 4550L.01I)
HB 1890 Hilgemann, Robert
Changes procedures for mobile telecommunications services. (LR# 4382L.01P)
HB 1891 Smith, Philip
Limits percentages of local sales taxes that may be imposed. (LR# 4132L.02I)
HB 1892 Berkstresser, Judy
Allows for reimbursement of expenses in certain condemnation and inverse condemnation cases. (LR# 4266L.01I)
HB 1893 Barry, Joan
Changes the name the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (LR# 4628L.01I)
HB 1894 Black, Lanie
Makes various revisions, including a change in name, to the state Highways and Transportation Commission. (LR# 4602L.01I)
HB 1895 Carnahan, Russ
Establishes the Criminal Records and Justice Information Advisory Committee. (LR# 4520L.02T)
HB 1896 Barry, Joan
Provides an exemption from sales tax for health and fitness centers. (LR# 4497L.01I)
HB 1897 Gratz, William (Bill)
Provides state employees with additional annual leave and sick leave hours in any fiscal year in which they do not receive a salary adjustment. (LR# 4473L.01I)
HB 1898 Campbell, Marsha
Imposes a tax on retail pharmacies providing outpatient prescription drugs to provide additional funding for the Medicaid pharmacy program. (LR# 4589L.01I)
HB 1899 Gratz, William (Bill)
Adds Consumer Price Index adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid. (LR# 4648L.01I)
HB 1900 Scott, Delbert
Creates the state legal expense fund. (LR# 4578L.01I)
HB 1901 Hilgemann, Robert
Establishes the "Missouri Paraprofessional-to-Teacher Assistance Program". (LR# 3648L.01I)
HB 1902 Kelley, Pat
Relieves a parent of financial responsibility for seventeen year old minors who do not reside with their parents with or without the parent's consent. (LR# 3864L.01I)
HB 1903 Liese, Chris
Allows certain types of credit for insurance liquidations. (LR# 4481L.01P)
HB 1904 Britt, Phillip M.
Creates crime of assault while on the property of a hospital emergency room or trauma center. (LR# 4476L.01I)
HB 1905 Moore, Danielle
Provides an additional salary adjustment for state employees so the total salary adjustment at least equals the average increase in state employee contribution costs for health insurance. (LR# 4045L.01I)
HB 1906 Green, Timothy P.
Requires the Commissioner of Administration to transfer excess unobligated cash balances of certain state funds to General Revenue Fund. (LR# 4682L.01I)
HB 1907 King, Jerry R
Makes Adrian, Missouri, the purple martin capital of the state. (LR# 4539L.01I)
HB 1908 O'Connor, Patrick
Revises title requirements for salvage vehicles. (LR# 4567L.01I)
HB 1909 O'Connor, Patrick
Revises reporting requirements for motor vehicle and boat dealers. (LR# 4566L.01I)
HB 1910 Barry, Joan
Provides standards for assisted living facilities. (LR# 4577L.01I)
HB 1911 Selby, Harold R.
Enacts the Disposition of Fetal Remains Act which allows a birth mother to determine the final disposition of any fetal remains. (LR# 4575L.01I)
HB 1912 Cunningham, Jane
Requires certificates of value to be filed with the assessor's office upon sale of real property. (LR# 4344L.02I)
HB 1913 Kelly, Glenda
Creates the State Board of Emergency Medical Services. (LR# 3154L.03I)
HB 1914 Mays, Carol Jean
Provides for the funding of the Office of Public Counsel for the representation of utility customers. (LR# 4603L.01I)
HB 1915 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Transfers administration of all post-secondary scholarship programs to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education. (LR# 3679L.01I)
HB 1916 Franklin, Richard
Requires Kansas City school board members running for election from a subdistrict to reside in that subdistrict but be elected at-large. (LR# 2538L.02I)
HB 1917 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Expands jurisdiction of the juvenile court to include paternity and guardianship for 17 year olds; allows transfer of dissolution cases in certain circumstances; adds methods of asserting paternity. (LR# 4672L.01I)
HB 1918 Koller, Don
Revises enforcement of the requirement for commercial motor vehicles to stop at weigh stations. (LR# 4696L.01P)
HB 1919 Treadway, Joseph L.
Creates a board of counselors and therapists. (LR# 4519L.01I)
HB 1920 Liese, Chris
Removes laundry and linen services from services offered by the Vocational Enterprises Program. (LR# 4594L.01I)
HB 1921 Green, Timothy P.
Authorizes the Director of the Division of Credit Unions to examine certain qualifying credit unions at least once every eighteen months. (LR# 4625L.01P)
HB 1922 Green, Timothy P.
Authorizes regional transportation development districts. (LR# 3975L.01I)
HB 1923 Barry, Joan
Establishes a nurse staffing plan for hospitals. (LR# 2859L.01I)
HB 1924 Wagner, Wes
Exempts certain property used for purely charitable purposes from taxation. (LR# 4624L.01I)
HB 1925 Hanaway, Catherine L
Increases the foster care reimbursement and adoption subsidy rate over a three-year period. (LR# 4109L.01I)
HB 1926 Fraser, Barbara
Extends the expiration date on the Children's Health Insurance Program to July 1, 2007. (LR# 4576L.01T)
HB 1927 Reynolds, David L.
Requires entities providing foster care services to children who are wards of the state to be reimbursed at a rate equal to one hundred percent of their actual costs. (LR# 3522L.02I)
HB 1928 Overschmidt, Francis S.
Changes language relating to the Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund. (LR# 4429L.01I)
HB 1929 Burton, Gary L.
Requires the Public Service Commission to establish rules for expedited dispute resolution procedures. (LR# 4654L.01I)
HB 1930 Burton, Gary L.
Prohibits state agencies from offering electronic commerce services that are similar to those offered by the private sector. (LR# 4581L.01I)
HB 1931 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Allows spouses or dependent's of deceased retired officers and employees of the St. Louis Police Department receiving a pension to purchase insurance. (LR# 4299L.01I)
HB 1932 George, Thomas E.
Revises calculation of state taxable wage base and makes other changes related to employment security. (LR# 4561L.01I)
HB 1933 Merideth III, Denny J.
Establishes the State Board of Auctioneers to license auctioneers. (LR# 3518L.06I)
HB 1934 Merideth III, Denny J.
Permits continued pay for state employees on extended military leaves of absence. (LR# 4321L.01I)
HB 1935 Seigfreid, James
Authorizes a transient guest tax in certain cities. (LR# 4590L.01I)
HB 1936 Berkowitz, Sam
Creates Missouri Agricultural Products Marketing Development Fund and Citizens' Advisory Commission for Marketing Missouri Agricultural Products. Develops standards and labeling for organic farming. (LR# 4533L.01I)
HB 1937 Barry, Joan
Modifies various provisions for the licensure of clinical perfusionists. (LR# 4680L.01T)
HB 1938 Barry, Joan
Provides health insurance coverage for a second opinion when a patient with a newly diagnosed cancer is referred to a specialist. (LR# 4616L.01I)
HB 1939 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Allows private-pay skilled nursing facilities to receive Medicaid reimbursement for residents who reside in the facility for more than one year without certificate of need review. (LR# 4047L.03I)
HB 1940 Mayer, Robert
Clarifies conditions which must be met for school districts to suspend students who have been charged with a felony. (LR# 4284L.01I)
HB 1941 Mayer, Robert
Expands the list of offenses for which a pupil may be prohibited from participating in a regular program of instruction to include any felony offense pursuant to chapters 566 and 567, RSMo. (LR# 4286L.01I)
HB 1942 Reynolds, David L.
Adds informed consent provisions prior to the performance of an abortion. (LR# 4553L.01I)
HB 1943 Jolly, Cathy
Requires each additional one thousand dollars of support arrearage accrued in excess of five thousand dollars to be charged as a separate criminal nonsupport offense. (LR# 3620L.03I)
HB 1944 Barnitz, Frank A.
Creates Project Exile, relating to firearm crimes. (LR# 4392L.01I)
HB 1945 Barry, Joan
Exempts continuing care retirement communities from the certificate of need laws. (LR# 3818L.01I)
HB 1946 Bonner, Dennis
Authorizes appropriation to project fund for Kansas/Missouri metropolitan cultural district. (LR# 4693L.01I)
HB 1947 Reid, Michael J
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to establish and administer a program for the registration of biological agents in the state. (LR# 2854L.01I)
HB 1948 Reid, Michael J
Creates new crimes of terrorism. (LR# 4634L.01I)
HB 1949 Curls, Melba J.
Requires certain financial institutions to cash state payroll checks. (LR# 3302L.01I)
HB 1950 Scheve, May
Requires that individuals applying for or renewing a mortgage broker license must show proof of completion of a continuing education course. (LR# 4463L.01I)
HB 1951 Hampton, Mark
Phases in a states sales tax exemption on caskets, coffins, and urns. (LR# 4325L.01I)
HB 1952 Monaco, Ralph A.
Requires health insurance coverage for clinical trials for treatment of cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. (LR# 4623L.01I)
HB 1953 Van Zandt, Tim
Clarifies that the reimbursement of Department of Health and Senior Services advisory committees shall be subject to appropriations. (LR# 4707L.01P)
HB 1954 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Creates the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm for persons convicted of or subject to a court order for domestic violence. (LR# 2456L.01I)
HB 1955 Hilgemann, Robert
Delineates neighborhood groups, community groups, and local social services agencies rights at sentencing hearings for controlled substances offenders. (LR# 4612L.01P)
HB 1956 Hilgemann, Robert
Enacts the Uniform Planned Community Act. (LR# 4173L.01I)
HB 1957 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Grants investment agents a temporary license if they transfer to another broker-dealer that is licensed by the state. (LR# 4613L.01I)
HB 1958 Whorton, James
Specifies which inventory qualifies for repurchase from the retailer and which does not qualify. (LR# 4470L.01I)
HB 1959 Shields, Charles W.
Revises fees for certain special license plates. (LR# 4177L.01I)
HB 1960 Monaco, Ralph A.
Imposes a sales tax on tobacco products for education and other purposes. (LR# 4290L.02I)
HB 1961 Ransdall, Bill L.
Designates enterprise zones in certain counties and cities. (LR# 4683L.01I)
HB 1962 Monaco, Ralph A.
Revises court procedures. (LR# 4713L.01I)
HB 1963 Gambaro, Derio L.
Establishes the "Motivating Parents and Children" program and fund. (LR# 3653L.01I)
HB 1964 Gambaro, Derio L.
Excludes certain neighborhood associations from certain statutes governing real estate agents. (LR# 4595L.01P)
HB 1965 Cunningham, Jane
Requires certain minority business enterprises to give proof that they are qualified to provide certain services and commodities. (LR# 4335L.01I)
HB 1966 Froelker, James V.
Creates an income tax deduction for National Guard pay. (LR# 4499L.01I)
HB 1967 Monaco, Ralph A.
Enacts the Poultry Producer Protection Act. (LR# 4489L.01I)
HB 1968 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Requires landlords of manufactured or mobile home land lease communities to provide 120 days' notice to vacate prior to selling of such property. (LR# 3112L.03I)
HB 1969 Reid, Michael J
Revises provisions relating to surviving spouses obtaining special military license plates. (LR# 4556L.01P)
HB 1970 Townley, Merrill M.
Requires health insurers to provide coverage for a minimum of four mastectomy brassieres a year to insured who have had a mastectomy. (LR# 4697L.01I)
HB 1971 Seigfreid, James
Qualifies certain individuals as special consultants for the public employee retirement systems. (LR# 4737L.01I)
HB 1972 Kelley, Pat
Prohibits the Missouri Gaming Commission from authorizing new types of gaming without statutory authority or voter approval. (LR# 4564L.02I)
HB 1973 Bowman, John L.
Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to conduct a study relating to economics and personal finance education. (LR# 4744L.01T)
HB 1974 Bowman, John L.
Makes various changes to the laws controlling child labor. (LR# 4615L.01I)
HB 1975 Hosmer, Craig
Permits the electronic creation and retrieval of birth and death records. (LR# 4618L.01I)
HB 1976 Bartle, Matt
Requires senders of unsolicited e-mail to remove a person from their mailing list if the person indicates they want to be removed from such a list. (LR# 4526L.01I)
HB 1977 Bartle, Matt
Makes revisions to the crimes of stalking in the first, second, and third degrees. (LR# 4747L.01I)
HB 1978 Bartle, Matt
Reduces foundation formula deduction for local property taxes. (LR# 4753L.01I)
HB 1979 Bartle, Matt
Repeals provisions of law declared unconstitutional. (LR# 4749L.01I)
HB 1980 Bartle, Matt
Establishes the School Building Construction and Renovation Fund. (LR# 4748L.01I)
HB 1981 Shields, Charles W.
Prohibits members of the Public Service Commission from establishing or maintaining a campaign finance committee. (LR# 4093L.01I)
HB 1982 Richardson, Mark L.
Specifies travel expense guidelines for assessors in certain counties. (LR# 4293L.01T)
HB 1983 Baker, Lana Ladd
Removes the time restriction on the income disregard for receipt of temporary assistance for needy families. (LR# 4759L.01I)
HB 1984 Froelker, James V.
Creates a tax exemption for sales of certain motor vehicles. (LR# 4493L.01I)
HB 1985 Gratz, William (Bill)
Requires bills introduced in the General Assembly to contain a declaration of legislative intent. (LR# 4755L.01I)
HB 1986 Hosmer, Craig
Creates faculty representative positions on all university boards of governors and makes other changes to higher education. (LR# 3644L.01P)
HB 1987 O'Connor, Patrick
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to establish nurse-to-patient staff ratios for hospitals. (LR# 4730L.01I)
HB 1988 Kelly, Van
Makes the fox trotting horse the official state horse. (LR# 4746L.01T)
HB 1989 Shoemyer, Wes
Gives prosecuting and circuit attorneys eligibility in the prosecuting attorneys and circuit attorneys' retirement system even if they were not a member as of the effective date of the system (LR# 4787L.01I)
HB 1990 Green, Tom
Allows parents to request a death certificate for a stillborn child. (LR# 2364L.01I)
HB 1991 Naeger, Patrick A.
Requires school districts to provide transportation to private and parochial students and allows them to charge fees for the service. (LR# 3546L.01I)
HB 1992 Hendrickson, Carl
Requires a one-year waiting period before resubmission of defeated school bond issues. (LR# 4799L.01I)
HB 1993 Copenhaver, Nancy
Allows the payment of incentives to early childhood education professionals based on level of education. (LR# 4716L.01I)
HB 1994 Hosmer, Craig
Changes the name of Southwest Missouri State University. (LR# 4606L.01P)
HB 1995 Dempsey, Tom
Prohibits any political subdivision from levying a property tax above the calculated rate without voter approval. (LR# 3900L.01I)
HB 1996 Dempsey, Tom
Revises the penalties for misrepresentation of age by a minor to obtain liquor. (LR# 4610L.01I)
HB 1997 Cooper, Shannon
Excludes elected officials of the state of Missouri from receiving state health insurance benefits. (LR# 4217L.01I)
HB 1998 Hendrickson, Carl
Regulates adult establishments. (LR# 4798L.01I)
HB 1999 Lawson, Maurice
Excludes bailiffs or court marshals from requirement of having a peace officer license. (LR# 4760L.01I)
HB 2000 Quinn, John
Allows directors of industrial development corporations in certain municipalities to live outside the municipality. (LR# 3497L.03I)
HB 2001 Hegeman, Daniel J.
Allows the State Dental Board to enter into diversion agreements with dentists or dental hygienists. (LR# 4621L.01T)
HB 2002 Farnen, Ted
Revises provisions concerning coroner's inquests. (LR# 4811L.01T)
HB 2003 Harlan, Tim
Amends various provisions regarding the reporting requirements for long-term care facilities. (LR# 4632L.01I)
HB 2004 Myers, Peter
Creates the Environmental Regulation Consistency Act. (LR# 4652L.01I)
HB 2005 Bearden, Carl
Requires performance-based state budgeting review. (LR# 4651L.01I)
HB 2006 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Requires the revocation or denial of a license for health care professionals who default on student loans. (LR# 4232L.02I)
HB 2007 O'Connor, Patrick
Revises the requirements for issuance of license plates. (LR# 4684L.01I)
HB 2008 O'Connor, Patrick
Adds a new category of motor vehicle dealer. (LR# 4676L.01P)
HB 2009 O'Connor, Patrick
Revises application for licensure process for motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and auctions. (LR# 4677L.01P)
HB 2010 Cunningham, Jane
Creates the "Teacher Choice Compensation Package" and fund. (LR# 4362L.03I)
HB 2011 Cunningham, Jane
Allows qualified common-interest communities to receive compensation from a municipality for trash services. (LR# 4488L.01I)
HB 2012 Cunningham, Jane
Establishes the "Missouri Healthy Schools Fund". (LR# 3967L.01I)
HB 2013 Walton, Juanita Head
Allows school board members of any school district to be removed by the voters in a recall election. (LR# 4816L.01I)
HB 2014 Smith, Philip
Sets costs for transcripts paid to court reporters and costs for evidence preservation paid to clerks. (LR# 4819L.01I)
HB 2015 Clayton, Robert
Requires a store owner to refund a customer's money if the customer is improperly detained due to a failure to remove or deactivate a security strip. (LR# 4722L.01I)
HB 2016 Kelly, Glenda
Modifies the information required for delivery of prisoners to correctional centers. (LR# 4817L.01I)
HB 2017 Kelly, Glenda
Allows adopted persons over the age of 50 to obtain their original birth certificates. (LR# 4361L.01I)
HB 2018 Bartle, Matt
Requires county clerk of Jackson County to forward tax books for school districts by June 15. (LR# 4764L.02T)
HB 2019 Kreider, Jim
Creates position of student representative on the board of trustees at Ozarks Technical Community College. (LR# 4782L.01I)
HB 2020 Reid, Michael J
Expands the motor vehicle "lemon law". (LR# 3703L.01I)
HB 2021 Ross, Carson
Allows the Department of Revenue to take certain actions against applicants who commit fraud to obtain a driver's license. (LR# 4858L.01I)
HB 2022 Richardson, Mark L.
Reenacts section 178.870, relating to community college property tax rates, to cure possible constitutional defects. (LR# 3082L.01P)
HB 2023 Franklin, Richard
Revises language relating to challenges of a disciplinary change of placement and process of appeal of a hearing panel's decision. (LR# 3746L.01P)
HB 2024 Relford, Randall H.
Revises provisions relating to the lapse of a school district's corporate organization. (LR# 4867L.01I)
HB 2025 Walton, Juanita Head
Creates special license plates for members and alumni of various Greek organizations. (LR# 4695L.02P)
HB 2026 Green, Tom
Designates the Missouri River bridge connecting St. Louis and St. Charles counties as the "Veterans Memorial Bridge". (LR# 4865L.01P)
HB 2027 Gambaro, Derio L.
Makes various revisions relating to collection of vehicle-related fees and fines. (LR# 4781L.01I)
HB 2028 Berkowitz, Sam
Establishes the Missouri Career Ladder Initiative Program for nurse assistants providing long-term care. (LR# 4715L.01I)
HB 2029 Hosmer, Craig
Requires certified police reports in certain instances. (LR# 4801L.01P)
HB 2030 Whorton, James
Allows a public assistance income disregard for automobile liability insurance premiums. (LR# 3791L.01I)
HB 2031 O'Connor, Patrick
Creates continuing education requirement for used motor vehicle dealers. (LR# 4847L.01P)
HB 2032 Hosmer, Craig
Expands the crime of driving while revoked. (LR# 4802L.01P)
HB 2033 Monaco, Ralph A.
Requires property owners and landlords to disclose in writing that a property was used to produce methamphetamine. (LR# 4733L.01I)
HB 2034 Skaggs, Bill
Establishes a motor fuel tax exemption for consumers who privately own a passenger motor vehicle that uses diesel fuel. (LR# 4557L.01I)
HB 2035 Reinhart, Annie
Requires the question of retention of family court commissioners in Clay County to be placed on ballot at every presidential election. (LR# 4810L.02I)
HB 2036 Hoppe, Thomas
Regulates installation and maintenance of underground liquid storage systems. (LR# 4423L.01I)
HB 2037 Clayton, Robert
Creates a statutory lien for production contracts involving production of commodities. (LR# 4704L.01I)
HB 2038 Relford, Randall H.
Repeals one of two conflicting sections relating to certain commercial motor vehicles. (LR# 4525L.01I)
HB 2039 Kreider, Jim
Authorizes any county, city, or village to designate memorial highways for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. (LR# 4788L.01T)
HB 2040 Bray, Joan
Establishes a permitting process for the construction or modification of chip mills. (LR# 4883L.01I)
HB 2041 Liese, Chris
Creates special event license plates. (LR# 3826L.01I)
HB 2042 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Requires the use of various child safety restraints in a motor vehicle based on age, weight, and height of the child. (LR# 4460L.03I)
HB 2043 Cunningham, Jane
Creates additional guidelines for industrial development projects and urban redevelopment corporations. (LR# 4008L.01I)
HB 2044 Merideth III, Denny J.
Changes circuit breaker limits for senior citizen property tax relief. (LR# 4631L.02I)
HB 2045 Ross, Carson
Changes provisions relating to S corporation shareholders and income taxes. (LR# 4830L.01I)
HB 2046 Relford, Randall H.
Changes requirements for local government bodies who contract for water and sewer services. (LR# 4839L.01I)
HB 2047 Ransdall, Bill L.
Allows students of public institutions of higher education who are members of the National Guard called to active service to be eligible to receive a refund of tuition. (LR# 4912L.01P)
HB 2048 Boucher, Bill
Creates a special license plate for members of the Disabled American Veterans. (LR# 4882L.01I)
HB 2049 Baker, Lana Ladd
Allows programs for all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) projects an exemption from the certificate of authority requirements for health maintenance organizations. (LR# 4906L.01I)
HB 2050 Barnitz, Frank A.
Makes it illegal to use glass food or beverage containers within 50 feet of navigable waterways. (LR# 4712L.01I)
HB 2051 Hosmer, Craig
Allows single unit residential property owners, possessors or managers to tow a vehicle after notifying law enforcement without waiting. (LR# 3406L.01I)
HB 2052 Hosmer, Craig
Requires railroad police officers to be licensed peace officers. (LR# 4919L.01I)
HB 2053 Smith, Philip
Clarifies registration of tobacco sellers and authorizes Division of Liquor Control to enforce provisions on sale of tobacco products. (LR# 4843L.01I)
HB 2054 Long, Beth L.
Allows all counties to set speed limits on county roads. (LR# 4842L.01I)
HB 2055 Hendrickson, Carl
Creates a parent/child privilege in criminal cases. (LR# 4828L.02I)
HB 2056 Hosmer, Craig
Changes the definition of "dangerous felonies" to include attempts and increases the minimum punishment for forcible rape and sodomy. (LR# 4745L.01I)
HB 2057 Barry, Joan
Expands the medical testing performed on persons delivered to the Department of Corrections. (LR# 4891L.01I)
HB 2058 Shoemyer, Wes
Creates the Breimyer Center for Sustainable Food and Farming Systems. (LR# 4887L.01I)
HB 2059 Hosmer, Craig
Allows the Director of Revenue to hold administrative hearings in regional locations. (LR# 4922L.01I)
HB 2060 Johnson, Rick
Allows certain counties to enact a one percent sales tax for law enforcement purposes. (LR# 4795L.01I)
HB 2061 Willoughby, Philip
Adds the Clay-Platte Child Assessment Center to the list of regional assessment centers funded by the Department of Social Services. (LR# 4857L.02I)
HB 2062 Hosmer, Craig
Revises various provisions relating to restricted driving privilege. (LR# 4800L.01T)
HB 2063 Seigfreid, James
Authorizes a sales tax for funding rural economic development. (LR# 4756L.01I)
HB 2064 Walton, Juanita Head
Changes requirements for sheriff's deeds given under the Municipal Land Reutilization Law. (LR# 4825L.01T)
HB 2065 Ransdall, Bill L.
Creates an additional charge for the privilege of selling wine. (LR# 4726L.01I)
HB 2066 Kelley, Pat
Establishes the Office of Child Protection Information and the Child Protection Information Advisory Committee to assist persons with children who are or have received protective services. (LR# 4123L.01I)
HB 2067 Cooper, Shannon
Prohibits unsolicited electronic mail messages. (LR# 3821L.01I)
HB 2068 Kelley, Pat
Reduces the penalty for illegal transfer of a child and establishes statutory mitigating circumstances. (LR# 4226L.01I)
HB 2069 Koller, Don
Transfers various powers to the Department of Transportation pursuant to the Governor's executive order. (LR# 4720L.01I)
HB 2070 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Modifies the provisions regarding the imposition of a processing fee for child support orders. (LR# 4915L.01I)
HB 2071 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Allows offenders in correctional centers to obtain alternative health care at their own expense. (LR# 4914L.01I)
HB 2072 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Designates the toll bridge at the Lake of the Ozarks as the "W.T. Dawson Toll Bridge". (LR# 4708L.01I)
HB 2073 Lawson, Maurice
Declares bailiff's and court marshals to be peace officers and subject to the provisions of chapter 590. (LR# 4889L.01I)
HB 2074 Cunningham, Jane
Regulates lane usage by certain commercial motor vehicles. (LR# 4784L.01I)
HB 2075 Walton, Juanita Head
Allows Lincoln University to provide education to local A+ students. (LR# 3787L.01I)
HB 2076 Bartle, Matt
Prohibits certain businesses from advertising on billboards within two miles of any state highway. (LR# 4277L.01I)
HB 2077 Hanaway, Catherine L
Clarifies that income tax deduction for higher education savings program is $8,000 for single taxpayers and $16,000 for married taxpayers filing combined returns. (LR# 4823L.01I)
HB 2078 Clayton, Robert
Repeals expired sections of statutes. (LR# 4953L.01T)
HB 2079 McKenna, Ryan Glennon
Uses the term "lodging establishment" in chapter 419 instead of the terms "hotel" or "inn". (LR# 4929L.01I)
HB 2080 Britt, Phillip M.
Allows certain county commissions to elect to give their prosecutors retirement benefits equal to prosecutors in first-class counties. (LR# 4870L.02P)
HB 2081 Shoemaker, Christopher
Expands the crime of tampering with a judicial officer to include juvenile court officers and any other officer of the court. (LR# 4797L.01I)
HB 2082 Berkowitz, Sam
Modifies various provisions relating to Missouri's certificate of need laws. (LR# 4468L.01I)
HB 2083 Boucher, Bill
Funds the Utilicare stabilization program by transferring funds in the custody of circuit courts. (LR# 4303L.01I)
HB 2084 Kelley, Pat
Prohibits the lottery commission from implementing or operating keno games after August 28, 2002. (LR# 4925L.01I)
HB 2085 Richardson, Mark L.
Alters the laws controlling limited liability corporations and corporations. (LR# 4949L.02I)
HB 2086 Brooks, Sharon Sanders
Modifies the provisions regarding sanitation in and inspection of food establishments. (LR# 4846L.01I)
HB 2087 Whorton, James
Allows the Division of Design and Construction to enter into guaranteed energy cost savings contracts. (LR# 4734L.01P)
HB 2088 Crowell, Jason
Revises the definition of "sexual contact" as used in Chapters 566 (Sexual Offenses) and 568 (Offenses Against the Family). (LR# 4935L.01I)
HB 2089 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Requires "medical necessity" to be determined solely by the treating licensed health care provider. (LR# 4538L.01I)
HB 2090 Bearden, Carl
Prohibits disclosure of home addresses of professional licensees or applicants without written consent. (LR# 4390L.01I)
HB 2091 Richardson, Mark L.
Allows certain vendors of benefits for state employees to participate in the state cafeteria plan. (LR# 4785L.01I)
HB 2092 Reynolds, David L.
Allows public school students who complete course work in American Sign Language to receive foreign language academic credit. (LR# 4584L.01I)
HB 2093 Reynolds, David L.
Requires all television stations with three million dollars in gross revenue to provide real time captioning for programs. (LR# 4583L.01I)
HB 2094 Reynolds, David L.
Changes the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (LR# 4582L.01I)
HB 2095 Mays, Carol Jean
Revises Public Service Commission provisions regarding appointment of commissioners, ex parte communications, and employees of the Commission. (LR# 4990L.01I)
HB 2096 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Requires the Department of Mental Health to develop and implement an equitable distribution system for funding for outpatient services. (LR# 4879L.01I)
HB 2097 Copenhaver, Nancy
Revises law on weights and measures. (LR# 4954L.01P)
HB 2098 Walton, Juanita Head
Creates the Missouri Commission on African-American Education and fund. (LR# 4856L.01I)
HB 2099 Hohulin, Martin (Bubs)
Repeals exemptions from taxation that are no longer in effect. (LR# 4964L.01I)
HB 2100 Hohulin, Martin (Bubs)
Makes technical changes to certain sections regulating franchise tax. (LR# 4965L.01I)
HB 2101 Cooper, Shannon
Prohibits use of personal or motor vehicle information for bulk distribution for surveys, marketing, and solicitations. (LR# 2405L.01I)
HB 2102 Johnson, Rick
Creates the Missouri Council on Electrolysis to establish standards and an ethical code for the practice of electrolysis. (LR# 4871L.01I)
HB 2103 Scott, Delbert
Removes Vocational Enterprises Program from favored status in purchasing by state agencies. (LR# 4907L.01I)
HB 2104 Berkowitz, Sam
Requires long-term care facilities to offer influenza and pneumonia vaccinations to their residents on an annual basis. (LR# 4691L.01I)
HB 2105 Monaco, Ralph A.
Revises point system for drivers' licenses to require points to be assessed at the time of conviction or forfeiture of collateral. (LR# 4995L.01I)
HB 2106 Hagan-Harrell, Mary M.
Gives members of the General Assembly full retirement benefits if they serve more than two terms. (LR# 4408L.01I)
HB 2107 Byrd, Richard
Increases the dependency exemption for personal income tax. (LR# 4885L.01I)
HB 2108 Bartelsmeyer, Linda
Requires the state to pay election costs for elections in which the state participates. (LR# 4948L.01I)
HB 2109 Lawson, Maurice
Modifies various provisions regarding the disclosure of mental health information. (LR# 4943L.01I)
HB 2110 Reinhart, Annie
Excludes prosecuting attorneys from the crime of unlawful use of a weapon for carrying a concealed weapon. (LR# 4812L.02I)
HB 2111 Kelly, Van
Authorizes a state enterprise zone for Wright County. (LR# 4790L.01I)
HB 2112 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Requires Attorney General to defend statutes zealously and grants members of the General Assembly standing in lawsuits on constitutionality of statutes. (LR# 4537L.01I)
HB 2113 Seigfreid, James
Permits a county to detach from a watershed subdistrict upon approval of a majority of voters in the county. (LR# 4927L.01I)
HB 2114 Whorton, James
Specifies which inventory qualifies for repurchase from the retailer and which does not qualify. (LR# 4999L.01I)
HB 2115 Koller, Don
Creates the position of Inspector General within the Department of Transportation. (LR# 4978L.02I)
HB 2116 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Prohibits public or private schools from joining or retaining membership in any statewide activities association that fails to comply with the open records and meetings law. (LR# 4998L.01I)
HB 2117 Boucher, Bill
Modifies the provisions regarding access to information technology by state departments and agencies. (LR# 5002L.01T)
HB 2118 O'Connor, Patrick
Requires installation of approved fire protection sprinkler system in high-rise buildings. (LR# 4794L.01I)
HB 2119 Crawford, Larry
Increases percentage of matching funds for Aviation Trust Fund purposes. (LR# 4852L.01I)
HB 2120 Ridgeway, Luann
Specifies how to ascertain the value of certain stolen property. (LR# 4959L.01P)
HB 2121 Campbell, Marsha
Establishes procedures for the designation of a standby guardian for a child. (LR# 5003L.01I)
HB 2122 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Clarifies the language to be included in the certification on each personal property listing. (LR# 4947L.01I)
HB 2123 Barry, Joan
Creates a breast cancer awareness special license plate. (LR# 2530L.01P)
HB 2124 Lograsso, Don
Creates the Tax-Me-More Voluntary Fund. (LR# 3852L.01I)
HB 2125 Wright, Mark
Creates the Show Me Pay More Taxes Voluntary Fund. (LR# 4337L.01I)
HB 2126 Shoemaker, Christopher
Designates the portion of U.S. highway 63 located within Macon County as the "Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway". (LR# 4796L.01I)
HB 2127 Campbell, Marsha
Provides guidelines for elevator safety and inspection. (LR# 2828L.01I)
HB 2128 Wilson, Yvonne S.
Requires rear seat passengers to wear seat belts. (LR# 3831L.02I)
HB 2129 Richardson, Mark L.
Changes certain reporting and governance requirements for limited liability companies and corporations. (LR# 5012L.01I)
HB 2130 Boykins, Amber (Holly)
Clarifies the deadline for filing tangible personal property listings. (LR# 5001L.01T)
HB 2131 Bearden, Carl
Provides highway and transportation funding. (LR# 4597L.01I)
HB 2132 Troupe, Charles Quincy
Modifies various aspects of the criminal justice system. (LR# 4972L.01I)
HB 2133 Robirds, Estel
Allows certain motor vehicles to be exempt from motor vehicle inspections. (LR# 4101L.01I)
HB 2134 Holand, Roy W.
Increases the tax on retail sales of food. (LR# 4768L.01I)
HB 2135 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Allows private-pay residents in a nonMedicaid skilled nursing facility to receive Medicaid without the facility having to meet the requirements of section 197.327. (LR# 5016L.01I)
HB 2136 Shields, Charles W.
Creates the Kansas City Education Renewal Commission. (LR# 4650L.02I)
HB 2137 Crump, Wayne F.
Changes the compensation scale for county treasurers. (LR# 5013L.01P)
HB 2138 Kelly, Glenda
Revises laws relating to transportation and the State Highways and Transportation Commission. (LR# 4639L.01I)
HB 2139 Baker, Lana Ladd
Clarifies when a license to operate a motor vehicle may be taken and held by law enforcement officers for moving traffic violations. (LR# 4991L.01I)
HB 2140 Berkowitz, Sam
Establishes the Missouri Fire Safety Commission. (LR# 3590L.01I)
HB 2141 Villa, Thomas
Exempts certain transitional school districts from tax abatement and tax increment allocation financing. (LR# 5020L.01I)
HB 2142 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Makes technical modifications to paternity provisions. (LR# 5038L.01I)
HB 2143 Clayton, Robert
Permits certain counties to impose a county sales tax for emergency services without reorganizing the existing board administering the emergency services. (LR# 4723L.01I)
HB 2144 O'Toole, James P.
Changes cost of living adjustments for the St. Louis police retirement system. (LR# 4967L.01I)
HB 2145 Curls, Melba J.
Creates a Girl Scouts of America special license plate. (LR# 5017L.01I)
HB 2146 Campbell, Marsha
Eliminates escheats and deems such property transferring to the state to be unclaimed property. (LR# 4280L.01I)
HB 2147 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Provides that a person may not be arrested or convicted for a crime or situation involving drugs if another becomes ill during it and they summon aid for them and stay with them until help arrives. (LR# 3165L.01I)
HB 2148 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Requires a permit for a rave. (LR# 3167L.01I)
HB 2149 Portwood, Dr. Charles R.
Adds failing to summon aid for a sick person involuntary manslaughter if in circumstances where drug transactions are involved. (LR# 3166L.01I)
HB 2150 Shoemyer, Wes
Permits the Director of the Department of Agriculture to participate in the reimportation of genetically enhanced seed. (LR# 5000L.01I)
HB 2151 Kreider, Jim
Provides additional regulations for collecting taxes imposed for emergency telephone service. (LR# 5035L.01I)
HB 2152 Kelly, Gary
Raises compulsory age for school attendance to eighteen years of age. (LR# 5026L.01I)
HB 2153 Kelly, Gary
Allows school districts by majority vote of the school board to increase the mandatory age of attendance from sixteen to eighteen. (LR# 5025L.01I)
HB 2154 Froelker, James V.
Creates the crime of transferring human fetal parts. (LR# 5045L.01I)
HB 2155 Willoughby, Philip
Adds the Clay-Platte child assessment center to the list of regional assessment centers funded by the Department of Social Services. (LR# 5043L.01P)
HB 2156 Kreider, Jim
Declares as an unlawful merchandising practice the use of a Missouri or toll-free telephone number that does not disclose that calls will be transferred out-of-state. (LR# 5034L.01I)
HB 2157 Graham, Chuck
Creates a special license plate for current members or alumni of Delta Sigma Phi. (LR# 5015L.01I)
HB 2158 Berkstresser, Judy
Allows public schools to display the motto "In God We Trust" in any classroom, auditorium, and cafeteria. (LR# 4121L.01I)
HB 2159 Kelly, Van
Creates a State Board of Naturopathic Medicine. (LR# 4997L.02I)
HB 2160 Britt, Phillip M.
Establishes a police chief and officer retirement fund for police outside Kansas City and St. Louis. (LR# 5024L.01I)
HB 2161 Baker, Lana Ladd
Modifies the requirements for supplemental nursing payments. (LR# 5049L.02I)
HB 2162 Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce"
Provides procedures for the comanagement of patients by optometrists and ophthalmologists. (LR# 4679L.01I)
HB 2163 Smith, Philip
Transfers adult probation personnel and services to the circuit courts on July 1, 2004, and establishes a Commission on the Transfer of Adult Probation Personnel, Services and Expense. (LR# 5042L.01I)
HB 2164 Kelly, Glenda
Establishes a funding formula for higher education. (LR# 5041L.01I)
HB 2165 Dempsey, Tom
Regulates aviation noise levels at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. (LR# 4952L.01I)
HB 2166 Scott, Delbert
Requires Indian tribes to be treated as any other employer for purposes of unemployment reimbursement. (LR# 5021L.02I)
HB 2167 Burton, Gary L.
Allows a not-for-profit provider to operate multiple living units for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled without issuance of a certificate by the Division of Medical Services. (LR# 4778L.01I)
HB 2168 Burton, Gary L.
Restricts provision of cable service by a political subdivision. (LR# 4900L.01I)
HB 2169 Cooper, Shannon
Creates a tax credit for disabled dependent care costs. (LR# 2835L.01I)
HB 2170 Holand, Roy W.
Limits the number of regional centers for the provision of comprehensive mental retardation and developmental disabilities services to five centers. (LR# 5018L.01I)
HB 2171 Crawford, Larry
Revises and adds provisions relating to design-build contracts. (LR# 4818L.01I)
HB 2172 Holand, Roy W.
Allows city or county governing bodies to restrict or prohibit any keno game within their jurisdiction upon a majority vote of such governing body. (LR# 5053L.01I)
HB 2173 Crump, Wayne F.
Includes in the flexible benefit plan for state employees an option for coverage for medical and other benefits through a labor organization plan. (LR# 5062L.01I)
HB 2174 Kelly, Glenda
Authorizes the Public Service Commission to review proposed changes in utility ownership and impose conditions to benefit public interest. (LR# 5059L.01I)
HB 2175 Shields, Charles W.
Expands definition of driveaway operations. (LR# 4153L.01I)
HB 2176 O'Connor, Patrick
Establishes conditions to be met before water corporations are required to provide fire flow water meters. (LR# 5030L.01I)
HB 2177 Treadway, Joseph L.
Creates the Homeowner's Protection Act. (LR# 4189L.02I)
HB 2178 Fraser, Barbara
Requires foreign language instruction in every elementary school. (LR# 3186L.01I)
HB 2179 Hosmer, Craig
Transfers Board of Probation and Parole and the Division of Probation and Parole to the Office of Probation and Parole within the judiciary and eliminates conditional release for certain sex crimes. (LR# 4334L.01I)
HB 2180 Froelker, James V.
Repeals the corporation franchise tax. (LR# 5044L.01I)
HB 2181 Hoppe, Thomas
Modifies the requirements for air ambulance services. (LR# 4881L.01I)
HB 2182 Davis, D. J.
Revises provisions relating to payment of tuition and transportation for students who live in a district that does not maintain an accredited school. (LR# 5031L.01I)
HB 2183 Merideth III, Denny J.
Reduces the allowable amount of neighborhood assistance property tax credits. (LR# 5060L.01I)
HB 2184 Hartzler, Ed
Requires a city's approval before a fire protection district may impose fees within such city. (LR# 5032L.02I)
HB 2185 Ransdall, Bill L.
Requires clerk to bill on monthly basis for any costs that can be determined prior to the final disposition of a case in criminal cases where a change of venue has been taken. (LR# 5072L.01I)
HB 2186 Kelly, Glenda
Modifies the provisions regarding the relocation of a child after dissolution of marriage. (LR# 3834L.02I)
HB 2187 Bland, Craig C.
Establishes the Missouri Minority Business Advocacy Commission. (LR# 5070L.01I)
HB 2188 Bland, Craig C.
Requires counties to provide for partial payment of property taxes. (LR# 5069L.01I)
HB 2189 Bland, Craig C.
Changes requirements for sheriff's sales of property. (LR# 5068L.01I)
HB 2190 Legan, Kenneth
Revises transfer process for students of public institutions of higher education. (LR# 5050L.01I)
HB 2191 Henderson, Steve
Permits any county to establish a landlord-tenant court. (LR# 4474L.02I)
HB 2192 Hendrickson, Carl
Requires appropriation of tobacco settlement for use in lieu of personal property tax revenue. (LR# 4192L.01I)
HB 2193 Dolan, Jonathan
Modifies various provisions regarding air ambulance service. (LR# 5073L.01I)
HB 2194 May, Bob
Authorizes a conveyance of property to the Gingerbread House in Rolla. (LR# 4635L.02I)
HB 2195 Secrest, Patricia K.
Denies employment benefits for employees who test positive for illegal drugs. (LR# 3567L.01I)
HB 2196 Boucher, Bill
Requires the Department of Social Services to conduct or contract for an advertising campaign for the recruitment of adoptive and foster care families. (LR# 5075L.01I)
HB 2197 Long, Beth L.
Creates procedures to review sentences of nonparolable offenders. (LR# 5076L.01I)
HB 2198 Ward, Dan
Creates a sub-account within the State Highways and Transportation Department Fund for the purpose of paying fees to tow truck services. (LR# 2683L.02I)
HB 2199 Barry, Joan
Modifies various provisions regarding the Putative Father Registry. (LR# 5037L.01I)
HB 2200 Barry, Joan
Restricts the activities of private security guards during a labor dispute. (LR# 5078L.01I)
HB 2201 Hilgemann, Robert
Authorizes placement of motor vehicle registration renewal tabs on windshield. (LR# 5081L.01I)
HB 2202 Paone, Toby
Changes requirements for nominating committees for candidates for office in special elections. (LR# 5055L.01I)
HB 2203 Bartelsmeyer, Linda
Revises definitions of persistent and prior alcohol-related traffic offenders. (LR# 4963L.01I)
HB 2204 Britt, Phillip M.
Creates "Pesticide Project Fund". (LR# 4987L.01I)
HB 2205 Hilgemann, Robert
Adds tax computation requirements for corporations. (LR# 5082L.01I)
HB 2206 Fraser, Barbara
Requires lessors to notify lessees of any proposed rental increase over a certain amount. (LR# 3119L.01I)
HB 2207 Fraser, Barbara
Allows retired teachers to substitute for eight hundred hours per school year and still retain retirement benefits. (LR# 4462L.02I)
HB 2208 Bland, Craig C.
Allows public institutions of higher education to establish local telecommunity centers. (LR# 5067L.01I)
HB 2209 Bland, Craig C.
Prohibits private employers from using state funds to assist, promote, or deter union organizing. (LR# 5066L.01I)
HB 2210 Bland, Craig C.
Removes the expiration date on the Task Force on Trade and Investment. (LR# 5071L.01I)
HB 2211 Henderson, Steve
Removes the expiration date from the motor fuel tax. (LR# 4642L.01I)
HB 2212 Kelly, Gary
Allows law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons whether on duty of off duty anywhere in this state. (LR# 5028L.01I)
HB 2213 Kelly, Gary
Loosens restrictions on certain outdoor advertising by non-profit entities. (LR# 5029L.02I)
HB 2214 Moore, Danielle
Provides every state employee with an annual salary adjustment at least equal to the average increase in all state employee health insurance contribution costs. (LR# 4829L.01I)
HB 2215 Moore, Danielle
Makes trespassing a Class D felony if another person is in the building during the crime. (LR# 5080L.01I)
HB 2216 Murphy, Jim
Imposes a tax on the sales of securities. (LR# 5083L.01I)
HB 2217 Murphy, Jim
Requires fee agents of the Department of Revenue to be selected by the director pursuant to a competitive bidding process. (LR# 5084L.01I)
HB 2218 Naeger, Patrick A.
Requires expungement for first alcohol related driving offense for persons under 21 and requires Director of Revenue to expunge all administrative disciplinary records of offenses expunged by 577.054. (LR# 4688L.01I)
HB 2219 Naeger, Patrick A.
Makes ignition interlock use optional instead of mandatory and prohibits the Department of Revenue from suspending or revoking the driving privileges of anyone who has been ordered to use the device. (LR# 5040L.01I)
HB 2220 Naeger, Patrick A.
Revises biennial registration requirements for motor vehicles. (LR# 5039L.01I)
HB 2221 Naeger, Patrick A.
Enacts the Pharmacy Benefit Management Regulation Act. (LR# 4009L.01I)
HB 2222 Villa, Thomas
Authorizes a conveyance of property to the General Services Administration. (LR# 5077L.01I)
HB 2223 Wright, Mark
Places an automatic ten-year sunset on any legislation with an estimated fiscal impact in excess of ten million dollars. (LR# 4255L.01I)
HB 2224 Hunter, Steve
Exempts pension and retirement income of seniors from state income tax. (LR# 5033L.01I)
HB 2225 Bearden, Carl
Creates anti-terrorism act plus requires postsecondary schools to track students on foreign visas and report any change in their status to Immigration and Naturalization Service. (LR# 2591L.01I)
HB 2226 Mayer, Robert
Creates as an unlawful merchandising practice sending unsolicited facsimiles unless prior relationship has been established. (LR# 5088L.02I)
HB 2227 Quinn, John
Creates Missouri Regional Computer Forensics Lab and creates crime of enticement of a child. (LR# 5087L.01I)
HB 2228 Lawson, Maurice
Revises requirements for issuance of bonds by the Highways and Transportation Commission for highway repair and construction. (LR# 5057L.01I)
HB 2229 Behnen, Bob
Creates additional funding for textbooks and signing bonuses for rural schools. (LR# 5085L.01I)
HB 2230 Cooper, Shannon
Changes the historic structures rehabilitation tax credit allowable amount. (LR# 5086L.01I)
HB 2231 Bearden, Carl
Specifies calculation of revenue estimates for Governor's recommended budget each fiscal year. (LR# 5058L.01I)
HCR 1 Crump, Wayne F.
Invites the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri to deliver a State of Judiciary message on Tuesday, January 15, 2002, at 10:30 am. (LR# 3768L.01I)
HCR 2 Crump, Wayne F.
Invites the Governor of the State of Missouri to deliver a State of the State message on Wednesday, January 23, 2002. (LR# 3769L.01I)
HCR 3 Hampton, Mark
Authorizes the Governor to approve a land annexation for the city of Licking. (LR# 2465L.01I)
HCR 4 Boucher, Bill
Designates April 24th as a "Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide". (LR# 2703L.01I)
HCR 5 Reynolds, David L.
Urges the Governor to declare a week in September as "Deaf Awareness Week". (LR# 3400L.01I)
HCR 6 Jetton, Rod
Recommends a condemnation of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and expresses the concerns of the House and Senate. (LR# 3928L.01I)
HCR 7 Boykins, Amber (Holly)
Requests federal financial assistance for emergency preparedness for each state. (LR# 3832L.01I)
HCR 8 Myers, Peter
Designates Menfro soil as the official state soil of Missouri. (LR# 3472L.02I)
HCR 9 Gratz, William (Bill)
Urges Congress to redesign the ambulance fee schedule for Medicare reimbursement. (LR# 3977L.01I)
HCR 10 O'Connor, Patrick
Supports the assembly of the Task Force on the Ford-Hazelwood Retention to develop a strategic plan to continue operation of the Ford plant in Hazelwood. (LR# 4283L.01I)
HCR 11 Clayton, Robert
Supports improved flood protection, navigation, and projects to improve environmental quality for the benefit of the State of Missouri. (LR# 3986L.03I)
HCR 12 Campbell, Marsha
Disapproves and suspends 13 CSR 70-20.031(3) and 13 CSR 70-20.034(2) relating to the lists of excludable and nonexcludable drugs from prior authorization. (LR# 4212L.01I)
HCR 13 Bowman, John L.
Urges Congress to pass the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families reauthorization legislation. (LR# 4427L.01I)
HCR 14 Townley, Merrill M.
Encourages the Animal and Plant Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture to develop a permanent electronic information program to track livestock from farm to table. (LR# 4471L.01I)
HCR 15 O'Toole, James P.
Urges Congress to enact federal legislation to protect employee retirement savings programs following the collapse of Enron. (LR# 4271L.01I)
HCR 16 Farnen, Ted
Requests the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress to approve the replacement of the statue of Francis Preston Blair in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Congress with a statue of Harry S. Truman. (LR# 4237L.02I)
HCR 17 Marble, Gary
Supports the passage of H.R.2962 which would provide full and mandatory funding of the state distributions for umemployment compensation. (LR# 4233L.01I)
HCR 18 Wilson, Yvonne S.
Requests the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to impanel teachers to address various curriculum and testing issues relating to consumer credit. (LR# 4728L.01I)
HCR 19 Jetton, Rod
Urges Congress to take up and pass the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to permit voluntary prayer in public schools. (LR# 2535L.01I)
HCR 20 Crump, Wayne F.
Designates an area in eastern mid-Missouri as the "Arcadia Valley". (LR# 4626L.01I)
HCR 21 Boucher, Bill
Urges the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to provide National Guard veterans with similar benefits as are provided to active duty military retirees. (LR# 4558L.03I)
HCR 22 Bearden, Carl
Urges the United States Congress to pass legislation for a proposed voluntary school prayer amendment to the United States Constitution. (LR# 4588L.01I)
HCR 23 Merideth III, Denny J.
Authorizes the creation of the Missouri Commission on the Delta Region Authority. (LR# 4441L.01I)
HCR 24 Kreider, Jim
Approves funding for an agricultural research and demonstration center for the Springfield campus of Southwest Missouri State University. (LR# 4869L.01I)
HCR 25 Merideth III, Denny J.
Creates the Missouri Commission on the Delta Regional Authority. (LR# 4880L.01I)
HCR 26 Kelley, Pat
Creates a joint committee to make a comprehensive analysis of the child abuse and neglect hotline system. (LR# 4225L.02I)
HCR 27 Reynolds, David L.
Urges Congress to pass legislation imposing price controls on the sale of prescription drugs in the United States. (LR# 4428L.01I)
HCR 28 Willoughby, Philip
Establishes a Joint Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment. (LR# 5008L.01I)
HCR 29 Reynolds, David L.
Urges Congress to enact legislation authorizing the issuance of a coal miner's stamp. (LR# 4923L.01I)
HCR 30 Boucher, Bill
Endorses and encourages the use of universal design in new home construction. (LR# 5006L.02I)
HCR 31 Enz, Catherine S.
Requests the State Auditor to conduct an audit of the Gateway Clean Air Program that is implementing the vehicle emissions testing program for the St. Louis area. (LR# 4599L.03I)
HCR 32 Barry, Joan
Endorses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on the judicious use of antibiotics. (LR# 5007L.01I)
HCR 33 Robirds, Estel
Designates a portion of Ozark County as "Ozark Mills Country". (LR# 5011L.04I)
HCR 34 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Approves the Curators of the University of Missouri to enter into a ground lease for the purpose of construction of a hotel/convention center complex on real estate located in the City of Columbia. (LR# 5051L.01I)
HCR 35 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Encourages the Division of Maternal, Child and Family Health within the Department of Health and Senior Services to raise public awareness on the use of emergency contraception. (LR# 4975L.01I)
HCR 36 Clayton, Robert
Supports and endorses the federally-funded Upper Mississippi River Comprehensive Plan for systemic flood protection and flood damage reduction. (LR# 5074L.01I)
HCR 37 Liese, Chris
Urges Congress and the Bush Administration to take action to put in place a limited and temporary federal backstop for insurance against terrorism. (LR# 5079L.01I)
HCR 38 Abel, Mark C.
Urges the Governor to issue an executive order to address the issue of computer software piracy. (LR# 5094L.01I)
HCR 39 Campbell, Marsha
Disapproves a Code of State Regulations rule promulgated by the Department of Insurance and directs the Department to promulgate an emergency rule. (LR# 5099L.01I)
HCR 40 Walton, Juanita Head
Creates a Joint Interim Committee on After-School Programs. (LR# 5097L.03I)
HCR 41 Ransdall, Bill L.
Opposes the merger of EchoStar and Hughes Electronics. (LR# 5119L.01I)
HJR 24 Ward, Dan
Proposes a constitutional amendment changing legislative term limits. (LR# 2974L.01I)
HJR 25 Williams, Deleta
Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. (LR# 2906L.01I)
HJR 26 Reynolds, David L.
Proposes a constitutional amendment removing prohibition of public aid for religious purposes. (LR# 3055L.01I)
HJR 27 Johnson, Rick
Proposes a constitutional amendment revising the composition of the State Board of Education. (LR# 2934L.01I)
HJR 28 Villa, Thomas
Proposes a constitutional amendment reducing the age for qualification as representative or senator. (LR# 3105L.01P)
HJR 29 Seigfreid, James
Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the Highways and Transportation Commission to construct toll roads and facilities. (LR# 3310L.01I)
HJR 30 Naeger, Patrick A.
Proposes a constitutional amendment permitting voluntary prayer in public schools. (LR# 2578L.01I)
HJR 31 Black, Lanie
Proposes a constitutional amendment to change the name and makeup of the Highways and Transportation Commission. (LR# 3245L.01I)
HJR 32 Barry, Joan
Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow school districts to pass bond issues by simple majority vote. (LR# 3314L.01P)
HJR 33 Farnen, Ted
Proposes a constitutional amendment excluding partial legislative terms from term limits. (LR# 2935L.01I)
HJR 34 Farnen, Ted
Proposes a constitutional amendment to require a re-elected Governor to make new appointments to agencies and commissions. (LR# 2940L.01I)
HJR 35 Farnen, Ted
Proposes a constitutional amendment to require regular appearances of the Governor before the House of Representatives. (LR# 2914L.01I)
HJR 36 Bartle, Matt
Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing from 15% to 25% the limitation on indebtedness by school districts. (LR# 3605L.01I)
HJR 37 Reid, Michael J
Proposes a constitutional amendment to change the allocation of general state sales tax on motor vehicles. (LR# 3372L.01I)
HJR 38 Linton, William C.
Proposes a constitutional amendment removing authorization to revise property tax levies to adjust for inflation. (LR# 3325L.01I)
HJR 39 Linton, William C.
Proposes a constitutional amendment to require the State Board of Education to be elected. (LR# 3326L.01I)
HJR 40 O'Toole, James P.
Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting legislative terms to no more than 12 years in either chamber. (LR# 4167L.01I)
HJR 41 Bartle, Matt
Proposes a constitutional amendment to require a two-fiscal year budget cycle, with zero-based budgeting. (LR# 4118L.01I)
HJR 42 Bearden, Carl
Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit any increase in the assessed value of real property of more than the percentage of change in Missouri personal income. (LR# 3942L.01I)
HJR 43 Luetkenhaus, Bill
Proposes a constitutional amendment to impose gaming boat admission fees to fund public transit projects. (LR# 3959L.01I)
HJR 44 Copenhaver, Nancy
Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish, and harvest game. (LR# 4377L.01I)
HJR 45 Hollingsworth, Katherine
Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing commissions which run state departments with directors. (LR# 4329L.01I)
HJR 46 Froelker, James V.
Proposes a constitutional amendment exempting from taxation certain personal property of disabled veterans. (LR# 4452L.01I)
HJR 47 Willoughby, Philip
Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow joint boards or commissions to issue revenue bonds for utility, industrial, and airport purposes. (LR# 4438L.01I)
HJR 48 Murphy, Jim
Proposes a constitutional amendment which requires voter approval of appropriations or bonding for sports stadiums. (LR# 4661L.01I)
HJR 49 Graham, Chuck
Proposes a constitutional amendment to increase the state revenue limit. (LR# 3883L.01I)
HJR 50 Green, Timothy P.
Proposes a constitutional amendment creating the Budget Control Fund and transferring certain amounts of excess total state revenue to the fund. (LR# 4601L.01I)
HJR 51 Whorton, James
Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish, or harvest game. (LR# 4767L.02I)
HJR 52 Bartle, Matt
Proposes a constitutional amendment abolishing the Highways and Transportation Commission and replacing it with a Director of Transportation. (LR# 4678L.01I)
HJR 53 Bartle, Matt
Proposes a constitutional amendment convening regular sessions of the General Assembly in February. (LR# 4751L.01I)
HJR 54 Bartle, Matt
Proposes a constitutional amendment increasing the size of the Senate to 35 members and reducing the size of the House to 105 members. (LR# 4750L.01I)
HJR 55 Bearden, Carl
Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing public school students the right to pray. (LR# 4586L.01I)
HJR 56 Holand, Roy W.
Proposes a constitutional amendment to require an organizational session of the General Assembly in early December after each general election. (LR# 4868L.01I)
HJR 57 Koller, Don
Proposes a constitutional amendment imposing additional fuel and sales and use taxes for the purpose of funding highways. (LR# 4976L.01I)
HJR 58 Hosmer, Craig
Proposes a constitutional amendment elevating all associate circuit judges to circuit judges and creating the Judicial Assignment Commission. (LR# 4534L.01I)
HJR 59 Wright, Mark
Proposes a constitutional amendment to set an earlier date for the Governor to submit a budget to the General Assembly. (LR# 4254L.01I)
Missouri House of Representatives
Last Updated October 11, 2002