Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on January 5, 2004

HB937 --- Sponsor: Moore, Danielle (020) --- CoSponsor: Byrd, Richard (094)
Creates a special license plate for members of Optimist International.
HB 0937 -- (LR# 3489L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB938 --- Sponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine (115)
Modifies the requirements for annuity contracts.
SCS HB 938 -- (LR# 3608S- 02T)
Prefiled (H)
HB939 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Requires state laws to be construed in accordance with certain federal constitutional guarantees.
HB 0939 -- (LR# 3418L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB940 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Revises the terms of service for members of the governing council of certain special school districts.
HB 0940 -- (LR# 2749L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB941 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Revises requirements relating to school districts achieving provisional accreditation.
HCS HB 941 -- (LR# 2701L- 02P)
Prefiled (H)
HB942 --- Sponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001) --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter (160)
Changes the law governing county finance estimates.
HB 0942 -- (LR# 3300L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)
HB943 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047)
Changes the name of residential care facilities to assisted living facilities.
HB 0943 -- (LR# 3246L- 03I)
Prefiled (H)
HB944 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore (080)
Requires the Missouri Ethics Commission to disclose complaints.
HB 0944 -- (LR# 2755L- 01I)
Prefiled (H)

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