BIVINS, STEVENSON AND SCHLOTTACH (Co-sponsors).Read 1st time January 20, 2004, and copies ordered printed.





To repeal section 473.742, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof one new section relating to the salary schedule for public administrators.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, as follows:

            Section A. Section 473.742, RSMo, is repealed and one new section enacted in lieu thereof, to be known as section 473.742, to read as follows:

            473.742. 1. Each public administrator in counties of the second, third or fourth classification and in the city of St. Louis shall [make a determination within thirty days after taking office whether such public administrator shall elect to] receive a salary as defined herein [or receive fees as may be allowed by law to executors, administrators and personal representatives. The election by the public administrator shall be made in writing to the county clerk. Should the public administrator elect to receive a salary, the public administrator's office may not then elect to change at any future time to receive fees in lieu of salary].

            2. [If a public administrator elects to be placed on salary,] The salary shall be based upon the average number of open letters in the two years preceding the term when the salary is elected, based upon the following schedule:

            (1) Zero to five letters: Salary shall be a minimum of seven thousand five hundred dollars;

            (2) Six to fifteen letters: Salary shall be a minimum of fifteen thousand dollars;

            (3) Sixteen to twenty-five letters: Salary shall be a minimum of twenty thousand dollars;

            (4) Twenty-six to thirty-nine letters: Salary shall be a minimum of twenty-five thousand dollars;

            (5) Public administrators with forty or more letters shall be considered full-time county officials and shall be paid according to the assessed valuation schedule set forth below:

            Assessed valuation                                         Salary

            $8,000,000 to 40,999,999                               $29,000

            $41,000,000 to 53,999,999                             $30,000

            $54,000,000 to 65,999,999                             $32,000

            $66,000,000 to 85,999,999                             $34,000

            $86,000,000 to 99,999,999                             $36,000

            $100,000,000 to 130,999,999                         $38,000

            $131,000,000 to 159,999,999                         $40,000

            $160,000,000 to 189,999,999                         $41,000

            $190,000,000 to 249,999,999                         $41,500

            $250,000,000 to 299,999,999                         $43,000

            $300,000,000 to 449,999,999                         $45,000

            $450,000,000 to 599,999,999                         $47,000

            $600,000,000 to 749,999,999                         $49,000

            $750,000,000 to 899,999,999                         $51,000

            $900,000,000 to 1,049,999,999                      $53,000

            $1,050,000,000 to 1,199,999,999                   $55,000

            $1,200,000,000 to 1,349,999,999                   $57,000

            $1,350,000,000 and over                                $59,000;

            (6) The public administrator in the city of St. Louis shall receive a salary not less than sixty-five thousand dollars.

            3. The initial compensation of [the] any public administrator who [elects to be put on salary] was compensated by fees before January 1, 2005, shall be determined by the average number of letters for the two years [preceding the term when the salary is elected] before January 1, 2005. Salary increases or decreases according to the minimum schedule set forth in subsection 1 of this section shall be adjusted only after the number of open letters places the workload in a different subdivision for two consecutive years. Minimum salary increases or decreases shall only take effect upon a new term of office of the public administrator. The number of letters each year shall be determined in accordance with the reporting requirements set forth in law.

            4. All fees collected by a public administrator [who elects to be salaried] shall be deposited in the county treasury or with the treasurer for the city of St. Louis.

            5. [Any public administrator in a county of the first classification without a charter form of government with a population of less than one hundred thousand inhabitants who elects to receive fees in lieu of a salary pursuant to this section may elect to join the Missouri local government employees' retirement system created pursuant to sections 70.600 to 70.755, RSMo] This section shall become effective January 1, 2005.