Pre-filed December 15, 2003, and copies ordered printed.





To repeal sections 302.181, 589.410, and 589.417, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof three new sections relating to sex offenders.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, as follows:

            Section A. Sections 302.181, 589.410, and 589.417, RSMo, are repealed and three new sections enacted in lieu thereof, to be known as sections 302.181, 589.410, and 589.417, to read as follows:

            302.181. 1. The license issued pursuant to the provisions of sections 302.010 to 302.340 shall be in such form as the director shall prescribe, but the license shall be a card made of plastic or other comparable material. All licenses shall be manufactured of materials and processes that will prohibit, as nearly as possible, the ability to reproduce, alter, counterfeit, forge or duplicate any license without ready detection. All licenses shall bear the licensee's Social Security number, if the licensee has one, and if not, a notarized affidavit must be signed by the licensee stating that the licensee does not possess a Social Security number, or, if applicable, a certified statement must be submitted as provided in subsection 4 of this section. The license shall also bear the expiration date of the license, the classification of the license, the name, date of birth, residence address including the county of residence or a code number corresponding to such county established by the department, and brief description and colored photograph of the licensee, and a facsimile of the signature of the licensee. The license shall also bear the words "SEX OFFENDER" printed or stamped across the top of the license if the licensee is a registered sex offender pursuant to section 589.400, RSMo, whose name appears on the sex offender list supplied to the department of revenue by the Missouri state highway patrol pursuant to section 589.410, RSMo. The director shall provide by administrative rule the procedure and format for a licensee to indicate on the back of the license together with the designation for an anatomical gift as provided in section 194.240, RSMo, the name and address of the person designated pursuant to sections 404.800 to 404.865, RSMo, as the licensee's attorney in fact for the purposes of a durable power of attorney for health care decisions. No license shall be valid until it has been so signed by the licensee. If any portion of the license is prepared by a private firm, any contract with such firm shall be made in accordance with the competitive purchasing procedures as established by the state director of the division of purchasing. For all licenses issued or renewed after March 1, 1992, the applicant's Social Security number shall serve as the applicant's license number. Where the licensee has no Social Security number, or where the licensee is issued a license without a Social Security number in accordance with subsection 4 of this section, the director shall issue a license number for the licensee and such number shall also include an indicator showing that the number is not a Social Security number.

            2. All film involved in the production of photographs for licenses shall become the property of the department of revenue.

            3. The license issued shall be carried at all times by the holder thereof while driving a motor vehicle, and shall be displayed upon demand of any officer of the highway patrol, or any police officer or peace officer, or any other duly authorized person, for inspection when demand is made therefor. Failure of any operator of a motor vehicle to exhibit his or her license to any duly authorized officer shall be presumptive evidence that such person is not a duly licensed operator.

            4. The director of revenue shall issue a commercial or noncommercial driver's license without a Social Security number to an applicant therefor, who is otherwise qualified to be licensed, upon presentation to the director of a certified statement that the applicant objects to the display of the Social Security number on the license. The director shall assign an identification number, that is not based on a Social Security number, to the applicant which shall be displayed on the license in lieu of the Social Security number.

            5. The director of revenue shall issue a license without the photograph to an applicant therefor, who is otherwise qualified to be licensed, upon presentation to the director of a statement on forms prescribed and made available by the department of revenue which states that the applicant is a member of a specified religious denomination which prohibits photographs of members as being contrary to its religious tenets. The license shall state thereon that no photograph is required because of the religious affiliation of the licensee. The director of revenue shall establish guidelines and furnish to each circuit court such forms as the director deems necessary to comply with this subsection. The circuit court shall not charge or receive any fee or court cost for the performance of any duty or act pursuant to this subsection.

            6. The department of revenue may issue a temporary license without the photograph to out-of-state applicants and members of the armed forces, except that where such temporary license is issued it shall be valid only until the applicant shall have had time to appear and have his or her picture taken and a license with his or her photograph issued.

            7. The department of revenue shall issue upon request a nondriver's license card containing essentially the same information as the driver's license upon payment of six dollars if the applicant is under the age of sixty-five. An applicant who is sixty-five years of age or older may purchase a nondriver's license card without a photograph for one dollar or a nondriver's license card with a photograph for six dollars. All nondriver's licenses shall expire on the applicant's birthday in the sixth year after issuance. A person who has passed his or her seventieth birthday shall upon application be issued a nonexpiring nondriver's license card. The nondriver's license card shall be used for identification purposes only and shall not be valid as a license.

            8. No rule or portion of a rule promulgated pursuant to the authority of this chapter shall become effective unless it is promulgated pursuant to the provisions of chapter 536, RSMo.

            589.410. The chief law enforcement official shall forward the completed offender registration form to the Missouri state highway patrol within three days. The patrol shall enter the information into the Missouri uniform law enforcement system (MULES) where it is available to members of the criminal justice system, and other entities as provided by law, upon inquiry. The patrol shall also compile a list of all registered sex offenders which includes the offender's full name, address, and social security number and shall provide such list to the department of revenue. Thereafter the patrol shall update such list on a quarterly basis and shall provide such updates to the department of revenue.

            589.417. 1. Except for the specific information listed in [subsection 2] subsections 2 and 3 of this section, the complete statements, photographs and fingerprints required by sections 589.400 to 589.425 shall not be subject to the provisions of chapter 610, RSMo, and are not public records as defined in section 610.010, RSMo, and shall be available only to courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

            2. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the chief law enforcement official of the county shall maintain, for all offenders registered in such county, a complete list of the names, addresses and crimes for which such offenders are registered. Any person may request such list from the chief law enforcement official of the county.

            3. Notwithstanding any other provision of law the Missouri state highway patrol may provide a list which includes the full name, address, and social security number of the registered sex offenders to the department of revenue.