Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 785 -- Fire Protection

Sponsor:  Walton

This bill requires the board of election commissioners in certain
fire districts located in St. Louis County which include certain
street light maintenance districts to establish wards equivalent
to the number of fire district directors for the purpose of
electing new directors.  The wards must be established after
proper notice and within 60 days after August 28, 2004, and
thereafter within six months after each decennial census.  If the
fire district fails to establish wards within the deadline, the
governing body of the county must establish the wards within
certain restrictions.  The bill establishes qualifications for
directors, election procedures, and procedures for the filling of

The bill also prohibits firefighters from electioneering while on
duty or while wearing a uniform.  Violations are a class four
elections offense and may also result in forfeiture of

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