Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1386 -- Sexual Offenders

Sponsor:  Dixon

This bill changes the definitions of "persistent sexual offender"
and "predatory sexual offender" and increases the penalty for
several felony offenses to life imprisonment without parole when
committed by a predatory sexual offender.  Current law allows a
person sentenced as a predatory sexual offender to be paroled.
The bill also defines a new term, "prior sexual offender."  The

(1)  Uses the current definition of "predatory sexual offender"
to redefine "persistent sexual offender";

(2)  Uses the current definition of "persistent sexual offender"
to define "prior sexual offender"; and

(3)  Provides a list of felony offenses, including sexual
offenses, prostitution offenses, pornography offenses, and
offenses against the family, for which a second conviction
classifies the person as a predatory sexual offender.  A third
conviction for one of these offenses would then be punishable by
a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

The bill also clarifies that a plea of nolo contendere is
considered the same as a plea of guilty, in terms of the enhanced

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