Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 2nd Special Session
Bills and Joint Resolutions

See bill text of each bill for a complete list of sponsors/co-sponsors.

HB 1 Campbell, Marsha
Provides for limited revenue enhancements by closing corporate tax loopholes. (LR# 2339L.01I)
HB 2 Johnson, Robert Thane
Modifies the procedures regarding overpayment of sales tax. (LR# 2331L.01I)
HB 3 Wilson, Vicky Riback
Repeals the in lieu watercraft tax. (LR# 2333L.01I)
HB 4 Graham, Chuck
Removes the excursion boat loss limit, raises admission fees, changes the tax rates and alters distribution of the Gaming Commission Fund. (LR# 2334L.01I)
HB 5 Graham, Chuck
Revises the gaming statute (LR# 2335L.01I)
HB 6 Selby, Harold R.
Imposes a ten percent tax for education on all campaign contributions. (LR# 2346L.01I)
HB 7 Sutherland, Mike
Corrects technical errors in SB556 relating to nursing homes. (LR# 2349L.01I)
HJR 1 Dougherty, Curt
Proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing slot machines at interstate highway truck stops. (LR# 2350L.01I)
Missouri House of Representatives
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