Missouri House of Representatives
93rd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Daily Activity Register
For Activities Recorded on February 13, 2006

HB1049 --- Sponsor: Kuessner, J. C. (152)
Adds Nubaine to the list of schedule IV controlled substances
HB 1049 -- (LR# 3675L- 01I)
Withdrawn (H)
HB1070 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047) --- CoSponsor: Schneider, Vicki (017)
Establishes additional tax increment financing guidelines
HCS HB 1070 -- (LR# 3307L- 06P)
HCS Reported do pass (H)
Referred: Rules pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) (H)
HB1071 --- Sponsor: Phillips, Susan C. (032) --- CoSponsor: Faith, Sally A. (015)
Changes the laws regarding immunizations for children
HB 1071 -- (LR# 3736L- 01I)
Reported do pass (H)
Referred: Rules pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) (H)
HB1078 --- Sponsor: Cunningham, Mike (145)
Establishes a scholarship program for the survivors of veterans killed or injured in action after September 11, 2001
SCS HCS HB 1078 -- (LR# 3807S- 04C)
HCS Reported do pass (H)
Referred: Rules pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) (H)
HB1155 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian David (056) --- CoSponsor: Wilson, Kevin (130)
Establishes the Uninsured Motorist Stipulation of Benefits Act of 2006 which limits the recovery for noneconomic losses by uninsured motorists
HCS HB 1155 -- (LR# 3450L- 03P)
HCS Reported do pass (H)
Referred: Rules pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) (H)
HB1249 --- Sponsor: Spreng, Michael (076) --- CoSponsor: Richard, Ron (129)
Exempts all motor vehicles assembled and sold in this state from the state sales and use tax
HB 1249 -- (LR# 3762L- 01P)
Reported do pass (H)
Referred: Rules pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) (H)
HB1276 --- Sponsor: Baker, Brian (123) --- CoSponsor: Fisher, Barney (125)
Limits the number of excursion gambling boat licenses which can be issued by the Missouri Gaming Commission to a total of 13 or the number of licenses issued as of January 1, 2012, whichever is less
HB 1276 -- (LR# 4104L- 01I)
Referred: Rules (H)
HB1456 --- Sponsor: Roark, Brad (139) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Changes the laws regarding employment security
SS#2 SCS HCS HB 1456 -- (LR# 4598L- 09T)
HCS Reported do pass (H)
Referred: Rules pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) (H)
HB1716 --- Sponsor: Wright, Mark (137)
Repeals an obsolete provision which allows the police department of the City of St. Louis to hire retired police officers as special advisors
HB 1716 -- (LR# 4704L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1717 --- Sponsor: Flook, Tim (034) --- CoSponsor: Yates, Brian David (056)
Establishes the Missouri Uniform Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act
HB 1717 -- (LR# 4412L- 02I)
Read second time (H)
HB1718 --- Sponsor: Yates, Brian David (056) --- CoSponsor: Dusenberg, Gary (054)
Limits public parking fees near professional sporting events in Jackson County for vehicles licensed in Missouri
HB 1718 -- (LR# 5116L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1719 --- Sponsor: Bivins, Walt (097) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Allows an income tax deduction for the amounts withheld for Social Security and federal Medicare taxes even if the taxpayer does not itemize his or her deductions
HB 1719 -- (LR# 4658L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1720 --- Sponsor: Bivins, Walt (097) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Allows for the registration of environmental professionals with the Department of Natural Resources
HB 1720 -- (LR# 4833L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1721 --- Sponsor: Bivins, Walt (097) --- CoSponsor: Sander, Therese (022)
Allows for a refund of the annual fee if the Department of Natural Resources fails to issue or deny an application for a permit within the 180-day deadline
HB 1721 -- (LR# 4856L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1722 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099) --- CoSponsor: Corcoran, Michael George (077)
Authorizes the Director of the Department of Natural Resources to enter into agreements with private, not-for-profit organizations to provide services for state parks
HB 1722 -- (LR# 4683L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1723 --- Sponsor: Fraser, Barbara (083) --- CoSponsor: Oxford, Jeanette Mott (059)
Requires any person filing an annual emissions inventory questionnaire who emits 30 or more pounds of mercury per year to pay a fee
HB 1723 -- (LR# 4686L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1724 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039) --- CoSponsor: Oxford, Jeanette Mott (059)
Requires persons adopting a dog or cat to pay a $50 fee which is refundable upon verification that the animal has been spayed or neutered
HB 1724 -- (LR# 3266L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1725 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039) --- CoSponsor: Tilley, Steven (106)
Allows a temporary exemption from the proof of lawful presence requirement when victims of domestic violence apply for a driver's license or instruction permit
HB 1725 -- (LR# 3222L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1726 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047) --- CoSponsor: Villa, Thomas (108)
Requires intoxicating and nonintoxicating beer to be brewed from malt or a malt substitute
HCS HB 1726 -- (LR# 5050L- 02C)
Read second time (H)
HB1727 --- Sponsor: Low, Beth (039) --- CoSponsor: Sanders Brooks, Sharon (037)
Requires certain corporations to file an annual tax disclosure statement
HB 1727 -- (LR# 4768L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1728 --- Sponsor: Rector, Rex (124) --- CoSponsor: Emery, Edgar G. H. (126)
Creates an assessment-based funding mechanism for the Office of the Public Counsel similar to that currently utilized by the Missouri Public Service Commission
SCS HB 1728 -- (LR# 4834S- 04C)
Read second time (H)
HB1729 --- Sponsor: Rupp, Scott T. (013) --- CoSponsor: Brown, Jason (030)
Creates the Law Enforcement Safety Fund
HB 1729 -- (LR# 4499L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1730 --- Sponsor: Schlottach, Charles (111) --- CoSponsor: Kelly, Van (144)
Requires the posting of a bond as a condition for the issuance of a permit when constructing temporary or permanent water treatment facilities using new kinds of wastewater treatment technology
HCS HB 1730 -- (LR# 4976L- 04C)
Read second time (H)
HB1731 --- Sponsor: Lembke, Jim (085) --- CoSponsor: Avery, Jim (095)
Redefines "blighted area" for purposes of tax increment financing
HB 1731 -- (LR# 5103L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1732 --- Sponsor: Fraser, Barbara (083) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Requires school districts to grant authorization to students for the possession and self-administration of medications for the treatment of asthma and anaphylaxis
HB 1732 -- (LR# 5023L- 03T)
Read second time (H)
HB1733 --- Sponsor: Kratky, Fred (065) --- CoSponsor: Johnson, Connie "LaJoyce" (061)
Authorizes additional compensation for overtime, court time, and standby court time for sergeants of the City of St. Louis police department
HB 1733 -- (LR# 4720L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1734 --- Sponsor: Kratky, Fred (065) --- CoSponsor: Darrough, Bruce (075)
Requires park rangers employed by the City of St. Louis to complete basic training of peace officers, gives them arrest powers, and requires them to comply with racial profiling laws
HB 1734 -- (LR# 5012L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1735 --- Sponsor: Kratky, Fred (065) --- CoSponsor: Henke, Wayne J. (011)
Repeals the provision allowing manufacturers of intoxicating liquor other than beer or wine to offer consumer cash rebate coupons
HB 1735 -- (LR# 4894L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1736 --- Sponsor: Avery, Jim (095) --- CoSponsor: Wildberger, Edward (027)
Allows police, deputy sheriffs, and State Highway Patrol officers to form labor organizations
HB 1736 -- (LR# 4380L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1737 --- Sponsor: Lampe, Sara (138) --- CoSponsor: McGhee, Mike (122)
Changes the laws regarding the designation of next-of-kin for the disposition of a deceased person
HB 1737 -- (LR# 4702L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1738 --- Sponsor: Tilley, Steven (106)
Authorizes Perry County to impose a sales tax for senior services and youth programs
HB 1738 -- (LR# 4530L- 01I)
Read second time (H)
HB1739 --- Sponsor: Dusenberg, Gary (054) --- CoSponsor: Pratt, Bryan (055)
Allows a vermiculture operation, which is a business raising earthworms under a controlled environment, to receive certain agricultural loans
HCS HB 1739 -- (LR# 4965L- 02T)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1740 --- Sponsor: Wright, Mark (137)
Lowers the individual income tax rates
HB 1740 -- (LR# 4523L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1741 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore (080)
Authorizes an income tax credit for resident taxpayers who are 65 years of age or older with an adjusted gross income of $9,570 or less
HB 1741 -- (LR# 4919L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1742 --- Sponsor: Portwood, Dr. Charles R. (092) --- CoSponsor: Jetton, Rod (156)
Establishes the eligibility requirements of an employed disabled person requesting medical assistance under the federal Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999
SS SCS HCS HB 1742 -- (LR# 5088S- 08F)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1743 --- Sponsor: Hoskins, Theodore (080)
Allows election day voter registration at polling places
HB 1743 -- (LR# 4985L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1744 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047)
Changes the laws regarding utility rate schedules by eliminating an adjustment because of the effect of weather or user conservation on customers' demand for gas
HB 1744 -- (LR# 4823L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1745 --- Sponsor: Johnson, Robert Thane (047)
Limits interested investment and bond counsel firms' contributions to campaigns in support of a general obligation bond election
HB 1745 -- (LR# 4824L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1746 --- Sponsor: Day, David (148)
Transfer the administration of certain veterans' programs and funds from the Missouri Veterans Commission to the Lieutenant Governor
HCS HB 1746 -- (LR# 5142L- 02P)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1747 --- Sponsor: Schaaf, Robert (028)
Requires the Director of the Department of Insurance to establish by rule uniform insurance application forms
HB 1747 -- (LR# 5153L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1748 --- Sponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099)
Establishes the base salary schedule for certain county public administrators
HB 1748 -- (LR# 4628L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1749 --- Sponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120) --- CoSponsor: Wasson, Jay (141)
Authorizes an exemption from state and local sales and use tax for the costs of all utilities used to produce a product
HCS HB 1749 -- (LR# 4782L- 04C)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1750 --- Sponsor: Muschany, T. Scott (087) --- CoSponsor: Cunningham, Jane (086)
Revises the laws regarding the lapse of a school district to require a formerly unaccredited district to make progress beyond provisional accreditation
HB 1750 -- (LR# 4946L- 02I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1751 --- Sponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001) --- CoSponsor: Parson, Michael L. (133)
Revises the laws regarding concealable firearms
HCS HB 1751 -- (LR# 5123L- 05C)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1752 --- Sponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001) --- CoSponsor: Cooper, Shannon (120)
Specifies that no business can prohibit the storage of firearms and other weapons in a locked employee-owned vehicle
HB 1752 -- (LR# 4910L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HB1753 --- Sponsor: Munzlinger, Brian (001) --- CoSponsor: Darrough, Bruce (075)
Authorizes an income tax credit for alternative fuel facilities
HB 1753 -- (LR# 3955L- 02I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
HCR9 --- Sponsor: Ruestman, Marilyn (131) --- CoSponsor: Sutherland, Mike (099)
Directs the Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri, which is a nationwide model of effective cancer control strategies, be posted annually on the Missouri state website homepage.
HCR0009 -- (LR# 4194L- 01I)
Adopted (H)
Reported to The Senate (S)
HJR49 --- Sponsor: Wright, Mark (137)
Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the state and any of its political subdivisions to display religious documents
HJR0049 -- (LR# 4531L- 01I)
Introduced and read first time (H)
SB645 --- Sponsor: Griesheimer, John E. (26)
Modifies the Missouri Business Use Incentive for Large-Scale Development Act
SB 0645 -- (LR# 3713S- 01T)
Read second time (H)
SB858 --- Sponsor: Shields, Charles W. (34)
Relating to the health information technology fund
HCS SCS SBs 858 & 868 -- (LR# 4455L- 06C)
Read second time (H)
SB868 --- Sponsor: Koster, Chris (31)
Creates the "Healthcare Technology Fund"
SB 0868 -- (LR# 3977S- 05I)
Read second time (H)

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