Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on January 26, 2004

HB762 --- Sponsor: Whorton, James (003) --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter (160)
Limits the liability of certain cities and villages that sponsor fairs or festivals.
HB 0762 -- (LR# 2526L- 01I)
Referred: Local Government (H)
HB764 --- Sponsor: Roark, Brad (139)
Revises the elements of the crime of public drunkenness.
HB 0764 -- (LR# 2791L- 01I)
Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety (H)
HB770 --- Sponsor: Ward, Dan (107)
Revises section 302.020 to allow persons 21 and older to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
HB 0770 -- (LR# 2510L- 01I)
Referred: Transportation and Motor Vehicles (H)
HB772 --- Sponsor: Myers, Peter (160) --- CoSponsor: Moore, Danielle (020)
Extends the waste tire fee to January 1, 2009, and establishes bonus points for waste tire clean-up bids.
HB 0772 -- (LR# 2512L- 01I)
Referred: Tax Policy (H)
HB773 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084)
Removes the age restriction for admission of students to the University of Missouri.
HB 0773 -- (LR# 2768L- 01P)
Referred: Education (H)
HB779 --- Sponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M. (044) --- CoSponsor: Walsh, Regina (069)
Establishes the Public Service Accountability Act.
HB 0779 -- (LR# 2597L- 01I)
Referred: Communications, Energy and Technology (H)
HB780 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Vicky Riback (025)
Repeals the in-lieu watercraft tax.
HB 0780 -- (LR# 3124L- 01I)
Referred: Tax Policy (H)
HB782 --- Sponsor: George, Thomas E. (074) --- CoSponsor: McKenna, Ryan Glennon (102)
Revises employment security laws.
HB 0782 -- (LR# 2617L- 01I)
Referred: Workforce Development and Workplace Safety (H)
HB788 --- Sponsor: Graham, Chuck (024)
Regulates rock climbing walls over ten feet tall.
HB 0788 -- (LR# 2562L- 01I)
Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety (H)
HB789 --- Sponsor: Burnett, John P. (040) --- CoSponsor: Sager, Mike (048)
Revises provision relating to reinstatement of drivers licenses.
HB 0789 -- (LR# 2871L- 01I)
Referred: Transportation and Motor Vehicles (H)
HB792 --- Sponsor: Boykins, Amber (Holly) (060) --- CoSponsor: Jones, Robin Wright (063)
Modifies the requirements for licensure of barbers and requires licensure of barber apprentices.
HB 0792 -- (LR# 2975L- 01I)
Referred: Professional Registration & Licensing (H)
HB793 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Vicky Riback (025)
Eliminates the death penalty and revises the statutes accordingly.
HB 0793 -- (LR# 2980L- 01I)
Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety (H)
HB794 --- Sponsor: Wilson, Vicky Riback (025) --- CoSponsor: Jones, Robin Wright (063)
Repeals the portion of sexual misconduct in the first degree which made it a crime to engage in deviate sexual intercourse with another person of the same sex.
HB 0794 -- (LR# 2434L- 01I)
Referred: Crime Prevention and Public Safety (H)
HB796 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047)
Permits the refund of incorrectly collected sales taxes upon fulfillment of certain requirements.
HB 0796 -- (LR# 2715L- 01I)
Referred: Tax Policy (H)
HB807 --- Sponsor: Selby, Harold R. (105)
Imposes a 10% tax for education on all campaign contributions.
HB 0807 -- (LR# 2870L- 01I)
Referred: Tax Policy (H)
HB811 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Reauthorizes the Task Force on Trade and Investment.
HB 0811 -- (LR# 2883L- 01I)
Referred: Job Creation and Economic Development (H)
HB814 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Requires MoDOT to do an intersection study to examine traffic congestion problems on US Highway 71 and develop plans to alleviate it.
HB 0814 -- (LR# 2878L- 01I)
Referred: Transportation and Motor Vehicles (H)
HB822 --- Sponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine (115) --- CoSponsor: Selby, Harold R. (105)
Prohibits certain local orders and ordinances related to amateur radio antenna regulation.
SCS HB 822 -- (LR# 2685S- 03T)
Referred: Communications, Energy and Technology (H)
HB823 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120) --- CoSponsor: Whorton, James (003)
Changes the calculation and reporting of assessed valuation requirements for St. Louis County.
HB 0823 -- (LR# 3115L- 01I)
Referred: Tax Policy (H)
HB833 --- Sponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine (115) --- CoSponsor: Cooper, Robert Wayne (155)
Authorizes the creation of an exhibition center and recreational facility district in certain counties.
SS SCS HCS HB 833 -- (LR# 3240S- 06T)
Referred: Tourism and Cultural Affairs (H)
HB950 --- Sponsor: Crowell, Jason (158) --- CoSponsor: Myers, Peter (160)
Modifies the classification of counties.
HCS HB 950 & 948 -- (LR# 2969L- 02T)
Objection Filed. Removed from Consent Calendar - Rule 44 (b)
HB1174 --- Sponsor: Stefanick, Jodi A. (093) --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L (087)
Establishes a comprehensive children's mental health service system.
HB 1174 -- (LR# 3955L- 02I)
Referred: Health Care Policy (H)
HB1177 --- Sponsor: Guest, Jim (005) --- CoSponsor: Mayer, Robert (159)
Modifies various provisions related to concentrated animal feeding operations.
SCS HCS HB 1177 -- (LR# 3783S- 06T)
Referred: Agriculture (H)
HB1207 --- Sponsor: Icet, Allen (084) --- CoSponsor: St. Onge, Neal C. (088)
Changes the procedures for the formation of certain levee districts.
SS HS HCS HB 1207 -- (LR# 3615S- 06T)
Referred: Job Creation and Economic Development (H)
HB1211 --- Sponsor: St. Onge, Neal C. (088) --- CoSponsor: Schneider, Vicki (017)
Modifies various provisions regarding unemployment insurance benefits.
HB 1211 -- (LR# 2932L- 02I)
Referred: Workforce Development and Workplace Safety (H)
HB1213 --- Sponsor: Moore, Danielle (020) --- CoSponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M. (044)
Revises list of persons disqualified from jury service.
HB 1213 -- (LR# 3908L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1214 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028) --- CoSponsor: May, Bob (149)
Enacts the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance Act of 2004.
HB 1214 -- (LR# 2506L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
HB1215 --- Sponsor: Engler, Kevin (106) --- CoSponsor: Skaggs, Trent (031)
Revises the crime of escape from commitment to include escape from commitment under section 632.480.
SCS HCS HB 1215 -- (LR# 4139L- 03T)
Read second time (H)
HB1216 --- Sponsor: Hilgemann, Robert (064) --- CoSponsor: Boykins, Amber (Holly) (060)
Allows the board of education for the St. Louis City school district to adopt a resolution raising the mandatory attendance age to 17.
HB 1216 -- (LR# 4014L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
Referred: Education (H)
HB1217 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047) --- CoSponsor: Curls, Melba J. (041)
Provides that certain retired members of the Kansas City Police Civilian Employees' Retirement System can become special consultants on the problems of retirement, aging, and other matters.
SCS HB 1217 -- (LR# 3988S- 02T)
Read second time (H)
HB1218 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047) --- CoSponsor: Curls, Melba J. (041)
Provides that certain retired members of the Kansas City Police Retirement System receive an equalizing cost-of-living adjustment in to the member's base pension and cost-of-living adjustments.
HB 1218 -- (LR# 3987L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1219 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James (026) --- CoSponsor: Witte, Terry L. (010)
Revises the statute on unlawful use of weapons to exempt appointed or elected prosecutors, assistant prosecutors, circuit attorneys or assistant circuit attorneys.
HB 1219 -- (LR# 4127L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1220 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James (026) --- CoSponsor: Henke, Wayne J. (011)
Requires a paper audit trail for filing computerized voter systems.
HB 1220 -- (LR# 3992L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1221 --- Sponsor: Seigfreid, James (026) --- CoSponsor: Walsh, Regina (069)
Revises laws on state employee reporting of alleged violations.
HB 1221 -- (LR# 4067L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1222 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028) --- CoSponsor: Holand, Roy W. (135)
Provides additional health insurance coverage for clinical trials by adding phase I and II to the currently covered phase III and IV clinical trials.
HB 1222 -- (LR# 3866L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1223 --- Sponsor: Ward, Dan (107) --- CoSponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine (115)
Requires the Department of Insurance to pay Missouri's annual dues for membership in the National Conference of Insurance Legislators.
HB 1223 -- (LR# 3951L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
HB1224 --- Sponsor: Stefanick, Jodi A. (093) --- CoSponsor: Meiners, Kate (046)
Removes the term "commercial" from sections dealing with interior designers.
HB 1224 -- (LR# 3895L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1225 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047)
Revises regulations governing the subdivision of land.
HB 1225 -- (LR# 3824L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1226 --- Sponsor: Hubbard, Rodney R. (058) --- CoSponsor: Hanaway, Catherine L (087)
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to offer a vaccination program for first responders deployed to disaster areas as a result of bioterrorism events.
HB 1226 -- (LR# 4040L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1227 --- Sponsor: Dixon, Bob (140) --- CoSponsor: Morris, Larry (138)
Extends the time period for the City of Springfield's enterprise zone.
HB 1227 -- (LR# 4201L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1228 --- Sponsor: Byrd, Richard (094)
Transfers the duties of the abolished Division of Child Support Enforcement to the Department of Public Safety.
HB 1228 -- (LR# 3456L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1229 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Mike (145) --- CoSponsor: Bough, Jerry (142)
Limits the liability of watercraft outfitters.
HB 1229 -- (LR# 4054L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1230 --- Sponsor: Schneider, Vicki (017) --- CoSponsor: Deeken, Bill (114)
Exempts continuing care retirement communities from certificate of need.
HB 1230 -- (LR# 4177L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1231 --- Sponsor: Ervin, Doug (035) --- CoSponsor: Richard, Ron (129)
Modifies the condition for lapse of moneys in the Department of Insurance Dedicated Fund to general revenue to any moneys in the fund over ten percent of the total collected for a fiscal year.
HB 1231 -- (LR# 3969L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1232 --- Sponsor: Dixon, Bob (140) --- CoSponsor: Ervin, Doug (035)
Allows commercial insurance policies providing casualty insurance to exclude coverage for loss by fire or other perils if it is caused by terrorism.
HB 1232 -- (LR# 3809L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1233 --- Sponsor: Dixon, Bob (140) --- CoSponsor: Morris, Larry (138)
Allows public entities that self-insure health care benefits to require reimbursement for medical claims paid when there is third-party liability.
HCS HB 1233 -- (LR# 3810L- 02T)
Read second time (H)
HB1234 --- Sponsor: Willoughby, Philip (033) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Allows the Missouri Public Service Commission to approve assistance programs for low-income customers in obtaining or maintaining access to utility service.
HB 1234 -- (LR# 3780L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1235 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Authorizes a sales tax to fund museums in Andrew County.
HB 1235 -- (LR# 4064L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1236 --- Sponsor: Walker, Vicki (050) --- CoSponsor: Jolly, Cathy (045)
Relates to payday loans including language allowing the Attorney General to maintain an action to enforce compliance.
HB 1236 -- (LR# 3982L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1237 --- Sponsor: Walker, Vicki (050) --- CoSponsor: Skaggs, Trent (031)
Creates T.J.'s Law dealing with regulation and licensing of bail bondsman and surety recovery agents.
HB 1237 -- (LR# 3706L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1238 --- Sponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001) --- CoSponsor: Smith, Todd (118)
Modifies the requirements for issuance of certificates of guaranty for loans under the Agriculture Business Development Loan Program.
HB 1238 -- (LR# 4099L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1239 --- Sponsor: Spreng, Michael (076) --- CoSponsor: Vogt, Michael (066)
Exempts motor vehicles manufactured and sold in Missouri from state sales tax.
HB 1239 -- (LR# 2809L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
HB1240 --- Sponsor: Dougherty, Curt (053)
Lowers the minimum age for jury service from 21 to 18.
HB 1240 -- (LR# 3555L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1241 --- Sponsor: Rector, Rex (124) --- CoSponsor: Emery, Edgar G. H. (126)
Provides for predetermination of prudence and ratemaking principles for infrastructure investments by utilities.
HB 1241 -- (LR# 3977L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1242 --- Sponsor: Fares, Kathlyn (091) --- CoSponsor: Bivins, Walt (097)
Requires four-year colleges or universities to accept transfer credit for college-level courses applicable to an associate of arts degree completed at a public two-year institution.
HB 1242 -- (LR# 4005L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
HB1243 --- Sponsor: Lipke, Scott A. (157) --- CoSponsor: Engler, Kevin (106)
Revises law on the role of the court and jury in sentencing to eliminate the bifurcated system for juries.
HCS HB 1243, 1094 & 931 -- (LR# 4055L- 02C)
Read second time (H)
HB1244 --- Sponsor: Dempsey, Tom (018) --- CoSponsor: Spreng, Michael (076)
Changes governance of the St. Louis International Airport.
HB 1244 -- (LR# 3894L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1245 --- Sponsor: Schlottach, Charles (111) --- CoSponsor: Kelly, Gary (036)
Allows for temporary licensure of peace officers who meet certain minimum requirements.
HB 1245 -- (LR# 4088L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1246 --- Sponsor: Portwood, Dr. Charles R. (092) --- CoSponsor: Stefanick, Jodi A. (093)
Requires chiropractors to keep medical records and changes the way chiropractors apply for certification as acupuncturists.
HCS HB 1246 -- (LR# 3909L- 04T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1247 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086) --- CoSponsor: Stefanick, Jodi A. (093)
Expands the telemarketing no-call list provisions to include fax transmissions to residential subscribers.
HB 1247 -- (LR# 3420L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1248 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086) --- CoSponsor: Sander, Therese (022)
Prohibits governmental bodies from employing inmates or people with criminal records in any position where they would have access to personal records containing certain identifying information.
HB 1248 -- (LR# 3419L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1249 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Changes the requirements for filing complaints concerning certain campaign finance disclosure reports.
HB 1249 -- (LR# 3789L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1250 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086) --- CoSponsor: Phillips, Susan C. (032)
Revises certain workers' compensation provisions.
HB 1250 -- (LR# 3417L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1251 --- Sponsor: Jolly, Cathy (045) --- CoSponsor: Bringer, Rachel (006)
Revises law on prior and persistent intoxication-related traffic offenses.
HB 1251 -- (LR# 3694L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1252 --- Sponsor: Lawson, Maurice (029)
Imposes an additional 35-cent tax on a pack of cigarettes manufactured by any nonparticipating manufacturer.
HB 1252 -- (LR# 4023L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1253 --- Sponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine (115)
Modifies various insurance provisions relating to powers and duties of liquidators, mutual credits/debts set-offs, and credit for reinsurance.
SCS HCS HB 1253 -- (LR# 4251S- 03T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1254 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Requires used motor vehicle dealers to prominently display Buyers Guides for the vehicles the dealer sells and give buyers a copy of the guide when a vehicle is sold.
HB 1254 -- (LR# 4159L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1255 --- Sponsor: Bland, Craig C. (043)
Establishes the Emancipation Day Commission.
HB 1255 -- (LR# 3898L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1256 --- Sponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Creates Secretary of State's Council on Library Development and sets out guidelines for publishing formats.
HB 1256 -- (LR# 3852L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1257 --- Sponsor: Campbell, Marsha (039)
Revises various gaming statutes by removing the maximum loss limit, raising the admission fee to $7, and increasing the tax from 20% to 22%.
HB 1257 -- (LR# 4188L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1258 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Robert Wayne (155)
Revises statute on chemical test to allow law enforcement officers to administer portable chemical tests prior to arrest to persons suspected of operating a vessel while intoxicated.
HB 1258 -- (LR# 4246L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1259 --- Sponsor: Threlkeld, Kevin (109)
Gives car dealers or manufacturers the right to file a complaint with the Administrative Hearing Commission if the Department of Revenue refuses to issue or renew their license.
HB 1259 -- (LR# 3869L- 01T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1260 --- Sponsor: Sander, Therese (022)
Allows the Randolph County Court to have a courthouse and/or jail at a site other than at the seat of justice.
HB 1260 -- (LR# 3422L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1261 --- Sponsor: Smith, Joe (014) --- CoSponsor: Vogt, Michael (066)
Changes the fifty percent food sales requirement to thirty percent for establishments to be authorized to sell alcohol on Sundays.
HB 1261 -- (LR# 3855L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1262 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027) --- CoSponsor: Shoemyer, Wes (009)
Establishes employment guidelines for public projects.
HB 1262 -- (LR# 3327L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1263 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027) --- CoSponsor: Ward, Dan (107)
Creates a check-off on state income tax return forms for contributions to the Child Advocacy Center Fund.
HB 1263 -- (LR# 3613L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1264 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027) --- CoSponsor: Bruns, Mark J. (113)
Extends the statute of limitations for arson in the first and second degrees and knowingly burning or exploding to five years.
HB 1264 -- (LR# 3896L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1265 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027) --- CoSponsor: Bough, Jerry (142)
Regulates print, radio, and television advertising and phone bank usage during campaigns.
HB 1265 -- (LR# 3496L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1266 --- Sponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027) --- CoSponsor: Selby, Harold R. (105)
Adds certain cancers to the list of diseases presumed incurred during the line of duty for purposes of retirement benefits for firefighters.
HB 1266 -- (LR# 3692L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1267 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120) --- CoSponsor: Dempsey, Tom (018)
Provides additional regulation of tobacco product manufacturers.
HCS HB 1267 -- (LR# 4038L- 01C)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1268 --- Sponsor: Smith, Todd (118) --- CoSponsor: Roark, Brad (139)
Relating to employees and employment security.
SS#2 SCS HS HCS HB 1268 & 1211 -- (LR# 4224S- 18T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1269 --- Sponsor: Smith, Todd (118) --- CoSponsor: Bough, Jerry (142)
Changes procedures for printing Session Laws and the distribution of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.
HB 1269 -- (LR# 3717L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1270 --- Sponsor: Smith, Todd (118) --- CoSponsor: Pearce, David (121)
Authorizes the Comissioner of the Office of Administration to use reverse auction procedures.
HB 1270 -- (LR# 3856L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HCR5 --- Sponsor: Byrd, Richard (094) --- CoSponsor: Luetkemeyer, Blaine (115)
Disapproves the final order of rulemaking for the proposed amendment to 1 CSR 10-4.010 relating to the State of Missouri Vendor Payroll Deductions.
HCR0005 -- (LR# 3806L- 01I)
Second read and referred: Rules,Joint Rules,Resolu. & Ethics
HJR45 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian David (056) --- CoSponsor: Ervin, Doug (035)
Proposes a constitutional amendment restricting use of transportation revenue.
HJR0045 -- (LR# 3624L- 01I)
Committee: Transportation and Motor Vehicles (H)
Executive Session Held (H)
SB1003 --- Sponsor: Gibbons, Michael R. (15)
Creates a comprehensive children's mental health service system.
SCS SB 1003 -- (LR# 3472S- 04T)
Read second time (H)
SB1014 --- Sponsor: Yeckel, Anita (01)
Prohibits requiring St. Louis police officers to reside within the city after four years of employment.
SB 1014 -- (LR# 3003S- 03I)
Committee: Refer: Fin & Govt Org, Veteran Affairs & Elections
Hearing continued

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