Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 297 -- School Accountability Report Cards

Sponsor:  Pearce

Currently, school districts are required to produce an annual
accountability report card for each school building, distribute
copies to the households with students, and make copies available
to other members of the public upon request.  This bill transfers
the responsibility for producing the report card to the
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, specifying that
there will be report cards for each district, each public school
building in a district, and each charter school.  The report card
will be designed to satisfy federal and state statistical
disclosure requirements about academic achievement, finances,
staff, and other indicators.

The bill makes changes to the contents of the report card and
clarifies existing requirements.  The requirement to report
participation rates in several programs and activities is
removed.  The report card must disclose each school that has been
identified as a priority school under state law or as needing
improvement or requiring specific improvement measures under
federal law.  Districts must make reasonable efforts to provide
the report card information to all venues and give preference to
distribution methods that will include the information with other
important information, such as student report cards.

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