Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1684 -- Qualified Net-Metering Unit Tax Credit

Sponsor:  Lawson

This bill allows a tax credit of up to 25% of the qualified
expenditures for the purchase and installation of a qualified
net-metering unit.  The tax credit cannot be more than $7,500.
A "qualified net-metering unit" is defined as an electric
generation unit which:

(a)  Is owned by a customer generator;

(b)  Uses renewable energy;

(c)  Has an electrical generating system with a capacity of up to
100 kilowatts;

(d)  Is located on the premises that are owned, operated, leased,
or otherwise controlled by the customer generator;

(e)  Is interconnected and operates in parallel and in
synchronization with a retail electric supplier;

(f)  Is intended primarily to offset part or all of the customer
generator's own electrical requirements;

(g)  Is proposed to be installed on property the taxpayer owns in
Missouri; and

(h)  Can reasonably be expected to remain in use for at least
five years.

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Missouri House of Representatives
92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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